Last Night's Ordeal and the Worsening Traffic

I was planning a night of blogging and calligraphy last night as soon as I got home from work. It usually takes me around an hour and a half to get home from Makati to Antipolo. This is because I get to leave right before rush hour starts, if I delay a few minutes longer beyond 5pm, it will take me an hour just to get out of Makati alone. That's how bad traffic is here. Last night, I was reminded of how that "bad" could easily become "worse" to "utter chaos". Notice that I immediately jumped from the superlative "worst" and straight to that description.

Before I continue on with my tale of woe regarding the traffic last night, let me give you a clearer picture. There was a heavy downpour right before 5pm and this resulted in major flooding on main roads. As expected, commuters were stranded and a lot of vehicles got stuck on roads where they couldn't pass. 

The Invasion of the Black Burgers

As we enter into October, we can now feel the spirit of Halloween in the air. Just last night at a premiere that I went to, a couple of the trailers shown were horror movies. I'm already anticipating Halloween updates to the games I've been playing as well. It is only a matter of time then before this theme also shows up in our food. It had already started in Japan with the appearance of the black burgers.

The forerunner of the Black Burgers is the Kuro Burger from Burger King. The buns are mixed in with Bamboo charcoal before baking and it is additionally garnished with ketchup infused with squid ink and of course, black cheese. The Kuro Burger seems to be a success because it had been in the market for 3 years now and there was quite a positive reception for it.

Annabelle, All Set to Scare Viewers on October 1st

As we enter into October, we can already feel the Halloween vibe going on. Fans are already regaling at the fact that their favorite zombie TV show will be back in a few weeks. Casual games are already getting a Halloween makeover and pumpkin-flavored drinks and desserts are all the rage. Naturally, the horror film genre is also gearing up to be busy. First up is the movie spin-off from The Conjuring. Annabelle is about to hit theaters on October 1st.

Trying out the Instagram Extension for Google Chrome

I’ve just recently discovered another way to view your Instagram account using your PC. Before, I wrote about how some third party sites can stream your Instagram content for easy viewing. This time around, you can use Instagram just by installing an extension on your Google Chrome browser. Here are my initial observations.

Watch the Hilarious Trailer for The Wedding Ringer

Just reading the synopsis for the movie The Wedding Ringer has me snickering. I can already tell that this is going to be one funny film. Imagine this, the lead character in the film named Doug Harris (Josh Gad) may be successful with his tech company but with less than two weeks to go before his wedding, he finds himself without a best man. Why? He's not the most sociable man around.

The Continuing Story of Winter in Dolphin Tale 2

It was 3 years ago when Winter charmed audiences around the world with her tale in the movie, Dolphin Tale. I particularly loved the film because it teaches you so many lessons in compassion. Now, Winter is back to tell her tale. In Dolphin Tale 2, the main cast reprises their roles as Winter takes on a new challenge in her journey.

Movie Review: Wish I Was Here

I think most of you would agree when I say that all of us will come to a point when we will question where we are in life and if what we are doing has its purpose. Some might say that they are already there, fulfilling their lifelong dream. However, most might delve into deep thought, looking for the answers deep in their heart.
This is exactly what Aidan Bloom (Zach Braff) went through at the age of 35 and he was a struggling actor, a father, a husband as well as a son to a dying man. Wish I was Here was a movie that touched on so many facets of life but at the middle of it all was a man who you couldn’t help but admire for all his shortcomings and his strengths.

Movie Posters for Interstellar

By now, you’ve all probably seen the released trailers for Interstellar, the upcoming movie from Christopher Nolan that is set to grace theaters on November 6th. The cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine. Not much is revealed about the interesting plot for the movie and the mystery surrounding it is what intrigues me the most.

Meanwhile in the World of Type

This post is inspired by the numerous typography works I’ve seen on my feed today. I’ve chosen three exceptional ones. First up is this cool idea for a deck of cards that would tickle the fancy of any type enthusiast. Check out the Typography cards from Behance artist Anastacia Musaeva. Each card features different kinds of type, some bit of information and trivia. Each card is also adorned with a patterned back design.

The Food Art & Styling of Anna Keville Joyce

I’ve been featuring food art here in my blog for a while now. Not only I find this form of art very amusing and creative, nowadays it has become more and more elaborate. Here’s one more artist that I’d like for you guys to know about. Meet Anna Keville Joyce, an artist from the US. What drew me into her art is her very meticulous presentation and use of various food in her art. Take a look.