I Won a Coke in Can

Oh yes, here’s a little funny story. Every week, I have a project meeting way up north from the Metro. So I drive more than 40km to “enjoy” a 3 to 5 hour meeting, 30% of which has me under the scorching hot sun. This is why on this day, I usually wear a very strong sun block. While filling up at a gas station, I noticed a bit of commotion at the car driven by another girl who was also filling up her car. There were a lot of guys milling about and some were holding cameras while the guy closest to her was  holding a mike. I thought she won a prize or something. So while I was waiting for my change, I was surprised that the same guys also approached my car.

Snack on M&M’s Chocolates Now

It’s the start of another work week and while we often make it a point to be optimistic about it especially on Monday but we all are secretly counting down to the weekend. How do you de-stress? Me? I try to make time for my art, I also regularly attend movie premieres and I usually wind down at night with a good series on Netflix or a documentary on YouTube. While the buttered popcorn remains the staple and popular snack for “TV-watching” and movie related activities, why not try a bag of M&M’s instead? Now is a particularly good time because there’s an ongoing Screenbite Awards. This allows you not only to have a good snack while being entertained, you can also win a trip for two to Universal Studios Japan, a lot of M&M’s chocolates, movie tickets or exclusive M&M’s merchandise. Read on to find out how.

Mother! Teaser Trailer

There’s an upcoming horror thriller with this spectacular movie poster and I can’t help but wonder there’s quite a few upcoming horror films this coming weeks. Mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Scarlett in Rough Night

Yes, I'm talking about the one and only Scarlett Johansson as she takes on a comedic role, a nice break from all the badassery on-screen. In Rough Night, she's a bachelorette looking for a good time with her friends in a rented Beach house in Miami.

The Mystery that is Annabelle

Remember the time when The Conjuring hit theaters and it marked a new standard in horror movies? The fact that it was based from real hauntings fueled the scare factor of that movie even more. What's memorable about that film was the brief story arc of Annabelle and I guess, that's what started it all. She was given a life of her own and her own film to boot.

Without Uber and Grab

For the past weeks, there have been hot discussions regarding the future of UBER and Grab Taxi in the Philippines. There have been questions over the legalities of their business models and franchise applications that had the drivers and the commuters unknowingly chosing sides. Even if I do have my own mode of transportation to get to and fro the Metro, I occasionally have to seek out Uber and Grab services.


Character Posters for Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Gentlemen Spies are back in Kingsman: The Golden Circle following the success of the first film where we met Eggsy (Taron Egerton), Merlin (Mark Strong) and Harry Hart (Colin Firth) as they try to protect the world from the clutches of a rich madman.

To the Tune of the Heists in Baby Driver

When you’ve had a bad life and had been born into a life of crime, do you still have a shot at redemption? Baby Driver opens in theaters today, so if you need a respite from the bad weather, maybe it’s a good idea to pass sometime in the cinema instead. I had actually been waiting for the movie for a while and I was excited to see Ansel Elgort playing the partially hearing impaired car enthusiast who is a demon behind the wheel. I was pretty stoked to be able to attend the press screening.

Escape from Dunkirk

Ever since getting out of school and shelving my history books, my knowledge of WWII is kinda spotty. It helps that I have a fiancé who’s kind of a WWII buff and he helped fuel my interest in the historical event. I had been binge watching well-made documentaries on WWII every chance I got after watching Dunkirk. The movie was not light to watch, it was a bit stressful. I mean that not in a bad way but because while watching, I couldn’t help but remember that all these, no matter how theatrical, were based on real events and a long time ago, real people really lived through the fear, the exhaustion and the hopelessness. At the helm of Christopher Nolan, every second of the film felt like we were also there.

Not Cool, Photobucket…Not Cool

I admit I haven’t been active from the blogosphere for quite a while but I’ve been a constant Twitter lurker and while browsing through my Twitter feed, I saw one enraged post about Photobucket’s new policy. Strange, I thought. I had been a long time of Photobucket too and in fact, that’s where most of the images on this site are hosted. So I quickly checked my inbox for all those unread Photobucket emails that I didn’t bother to open because I thought it’s just one those promotions for discounts on album printing. After a few minutes, I saw nothing unusual, just that they were making some changes on their policy and that I should watch out for their announcement. Well, the announcement was discreet. Too discreet in fact, as one user also commented, that I might have completely missed it. Anyway, the new policy change required an additional fee if I was using the site as an image host to a blog, which I unfortunately was. I have been a Plus account holder for years now and probably that’s why I didn’t notice the change. My active subscription allowed me to still host images on Photobucket without it being changed into the image below after the policy change.