Watch the Trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Set 60 years before the events in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the fate of Middle-Earth lies in the hands of Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and a band of dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) as they battle Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) and the forces of orcs sent by Sauron.

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Smaug has attacked Lake-Town after being drawn out of the Lonely Mountain. Much to the disappointment of his friends, Thorin sets about hoarding his reclaimed treasure instead of going into the rescue of the men in danger of being in Smaug’s fiery path.

Book Review Catch Up Batch 2

Continuing my book reviews for the year is this second batch. I’m more than halfway through my reading challenge for the year and I’m hoping to be able to catch up enough on my reading to be making full book reviews.

Book Review #13 Unlucky 13 by James Patterson
You know when you’ve been reading a series for so long and you find it hard to stop? That’s what I feel about the Women’s Murder Club. Even though I know that these novels were the works of several ghost writers writing for James Patterson, I’ve grown to love the characters in the series. With no reason to break the pattern, I read this next book and breezed through it like before.
In this book, one of the adversaries from the previous books is back and poses a very serious threat to the life of Lindsay Boxer. While this is going on, Lindsay is also hot on the trail of investigating a murder. As usual, the women in the Women’s Murder Club are more than willing to help. I know it’s silly but I actually cared enough not to want anything to happen to any of the girls. It’s not the strongest book in the series but it’s still a fast-paced read.

Woo Galbi: Putting their Signature on Korean Food

Whenever asked to eat Asian cuisine, what my mind almost always immediately think of is Korean food. What sets Korean food apart are the number of side dishes served along with the main entrees. The side dishes are traditionally called banchan. While I love traditional Korean food with classics like bibimbap, seasoned bulgogi and galbi and kimchi, I’m most especially drawn to restaurants who put their own spin on these traditional dishes. This is the reason why I consider eating at Woo Galbi such a gustatory delight.
The welcome sight of Woo Galbi at the new wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

How to Survive Boredom During a Blackout

It was around two weeks ago when the strongest typhoon for the year passed through Luzon and wreaked havoc in the towns and cities that lay in its path. The city I lived in was one of those listed under storm signal #3. The eye of the storm didn’t directly pass us but we were close and we felt the brunt of the storm in the morning of the 15th.

As a result of those long 3 hours that we endured, there was a nationwide blackout. Typhoon Rammsun had damaged so many power lines and we suffered through 4 days without electricity. That was also the reason that in those days, I had so few blog updates. I’m not even going to deny just how much it bummed me out because I had gotten so used to certain comforts. Still, I’ve maintained control in ranting too much on Facebook or even on Twitter.

How to Survive Boredom During a Blackout

Get Chores Done
This was the first thing I did when the typhoon passed. There were so many torn off branches and leaves scattered around the yard. I even went up our roof to sweep leaves off there.
Photo credit: © David Burton/Corbis

Say Hello to Lovely Brows at The Brow Studio

The facial feature that most women forget to care for or pay attention to the most are the eyebrows. However, it’s a well-known beauty fact that eyebrows with the right shape and trimmed properly will redefine a face. I’m lucky that I was born with thick eyebrows but mine had the wrong shape. By the wrong shape I mean that instead of my eyebrow shape being thick to pointy, it was the other way around.
Awesome logo for The Brow Studio

I had started to play around with my eyebrow shape back when I was a junior in highschool. Back then I had very thin brows and they made me look stern. Nowadays, I wear them thick but I don’t usually have the time to groom them. What I end up doing most of the time is to shave the excess hair off. During my first visit to The Brow Studio, I learned so much more about keeping my eyebrows in good shape.
The Brow Studio at SM North The Block

A Salute to El Jefe: Chef Movie Review

I finally got to watch Chef last weekend after waiting quite a while and fearing that cinemas have stopped showing it. Thankfully, it was still being shown at the Shangri-La mall. I have had a soft spot for any movie that features cooking ever since I discovered the joys of watching the Food Network channel. I’m sure you’ve seen how they employ certain camera techniques now to make food look more appetizing on-screen and I was looking forward to seeing this as well as watching Jon Favreau be a whiz in the kitchen. I’ve gotten to love watching the man and the fact that he was starring opposite Sofia Vergara in this movie made me anticipate it all the more.

A Peek at Dark Places

One of the two movies coming out this year that are adaptations from Gillian Flynn’s novels is Dark Places. I read this book March of last year and I couldn’t stop raving about it. The title only gives you a hint at how dark the book is. I recommend that you read the book first before this film comes out in September.

Rurouni Kenshin Stars & Director to be in Manila for the Premiere

I love getting to read good news from my inbox first thing in the morning and I’m more than thrilled to share that aside from saying that it’s nearly August, meaning the opening date for the sequel Kyoto Inferno is drawing ever near, it was also jointly announced by William Ireton and Francis Soliven that the director and stars of the movie will grace the premiere for the film on August 6th. Mr. William Ireton is the President and Representative Director of Warner Entertainment Japan Inc. and Mr. Francis Soliven is the General Manager of Warner Bros. Philippines.

Score Big with Fish out of Water

Here’s another game from Halfbrick Studios that will surely give you instant fun. I stumbled upon Fish out of Water from one of the game lists published on Android Police. Fish out of Water is a free Android game that you can download from the Google Play Store. The download will occupy 40MB of your storage space.
On initial play through of the game, I was instantly charmed by the graphics. It will certainly appeal to a younger audience but will be appreciated by adult players too. It has cute renderings of the different kinds of fish available as well as brightly colored crabs.

Jake Gyllenhaal Explores Two Personalities in Enemy

I haven’t seen a psychological thriller in a while and it looks like I’m going to get my fix in the upcoming thriller, Enemy which is set to hit Philippine theaters on July 30th. The movie Enemy, stars Jake Gyllenhaal in the roles of Adam and Anthony. While the two may be mistaken as identical twins, Adam is a university lecturer while Anthony is an actor. Neither knows of the other’s existence until Adam happened to watch a film with Anthony in it.