Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer Reveal

One of the most well received trailers during the recently held Comic-Con was the trailer for 2017’s Wonder Woman. The movie will have Gal Gadot playing her most iconic role yet in this origin story of sorts. Now this is a movie that I’m definitely looking forward to. The movie is slated for release June of next year and I’m really hoping that it will be amazing.

The Right Matte Lipstick For Me

There was a time when matte lipsticks were the hottest thing in beauty products. I, of course, couldn’t help but get curious about this latest beauty trend that I was seeing online and in print ads everywhere. There were several reasons why matte lipsticks were better:
  1. they have more pigment, thus the colors are more vibrant and really defines ones lips
  2. they are said not to dry the lips
  3. they won’t feel heavy on the lips, nor will they be oily or sticky unlike traditional lipsticks and glosses.

Julia Stiles in the New Jason Bourne Movie

Did you know that Julia Stiles’ character, Nicky was supposed to be killed at the very end of the first film? Good thing they decided to do otherwise and here she is 15 years later reprising her role to help Jason Bourne once again in the upcoming film and the latest in the Bourne film franchise.

Jason Bourne is Back

Just when we thought we won’t see Matt Damon again in a Bourne film, he’s back in the next instalment of the movie franchise. Jason Bourne is set for release in Philippine theaters next week. The movie’s plot begins after the events of the previous Bourne films which was when Jason Bourne went off the grid in 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum. Yes, it’s been that long already. Seems like only yesterday when all was a buzz with these set of films. One cannot deny the amazing set of action scenes, fighting sequences and twists that the Bourne films thrilled audiences with in the past years and I’m sure fans are more than ready to welcome another entertaining film.

The Solid Scares in Lights Out

Everytime I watch a horror film, it takes a bit of psyching and encouraging. I feel my heart just race a bit faster in anticipation of the scares that I was going to see. That’s exactly how I felt as I wait for the trailers to end and for the movie, Lights Out to begin at the press screening last week. The movie starring Teresa Palmer was produced by James Wan and for him to be given the honorary title of being the master of horror because of The Conjuring, I braced myself for the scary ride that I would soon take.

The Secret Life of Pets Character Posters

I have been looking forward to a number of animation films this year and one of them is slated for an August release in the Philippines. The Secret Life of Pets is brought to us by the same studios who made Despicable Me and Minions. Take a look at these character posters featuring the pets with just a teeny bit hint of their personalities.

Teresa Palmer in Lights Out

Here’s one more role that will make Teresa Palmer unforgettable. In the James Wan produced movie, Lights Out, Teresa Palmer takes on the starring role. Her character Rebecca is tested continually about her childhood fears that she thought she had left behind. Together with her brother, they experience a different kind of entity that seems to have an attachment with their mother, Sophia (Maria Bello). Every scare seems to happen once the lights go out.

Sofia Boutella in Star Trek Beyond

Do you remember the shoe sword wielding villain in the movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service? The lady, Sofia Boutella has now joined the awesome cast of Star Trek Beyond and is set to debut her first ever role as an alien named Jaylah who will save the life of Scotty (Simon Pegg) on the planet, Altamid. She is also set to star opposite Tom Cruise in the reboot of The Mummy. (Wait, what? a reboot? Whoa!) When interviewed about her role in this new Star Trek movie, she says.
“Jaylah has been alone on Altamid for some time” says Boutella. “She’s had to fend for herself for so long that when Scotty arrives, she sees the potential to make a friend. Even though she’s defensive and guarded, Jaylah and Scotty develop a sort of brother and sister dynamic that Simon and I have off-set.”

Revlon Exclusive Elite BDJ Box

I had long been a fan of the BDJ Box subscription and while I haven’t been subscribed to the service for quite a while now, a few months ago, I decided to try it out again. As I recall, I was one of the first few beauty bloggers who got invited to the exclusive unveiling of the BDJ Box. Since then, their membership had grown into thousands and from the monthly box subscription that gets delivered to your doorstep, I now understand they’ve now revamped the subscription to Elite Beauty boxes and exclusively themed ones. They usually announce what beauty brand will be in the themed boxes while subscribers will get a surprise on their doorstep once they receive their Elite BDJ Box. Usually I like a little thrill in my life, so I signed up for the Elite BDJ Box.

Get Ready for Lights Out

It’s been a while huh? Sorry for the short hiatus, I’ve been so swamped with work and workshops the past few weeks that I found so little time to blog in between. However, now that I’m sort of back (it’s still hectic this week at work), I wanna share with you guys this film. Heads up to the lovers of horror films. James Wan, the one and only director of The Conjuring, has produced another horror film that’s due to come out this month. Lights Out is actually a short viral film that’s been adapted to the big screen.