Try the New McDonald's Love Desserts for a Limited Time

Starting last week, McDonald's released a new line of desserts that are available for a limited time. The McDonald's New Sweethearts are just in time to celebrate the sweetness that this Valentine's month will bring. There are three new variants of desserts that you can try at all McDonald's stores.

First up is the Strawberry Kiss Oreo Sundae. This is your favorite McDonald's sundae but with a strawberry syrup twist. It doesn't stop there, add in a topping of crushed Oreos and this one is a sure winner.

All Set for Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool

Guess what I’m excited about for today? Despite the fact that we’ve just come from a long weekend and the first day back at work tends to be the one when you’ll be dragging yourself throughout the day to complete tasks, I am very much looking forward to attending the premiere tonight for Deadpool. I simply can’t forget how awesome it was to see Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in the Wolverine movie where he gave us a sneak peek at how much he was born to play the role of Deadpool. Even Stan Lee agress very much so.

Brandon Routh in Lost in the Pacific

In the upcoming futuristic sci-fi thriller, Lost in the Pacific, Brandon Routh takes on the role of a chef aboard a luxurious jumbo jet who inevitable finds themselves stranded in an island on the Pacific Ocean. The timeline is set in 2020, a very near and plausible future. In the movie, the island is overrun by strange mutated creatures. Starring alongside Brandon Routh is Yuqui Zahng.


Free Android Game: Cooking Fever

Lately, I’ve developed a liking for cooking games. So, late one night, I scoured the Google Play Store for a good cooking game that I could try. I chanced upon Cooking Fever and it became one of my bedtime companions right before I call it a day at night. Made by Nordcurrent, this time-management game just might be your next time-waster.

Book Review 1:The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher

The very first book I’ve chosen to read this year was written by one of my all-time favorite
authors, Jim Butcher and since I’ve been missing reading about Harry Dresden, I wanted to
see what interesting characters this new series has to offer. Plus, it had a steampunk vibe and
after reading the book’s synopsis, I was sold.


February Reading List

I’m currently on-track with my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year with four books already done. Woohoo! With the current schedule I’m keeping now, that’s no mean feat. For my target of reading 50 books, I have to have an average of 4 books per month. Here’s a peak at what’s on my reading list so far.

The Lore of the Evermen
This is the fourth book in the Evermen saga and ever since I started reading the series for one of my challenges, it had been a favorite. The characters and the lore is very good. If I were asked to recommend a fantasy series to read (and be totally immersed in), this would be on top of my list.

 photo february-reading-list-003.jpg
The Lord of the Night is coming. The future of civilization is at stake.

Miro, high lord of Altura, is in the Imperial capital to prepare the Empire for the onslaught. He knows his homeland lies directly in the enemy's path but struggles to form the alliances he needs.

As the high lords bicker, Ella seeks the help of the newly crowned emperor, Killian. But, amid the growing tensions, their responsibilities drive them apart and, as emperor, Killian can't be seen to favor Ella's homeland.
Against a backdrop of old hurts, guilty secrets, and shaky new allegiances, people of all nations and abilities must learn to trust one another again, and form a united front against a powerful enemy intent on destroying them once and for all.

ASUS ZenFone Go: Your New Travel Companion

The latest smartphone to join the ever-growing ASUS ZenFone family is the ASUS ZenFone Go. A lot of people are now recognizing the brand which was previously only known for its computer products as a fierce competitor in the smartphone market. I use a ZenFone myself and I've been a happy user ever since. It really does provide the most value for my hard-earned money with really good specs to boot.

How to be Single Movie

Your Valentine's Day need not be boring especially when you're single. In the upcoming film, How to be Single, Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson provide the laughter with hilarious antics as they show the right and wrong way of being single. Just in time for Valentine's Day, this new romantic comedy will open in Philippine theaters on February 11.

The Danish Girl Movie Review

When I got the invite for this movie, I was right in the middle of a very hectic work week. I only had time to quickly read the synopsis and see who was starring in it. I knew it was an Oscar contender and I was counting on it to be good. I wasn't prepared to be blown away both by the story and Eddie Redmayne. This was another amazing role for him and if he wins the Best Actor award for this, it would be more than deserving.
So why am I raving so much for this movie? Find out more after the jump.

Exclusive Travel Deals from The Discovery Leisure Company

Here's a nice way to greet the month of February. Treat the wanderlust in you by visiting the 23rd PTAA Travel Tour Expo on February 5 to 7 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. There you can get exclusive travel deals offered by The Discovery Leisure Company for the Discovery hotels. Can't decide where to go? Here's a rundown of where you can plan your getaway weekend.
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