Ben Affleck in Anti-hero Role in Live By Night

Ben Affleck is establishing himself to be a triple threat in Hollywood nowadays as he once more gives his directorial talents into the movie, Live By Night. Not only that, he also had a hand in the writing of the movie’s screenplay plus he’s starring in it. Remember he used to do writing projects before with Matt Damon? Well, he’s putting his writing talents to good use once again. Hooray for Ben! Take that you haters. Can you guess I’m Team Affleck?

My Current Book Reads (2017 batch 1 edition)

Yay, we're only on the second week of January and I'm already two books ahead for my reading challenge. That's a really good sign I tell you. It means I'm finally getting back on track and in control of things. Whew! Here's a peek of my book line-up for this month.

The Girl Who Could Fly
by Victoria Forester
I'm in search of the next good series I can lose myself into and this seems promising. Plus the cover is really great.
Book Cover: photo 23310823.jpgBook Synopsis:

You just can't keep a good girl down . . . unless you use the proper methods.
Piper McCloud can fly. Just like that. Easy as pie.
Sure, she hasn't mastered reverse propulsion and her turns are kind of sloppy, but she's real good at loop-the-loops.
Problem is, the good folk of Lowland County are afraid of Piper. And her ma's at her wit's end. So it seems only fitting that she leave her parents' farm to attend a top-secret, maximum-security school for kids with exceptional abilities.
School is great at first with a bunch of new friends whose skills range from super-strength to super-genius. (Plus all the homemade apple pie she can eat!) But Piper is special, even among the special. And there are consequences.
Consequences too dire to talk about. Too crazy to consider. And too dangerous to ignore.

Send a Valentine's Surprise Through the M&M's Fun First Move Project

Like it or not, the holidays are now behind us but while we anxiously await for the holiday season to come once again, there's cause to celebrate next month as Valentine's Day knocks on our hearts and doors as the case may be.
Don't be that Valentine's Day grouch and share the sentiment of love to that special someone in your life. I'm offering you the chance to do it in a spectacular way. Here's how:

1. Buy any two packs of M&M's products.
2. Post a photo of the products you bought on your social media accounts with the hashtag #mmsfunfirstmove. Make sure these accounts are on public setting.
3. You can also present your proof of purchase to the M&M's booth in the store so that they can process your registration.
4. Wait for the winners to be announced. You just might get lucky!

What's at stake here? Well here are three fun ways that M&M's can make your special someone feel extra special this Valentine's Day.

M&M's RED will do a live seranade with a boyband for your loved one.
"If you can't say it, sing it!"

Conversations with Time, Love and Death

Collateral Beauty Movie Review

We all have our own ways to deal with loss and grief. I found out mine when I lost my dad almost three years ago. That was what I was remembering while watching Collateral Beauty at a special screening along with some bloggers. Similar to what happened to me, what unfolded on screen were friends going out of their way to help their friend find his way again.
Collateral-Beauty-Review Banner.jpg

Book Review: Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen

I’m sure you’ve seen her adorable comics around the internet and ever since I saw them, I’ve been such a fan. When I found out that she had a book coming out, I went to several book stores just to see if they had it. Unfortunately, my trips weren’t a success. So one night, when I was wide awake at 2am, i just went ahead and decided to buy a copy from Google Play Books. It was on sale at that time and the ebook became my companion each night.

Book Review: Drawing Recipes by Chiara Di Francia

For this year’s reading challenge, the first book that I’ve ticked off my reading list was Drawing Recipes by Chiara Di Francia. I’ve always wanted to illustrate recipes myself but never got around to doing so. This was a book that did just that.

Upcoming Movie: Why Him?

I have recently just finished marathoning all the seasons of Breaking Bad and while I have a love and hate relationship with Walter White, I can’t deny the fact that Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor. His versatility shows once again in the Why Him? which he co-stars with James Franco. I think this would be a refreshing look into Cranston’s comedic talents as this hilarious movie hits Philippine theaters on February 1st.

Upcoming Movie: La La Land

Two of the biggest stars team up once again in the romantic musical movie, La La Land. The first time they were together in a movie was for Crazy, Stupid, Love. Remember that one? I loved them in it and I just might make it my background movie while I do some art stuff tonight. Anyway, La La Land had recently been nominated for so many awards and since then I’ve been wanting to see the film. It’s just a few more days wait now as the movie will open next week on January 11th.

The Boss Baby Poster and Trailer

Just the other day, I was at the screening for Collateral Beauty (review coming up by the way) and one of the trailers shown before the film was for The Boss Baby. It was hilarious! This reminded me so much of the baby in Family Guy.

My 2017 Reading Challenge

Last year, I originally pledged to read 35 books but somewhere in the middle of the year, my already busy schedule got busier as I grew to explore my skills in calligraphy and watercolor painting. So I had to change the 35 books into 30. Thankfully, I got to finish the 30 books. This year, I’m pledging to do the same. So for 2017, I will read 30 books for my reading challenge.

You can sign up for the challenge too!