Kate Winslet in The Dressmaker

I was watching Insurgent the other night and I can't help but notice for the nth time that Kate Winslet is a natural beauty. I couldn't help but see how perfect she looked in 1950's fashion for the upcoming film, The Dressmaker.

Share the Spark at the BDJ Fair 2015

As you may well know, I’ve been a BDJ Bella ever since the first batch of the BDJ Planners came out and I’ve been a happy and satisfied planner user ever since. What’s exciting is that on October 18th, the lovely and creative folks from Viviamo! are launching the Belle De Jour 2016 Power Planner and no one can be more ecstatic than me.

Get Peanutized

One of the most distinct and identifiable comic characters are the Peanuts Gang created by Charles Schulz. In anticipation of the upcoming animation, The Peanuts Movie, you can now get “peanutized” by visiting The Peanuts Movie Character Creator Fun Site. I’ve already seen this on my FB feed a few days ago but I only got to try it myself yesterday. It’s pretty fun and easy.

Final Trailer for Spectre Revealed

I firmly believe that any film with Christoph Waltz playing as the movie’s main villain will be extremely entertaining to watch. He plays such a complex and interesting persona when he sides with the bad guys. In Spectre, also the last film where Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as James Bond, Christoph Waltz will face-off with Craig as mind-boggling connections are revealed in the movie’s plot between the two.

Opulent October Getaways

There’s only a few months remaining in the year and if you’ve been working hard since January, I’m sure you’ll be wanting a good escape by this time. Luckily, one of the highest rated vacation getaway destinations is giving out the best rates to ensure that you’ll have the vacation that you deserve.

Life, Old Age and the Joys of Work in The Intern

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? That’s probably the most common and the most cliché question heard in most interviews, however, here in The Intern it is placed in a context wrapped in playful humor that gently ushers in thoughts of the harsh realities of life and old age. Last night, at the premiere of the movie, The Intern, I got to see the value of life experiences and how friendship knows no age and how passion and ambition can directly affect lives when it is manifested in such intensity.

Upcoming Film: The Intern

Guess what I’m looking forward to watching next week? I’ve been eyeing this film for a while and so far, the trailer had been funny and interesting. I can’t wait to see Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway on the big screen in this uplifting and inspiring film. The film stars De Niro as Ben Whittaker, a 70 year old widow wanting very much to get out retirement.

Random Things v.05

This morning this post will be a mix of art, blue fire craters and some entertainment news. Let’s start it off with the awesome-looking electric blue molten sulphur flows from the Blue Fire Crater of Indonesia. I’m always awed by the raw beauty of Mother Nature. Take a look.

Jakarta’s Blue Molten Lake
The molten blue sulphur spews forth from vents in the Earth’s crust. Temperatures can reach up to a high 600 degrees Celcius and can flare up blue flames up to 5M high. [Read more]

Carmageddon Over and Over

My daily routine already includes several hours of being stuck in traffic. After enduring this for several years now, I've learned how to adapt and make the most of the hours I spend on the road. This is why I have started to appreciate the joy of listening to audiobooks. Not only do they make the traffic less daunting, I also don't experience road rage as much anymore. However, there are really times when traffic takes a turn from worse, to worst and then to a nightmarish carmageddon.

For those not in the know, here's the definition of carmageddon from the Urban Dictionary.


Bread too Cute to Eat

What do you do when something presented in front of you is too cute to eat? Such is the dilemma when faced with the three-dimensional character breads known as chigiri-pan. They are not only adorable but works of art too. Take a look.