Watch the Extended Trailer for Me Before You

There are only a few times that I get excited to watch a romance film. Nope, I don’t hate them, it’s just that I’m more into adventure and thriller kind of films. However, a big factor in tipping the scale will be the story or the actors in the film. I didn’t get to read the book written by Jojo Moyes but there’s something about Me Before You that just gives most ladies the giggles (including me). Maybe because it stars Sam Claflin in it.

McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts

The upcoming Angry Birds Movie is about to hit Philippine theaters soon and to herald the way for the most popular video game franchise hitting the big screen, McDonald’s has released Angry Birds Desserts for its customers starting April 25th. The limited offer is inspired by the Angry Birds franchise. I guess from now on, we’ll be seeing more of the Angry Birds characters everywhere, why not with our desserts right?

There are three variants in the Angry Birds Desserts. First up is the Red’s Cotton Candy McFlurry – vanilla soft serve ice cream with candy flavored syrup and crunchy wafer bits.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

I got to watch one of the highly anticipated movies of the year last Monday. Marvel's Captain America: Civil War picks up from the last film as The Avengers takes upon a mission which leaves them in much public scrutiny. The people were not happy with the death toll and the wake of destruction that the Avengers leave behind in each city. Maybe it's one of the mistakes that I'd have to admit I made after watching the film. It's easy to mistake it as an Avengers' movie, when in fact it retains its Captain America movie vibe. Captain America still remains to be in the spotlight.

A Week into the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy

Last week it had been a shaky start as the MMDA started its No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy, motorists were doubtful, a lot had questions and public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers went rampant as they sped through (or sometimes plowed through) the main roads of Metro Manila. I had tried to be optimistic but I think we’ll only begin to see its effectivity in the next few weeks when the summons are finally given out. For those still not in the know, the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy utilizes CCTV, digital cameras and technology to capture images of drivers caught in the act of violation traffic laws especially in a moving vehicle.  As of last week, only certain parts of the Metro are covered with an undisclosed number of CCTV Cameras – Roxas Blvd, EDSA, C5, Commonwealth and Marcos Hi-way (as heard on the news radio). The drivers will then be issued a summons about the traffic violation and he/she will be required to contest or pay the necessary fee, one week after receiving the notice.

I’m an Earth Day Warrior!

Last Sunday, I woke up early to put on my Earth Day Run gear and donned my rubber shoes to join the hundreds of runners who were joining the National Geographic Earth Day Run – Manila Leg at Fort Bonifacio. I only had 4 hours sleep the night before and I was really dragging myself off the bed but then I remembered the dedication I put in to prepare for the day. It was my first official run and I feel the heck proud of myself. *pats herself on the back*

Midnight Special Coming this Month

No, no, this is not an announcement for a sale. Sorry about that. Your wallet is safe for now. What I’m talking about is Midnight Special, the new sci-fi thriller from Warner Bros. Philippines that’s going to be shown exclusively in Cinema 2000 theaters only. The movie is set for release on April 20th. For those wondering which cinemas belong to the Cinema 2000 group, these are the ones in Century City, Commercenter, Eastwood, Festival Mall and Shang Cineplex.

Lagging Behind

It had been a very busy past two months for me and just this morning I had finally noticed just how far behind I’ve fallen with my Reading Challenge for this year. Look at that. I’m not even going to hide it. This by far is the most I’ve fallen behind during the several years that I’ve done the challenge. I think I have some major catching up to do.

Money Monster Features Clooney and Roberts

I love how we’re seeing more and more of Julia Roberts on the big screen now. In the upcoming film, Money Monster, she co-stars with George Clooney in a thriller that has been recently named the Official Selection in the 69th Festival De Cannes. The film is also directed by Jodie Foster.

The Trailer for Doctor Strange is Out!

One of the heroes featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year is Doctor Strange. The character may not be as mainstream as the ones we already know in the previously released Marvel movies, however because the character of Doctor Stephen Strange is now being played by Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m sure he’ll be given the proper spotlight that he deserves. I first watched the origin story of Doctor Strange from an animated film and I knew immediately that he was one of the most interesting heroes to take note of. Who’s as excited as I am to watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange on November 4th?

Nescafe Berry Mocha

After writing the movie review, I went back to enjoying my coffee. These days, I’ve been liking the new Nescafe Coffee flavor variant that I chanced upon the grocery last week. What’s keeping me excited? It’s the Nescafe Berry Mocha. It’s the creamy goodness of Nescafe coffee with a hint of strawberry. Hahaha, I know I know. I sounded like a commercial ad there but I was willing to risk it.