The Trailer for Into the Storm

When he’s not leading a band of dwarves to reclaim his throne, we’ll see Richard Armitage in the upcoming film Into the Storm. This action-packed movie is told in the eyes of professional storm chasers, the people who brave the wind and hard rain to get that perfect shot.

New Posters for Planes: Fire & Rescue

Dusty (voice of Dane Cook) is back in this sequel to last year’s box-office hit Planes. However, his dreams of continuing on as a famous air racer is shattered when he learns that his engine had been damaged. He finds his calling again when he joins veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger in the world of aerial firefighting.

The Love Punch

What do you plan to do with the rest of your life? For Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and Jerry (Timothy Spall), that means no more work responsibilities to stress over, all-day swings at the golf club and no more financial worries. Come to think of it, it’s almost similar to everyone else’s dream retirement. What would you feel if someone snatches that dream away from you? That was the plot premise for The Love Punch. It’s a movie that I saw last week through an advanced screening that I didn’t expect to be a fun and hilarious wild ride. I loved that it was also a light and meaningful look into what makes a relationship/marriage work.

The Songs, Laughs and Blue Macaws of Rio 2

I had the opportunity to watch Rio 2 last weekend and I couldn’t help but get into a festive mood as we were greeted by Nico and Pedro before we went in the theater. Since I had loved the first movie, I was ready for some great music and see more birds. I also couldn’t wait to see how Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway) were doing now that they have kids.
Off to the Amazon!

Blu and his family are getting used to city living after the events of the first film. While Blu imparts domestic habits to his kids: Bia (Amandla Stenberg), Tiago (Pierce Gagnon) and Carla (Rachel Crow), Jewel strives at teaching them how to live like real birds. So when they see Linda announce a project on TV about finding a host of blue macaws in the Amazon, Jewel jumps at the chance.

New Trailer for Blended

Marking their third collaboration, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore will once again charm and make us laugh in the upcoming romcom, Blended. As single parents Lauren and Jim, they vowed never to see each other again after a disastrous blind date.

Curb Sushi Cravings with the Sushi Spinnery

Oh Kairosoft you’ve done it again. I’ve once again become addicted to one of your games. This time it was The Sushi Spinnery. It’s a restaurant management game that lets you test your skills in running a sushi restaurant and creating your very own sushi concoctions to serve to your customers.

Gaze Upon the Banners for Maleficent

It’s only a few weeks wait now before we get to see Maleficent on the big screen. Finally, the untold tale of Disney’s most iconic villain will be told. The movie will star Angelina Jolie, in her most evil role yet. Who knew that Maleficent wasn’t pure evil before? What really happened?

2014 Book Review #7: Second Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

When it comes to crime and mystery novels, James Patterson has become a household name. I’ve grown to love two of his lead characters, Lindsay Boxer and Alex Cross in two of his most successful book series and now it looks like I’m going to add one more to that list. FBI Agent John O’ Hara is proving to be interesting and brilliant and this new series is shaping up to be a great one as well.

The Wacky Movie Posters for Blended

In their third romantic comedy film collaboration, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore will charm us once again with the upcoming movie Blended. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s really funny! In the movie, after a disastrous blind date, Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and Jim (Adam Sandler) vow never to see each other again. Until one African vacation brought them closer than they would have liked.

3 Mega Movies Planned for Harry Potter Spin-off Film

News among Harry Potter fans have circulated recently that J.K. Rowling is currently in the process of creating the world of Newt Scamander, the lead character we’ll be seeing in the upcoming Harry Potter Spin-off film – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It had also been recently announced that the movie will be split into 3 Mega Movies.