Mother! Movie Review

Probably one of the most talked about movie this past week is Mother! starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. The movie was directed by Darren Arronofsky who is no stranger to controversial movies. Remember Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream? For this film and with such a star studded cast, expectation were set very high for Mother! and critics (as I’m sure you’ve already seen and heard) had very strong and mixed feelings about the movie. That goes the same for me too, it took a while to gather my thoughts for this review. I have to admit that I was really confused about how I felt with the film but I won’t deny that it definitely triggered an emotional response with me.

Dream Hospital Game Review

I have been on the lookout for a hospital sim game for quite some time. Call it nostalgia but I still can remember the happy times I’ve played Theme Hospital in my childhood. When will they make one?! I think I’ve found one that’s almost like Theme Hospital, take note that it’s a close almost. The game is Dream Hospital which is free for download from the Google Play Store and I’ve been playing for at least three weeks now. The game features paid add-ons but if you have enough patience, there’s no need to shell out the extra cash. It does require an active internet connection though, that’s the only downside I can see. One thing is for sure, Dream Hospital can get quite addicting.

New Trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji, now that’s a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing over and over. I loved the first film and I was more than happy when they announced a sequel to the film. Finally! It looks like the movie’s storyline will pick up two decades after the events of the first movie. The movie will be headlined by Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas and Bobby Cannavale. Just seeing those three names alone, The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, had me sold. I’m making sure that I won’t miss this movie.

Of Kingsman, Aged Drinks and The Golden Circle

A Kingsman: The Golden Circle Movie Review
About three years ago, a gentleman spy film movie by the name of Kingsman: The Secret Service was like a breath of fresh air to the standard norm of spy films these days. The movie was a blockbuster hit, even though the cast is headlined by someone relatively unknown, it had the right formula. It had a charming cast, it had two super stars in supporting roles and the film was actually fun and entertaining. As far as spy films go, Kingsman didn’t take itself very seriously and that’s okay. It won everyone’s approval.

Death Note on Netflix

My fiancĂ© had been wanting for me to see the Death Note movies for a while now and he was so excited when he saw that it would soon be available on Netflix. Last week, it finally was and while winding down for the night, he put it on. Halfway through it, he was already snoring. Hahaha. Like most avid fans, they didn’t like the Netflix version but for me though, I liked it. In all honesty, I haven’t seen the Japanese version, nor the anime series as well so I have no basis for comparison. I liked it, I really did, well except for the girl, I hated the girl.

The New Pennywise and The Losers Gang

An IT Movie Review

I have a confession to make, the first novels I collected when I was a teenager were Stephen King novels. I pooled the money I saved from my weekly baon to buy from thrift bookstores. My books were “pre-loved”, dog-eared but I cherished them anyway. I love reading horror novels but I’m a wuss when it comes to watching horror films. I guess it’s a whole lot different when you see the visual representation of the monsters right in front of you on the big screen. I guess it makes it real. I had read the novel so long ago and I read a quick refresher before seeing the film. Of course, I remembered Pennywise but it took a bit of coaching for me to remember the rest.

At the IT movie premiere last week, it all came rushing back. Suddenly I was back in Derry, running away with The Losers gang, getting mad at Henry Bowers and closing my eyes as Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) moved in for the kill. No wonder he became an icon as far as the genre was concerned.

The Innocent and the Beguiled

Last week, I got to see two awesome movies. One of which was directed by Sofia Coppola and the other was written by one of my early favorite authors. Both were remakes of old films and both were done wonderfully. The Beguiled originally was released starring Clint Eastwood back in 1971, now it was given fresh faces, a slightly toned down approach but still very powerful in its psychological connotations. The movie was set during the time of the Civil War when a Union soldier sought shelter from the war in a private women’s dorm presided by Miss Martha (Nicole Kidman).
Remember back in those days, women were not as free as they are now and there are certain manners and decorum to be observed by both women and men. One man and several women under one roof could only spell disaster? Well, if you thought it would then you have a good grasp of how human nature works.

Quick Japanese Food Fix at Don Bao

Last week, our impromptu dinner out took us to nearby Brixton St., more specifically at Don Bao. My fiance was having curry cravings because he’s been clocking in a lot of minutes in Persona 5 so there’s been a lot of Japanese food related cravings. Anyway, even though I had been nursing a bad cough that day, I gladly joined him.
His meal of choice was this Katsu Curry Don at Php 270. Fiance said the taste was okay he wished that there were more curry sauce though.

The Other Stars of American Made

I'm really in awe at how fast Domhnall Gleeson rose to Hollywood stardom after his role as Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. He had gotten several major roles in past big movies and it looks like there's no stopping his good luck. The immensely talented actor had starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Revenant, Unbroken and Brooklyn. This time around he'll be starring opposite Tom Cruise in the upcoming film, American Made.

American Made (2017) american-made-domhnall-gleeson-002
American Made is based on real events where Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) was recruited by the CIA to take part in a covert operation that would soon be revealed as one of the greatest scandals in US History, much to the dismay and surprise of his wife, Lucy (Sara Wright Olsen). The TWA Pilot was tasked to transport contraband that would soon fund a war. 

Stress Management in this Fast-Paced World

For the past two months, I’ve suffered from several health issues that had me reeling from too much stress, too hormonally imbalanced and exhausted to do anything else. This is also the reason why there have been so little updates from me on this blog. The health issues that I had to deal with had me drinking iron supplements just to keep up with blood loss. I have been diagnosed anemic and I had been lethargic and unable to partake in hobbies that I used to be so passionate about. Most of my hormonal imbalance had a lot to do with stress. I used to be so proud that I could handle a lot but with the stress factors I’ve had lately, I had seemingly reached my limit and my body succumbed to it. I was dealing with so much stress from my full-time job, my freelance projects, my personal life, my wedding preparations and some other transitional factors that I was having issues with. I honestly couldn’t take everything in a stride anymore. So with my health hanging in the balance, I had to make the conscious decision to stop and reassess what’s been going on in my life and here’s how I tamed stress little by little.