Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is Made of Win

I’ve never pegged Paul Rudd as a superhero. Remember him? The hunk that made us fall in-love in Clueless? It was a surprise when Marvel made an announcement last year that he was going to star in a Marvel movie as Ant-Man. Surprisingly too, the announcement was met with overwhelmingly positive response. I sincerely hoped it wouldn’t be a flop.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Set to thrill this week is the fifth installment for the Mission Impossible movie franchise. On July 30th, Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Ethan Hunt once again as he leads his team against a known rogue group calling themselves, Syndicate.

The All New Cheesy Eggdesal from McDonald’s

Most of my friends know that I work long days. I sleep very late and I wake up real early to start my day. Yes, I love being a morning person and more so when I have good breakfast to look forward to. Ever heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I can attest to that. It’s actually my secret why I get to work longer hours. What if you’re in a rush during mornings all the time? Well, you might want to find time to swing by the nearest McDonald’s to try out the All-New Cheesy Eggdesal. This is the latest Pinoy breakfast offering from the world famous fast food chain.

Check Out Spotify Philippines

I've been a happy user of Spotify ever since it launched locally in the country. I have it on my tablet and on my PC. So I get to enjoy good music while doing calligraphy or while designing interiors at work. My followed playlists have grown considerably long and quite recently I discovered Spotify Philippines.

Minions Treats at McDonald’s

Everyone’s gone Minion-crazy ever since McDonald’s announced the Minion collectibles available in Happy Meals several weeks prior to the showing of the Minions movie. I have personally experienced how people were standing in long lines just to get themselves a Happy Meal. People were really aiming to collect all 10 of the Minions collectibles!

Here Comes the New Fantastic Four

There are a lot of exciting movies coming our way, including the reboot for the Fantastic Four. The origins story is slated for release in cinemas on August 5th. The reboot will feature a new set of actors and a unique, new setting.

Showing Next Week: Ant-Man

Slated for release on July 15th, Ant-Man is the next movie to join the line up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not many people is familiar with the Ant-Man’s storyline which is why this upcoming film will be a refreshing take on the hero who had a comic debut in 1962. Did you know that the original Avengers team included Hank Pym/Ant-Man? Read on and find out what you can expect from the film.

One Last Hurrah for Magic Mike XXL

While writing this review, I’m listening to the movie’s soundtrack on Spotify and I know it’s making me make little dance moves on my seat. It had been a full day and a half since I watched the movie at the press screening and I still can’t help but smile sheepishly as I remember certain parts of the film. Okay, I won’t keep it a secret. Yes, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Magic Mike XXL. I didn’t see the first film so I had no idea what to expect, except that I would see abs, lots and lots of abs. *blush* There were abs and a whole lot more, oh boy, a whole lot. However, that’s not all that made Magic Mike XXL worth seeing on the big screen.

Late Post: Random Things Monday v.03

How was your Monday? I woke up to a gloomy day yesterday, reluctant to drive my car out of the garage because I had just washed it the day before. Oh well. It was a rainy drive to the office and the bed weather made me want to wish for my bed all day. However, my night definitely came alive during the press screening of Magic Mike XXL but more on that later. Hahaha. My review is coming up next but for the meantime, here are the most interesting things on the interwebs.

USB Birdcage Lamp
I know I’m a grown woman but when I saw these, I really really want one. Experts say that your ideal sleeping conditions should be a dark room with cold temperature and comfy beddings. However, you CAN use a nightlamp when you get bouts of being afraid in the dark. This instance could be after watching a horror movie. Okay, okay that’s me. Don’t you agree that these are cute though?
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The Aka Burger from Burger King.

There’s a red burger in town, well in Japan that is. The Aka (means “red” in Japan) Burger is to be released today in branches of Burger King. The red hue on the buns is said to be made of tomato powder and get this, it will also be served with red cheese!