Take the WWF Endangered Species Quiz

It’s sad to know that there are many species of animals that are in danger of extinction due to the reckless use of the environment.  There have already been countless animals that have gone extinct and were beyond saving despite the efforts of many environmental group. Here in the Philippines, we also have our share of animals that desperately need protecting. This is why in support of WWF, I’m helping raise awareness for these animals. One fun way to do that is to take this Endangered Species Quiz.

Hitting it Big in War Dogs

From director Todd Philips comes the new film, War Dogs which stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. The two are playing characters in their early 20s who are set to exploit a government initiative that allows small business to bid on U.S. Military contracts. They started out small but soon, they begin to rake in real, big amounts of cash.

Story of Forgiveness in Ben-Hur

Looking at the released trailers for the upcoming movie, Ben-Hur, I can’t help but notice the scale in which the movie was made, it is surely reminiscent of the movie, Gladiator. More than an action-film though, Ben-Hur is also a story of forgiveness. It is based from the original novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ by Lew Wallace.

Traffic Tales of Woe

Today, my Facebook memories showed me this status update that I posted four years ago. I was venting out my frustration about how traffic was getting horrible and horrible. Little did I know that four years after, traffic would just be much worse.

The New Look of Goodreads

I finally had some free time to myself this morning and I got to see how many books I’ve delayed in reading for the completion of my reading challenge this year. The weather for the past week has been very conducive to reading and I kinda miss it. That’s when I found out that Goodreads has revamped its webpage. Take a look.

New Rouge One Trailer Reveals Darth Vader

Good news Star Wars fans, looks like we’re in for another December treat with the upcoming film, Rogue One. In this newly released trailer, we see a time of conflict and the panic posed by the threat of the Empire’s new planet destroying weapon.

Check out the Cinemalaya Film Festival on its 12th Year

This year, the theme for the Cinemalaya Film Festival is Break the Surface. The film festival is already underway since yesterday and will be held until the 14th at Ayala Center Cebu. The festival’s opening night ran the movies, Dagsin and Lando at Bugoy.
12th-cinemalaya-festival-010.jpg dagsin-001.jpg

Art & Great Food at Zette’s Cafe

Being an interior designer requires me to be very immersed in art and design in my day to day life. I will never grow tired of the creative process and since I had become serious with other art hobbies like calligraphy and watercolor, I have found new appreciation for the world of art as well. I find it even better when art and good food can be found in one place, that’s the ideal space that I always look for when conducting my art workshops. I may have found such a haven in San Juan inside Zette’s Cafe and Kulayara Art Gallery.
zettes-cafe-kulayara-art-gallery-review-021.jpg zettes-cafe-kulayara-art-gallery-review-025.jpg


Featuring the Epic Chariot Scene in Ben-Hur

I've always been impressed when actors go out of their way to fully immerse themselves in a role. In some cases, they have to learn an entirely new skill and may involve some very physical stunts. This was the demand for Jack Huston and Toby Kebbell as they prepared for their roles in the upcoming film, Ben-Hur.

Trapped by a Great White

The Shallows Movie Review

What makes the call of the open sea, intriguing and terrifying at the same time? Maybe it’s because so much of it has been left unexplored and there are so many unknown sea creatures that may or may not pose a threat to us human beings. It is also the part of the earth where we do not have complete dominion. The sea does offer great and fun recreational activities like surfing. Now that brings such fond memories. I’ve only gotten to try surfing twice and I’ve been wanting to get back to it for a while now. My pale skin is missing the sand and surf of the beach. Well, at least these were my thoughts while I was stuck in traffic while on the way to the press screening of The Shallows, a movie starring Blake Lively. Well, it’s also been a while since I’ve seen a good shark movie and The Shallows delivered pretty good thrills.