Game Review: Bio Inc.

Bio Inc. is a game that I recently discovered in the Google Play Store and was a bit uncomfortable in playing. It is very similar in gameplay to Plague, Inc. but where Plague, Inc. is concerned with mass annihilation of the entire human species, Bio Inc. is concentrated on just one person. It’s also the first time that I got to play a game with a devious goal, it made me feel a bit guilty too.

The Maze Runner Movie Review

My highlight for last week was being able to attend the press screening for The Maze Runner at the SM Megamall IMAX theater. I had looked forward to watching the movie since the start of the month. I wanted to see if the grievers where how I imagined them to be. I wanted to be awed by The Glade and The Gladers. Of course, I also wanted to see the characters I had loved in the book. I had a lot of expectations and I didn’t want to get disappointed.

Watch the Extended Clip of The Equalizer

Starring in the upcoming film The Equalizer, Denzel Washington explores the facets of a character that has come to terms with his retirement and wanting to live a life in peace. The Equalizer is a man devoted to restoring balance and upholding justice. With that life behind him, he resolves to forget his past.

2014 Book Review Catch Up #17 - #20

Here’s another batch of book reviews from the books I’ve read for the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

Book Review #17
The Colossus Rises
by Peter Lerance, Mike Reagan
the-colossus-rises-book-reviewThe first thing that caught my eye when I saw this book was its book cover. It looked great and then I saw who the author was. I recognized him as one of the authors for the 39 clues series (which I also loved). The Colossus Rises also had a recommendation on its cover from Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson books, that got me sold on reading it.
Since partaking on the yearly reading challenges on Goodreads, I’ve come across a lot of book series covering mostly mythology, lost cities and artifacts from the ancient world. It’s very rare that one talks about the Seven Wonders of the World. In The Colossus Rises, a group of kids believed to be descendants from the inhabitants of Atlantis.

The good news is that they’re stronger, they’re more intelligent and each of them has their own unique ability. The bad news is that they’ll die within a short amount of time. To prevent this, they have to collect components scattered in the Seven Wonders.

The book is definitely interesting and it had a unique plot. However, it is slow to pick-up. The adventure doesn’t really start until it was right in the middle of the book. Still, there are some intriguing moments in the book, including who’s really good and who’s really bad. The endgame is not clear and I think this will prompt me to read the next book in the series.

Game Review: Angry Birds Stella

Early this month, Rovio released the latest addition to the Angry Birds game franchise. Since its announcement early this year, the game looks to charm female casual gamers with its cute graphics and line-up of female birds. Could Angry Birds Stella be able to renew the public’s interest in the waning game franchise? Let’s see shall we.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

When I read Gillian Flynn’s novel, Gone Girl sometime ago, I couldn’t stop raving about it. Sure it was dark and disturbing but it was her writing that had me gushing about the book. I think it’s obvious that I’m one of the fans who were elated when news of a film adaptation came out. Rosamund Pike is perfect as Amy Dunne and they couldn’t have chosen someone better than Ben Affleck for the role of Nick Dunne.

Pumpkin Spice Oreo

Being in a tropical country, we only know of two seasons- dry and rainy. It's sad that we miss out on the wonderful autumn fever that goes on during the latter months of the year. A few days ago, I've started to notice the arrival of anything "pumpkin" on my social feeds. Here's one that caught my eye.

C5, One Truck Lane – a Week After

My everyday route going to work is C5. C5 has been notorious for being the road that's prone to major accidents and in the past months, congested with horrible rush hour traffic. Still, it is the route that doesn't have any schools on it and thus, still less congested for me. In order to avoid the rush hour traffic, I leave early and I allot more than an hour of travel time. However, thanks to the 7 u-turn slots traversing the length of C5, coupled with undisciplined drivers, driving through C5 is never stress-free. There has also been an increased number of trucks going through C5 even during truck ban hours. More often, these truck drivers go through the road like they're driving a mini-car. They weave in and out of lanes like they own the road.

Since the start of the month, they've implemented an experimental traffic scheme in order to decongest C5. Prior to this, we've noticed that they've been testing the newly installed stoplights at the intersections, there have also been signs indicating the truck lane. I began to dread that my everyday drive going to work will now become 2 to 3 hours instead of the normal 1 hour.

They did a trial run 2 days before Day 1 of the implementation and it looked like this. I took this photo at past 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday, outside of the truck ban hours.

Movie Preview: And So It Goes

The type of movies that I don’t mind watching over and over again are the ones that are inspiring and uplifting. Coming from the same director who gave us The Bucket List, is the movie And So It Goes. It’s looking to be one more movie that I would add to my list. The movie stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton

Box-Shaped Watermelon anyone?

I’ve been amused by a photo I’ve seen on the internet before of a Buddha-shape pear fruit. I didn’t realize that years after, they’ve come up with more fruit molds to entice fruit farmers into growing their crops into unusual shapes. By unusual I mean the shape that Mother Nature didn’t intend for them to be. These were the the pear fruit molds used.