Make-up tricks for Women who Wear Eyeglasses

I haven’t written anything beauty-related in a while and here’s something to start it up once again. I’ve taken to wearing glasses ever since I’ve gotten new frames last December. I’ve chucked my contact lens on the shelf. Why? Since I find myself in front of the computer for most hours of the day, I tend to suffer frequent eye strains. My contacts is already specially-made considering my high grade and high astigmatism. It also has a special coat to protect my eyes from pro-longed computer use. Still, my eyes become painful at the end of the day. So eyeglasses everyday it is. If you’ve ever heard that you can’t wear make-up when you’re wearing frames, then read on.

The Barden Bellas are Back in Pitch Perfect 2

I’m a big big fan of Anna Kendrick and I’m thrilled that she, along with the other Barden Bellas will be seen on the screen once again in Pitch Perfect 2. Have you seen the first movie yet? I suggest you do. It’s fun and very musically entertaining.

Child 44 Movie Review

Prior to watching the film at a special screening, I didn’t know that it was based from the bestselling novel by Tom Rob Smith. I also didn’t know much about the history of Russia and thanks to the film, it peaked my curiosity to do a little research after watching the film. The movie, Child 44 is pretty heavy film set during the time when Russia was under the rule of Stalin. The protagonists are trying to uphold the principles and ideals of their leader while serial killings are going on in their midst. It’s truly a powerful film given its historical references and how the author took inspiration from events in real life. In my opinion, it should have gotten more hype.

Coloring Books for Adults

Did you know that coloring books are not just for kids anymore? There’s a new trend nowadays for adults who want to unleash some creativity through coloring. For some it’s also a way for dealing with stress.
One such example is the book by Canadian artist Steve McDonald, called Fantastic Cities. It features illustrations of real cities in aerial and perspective views. The real cities in the book are New York, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and much more. 

Zombie Apocalypse on your Fridge

Remember when magnetic poetry was all the rage and fridges wouldn’t be without them? Here’s something similar and I think will best appeal to the zombie-loving generation of our time. I saw these while doing my morning browsing a few weeks ago and thought it pretty cool. So instead of thinking of a haiku or racking your brain for a poem, you can create a zombie killing scenario on your fridge.

Beautiful Insects made from Circuitry

When you see a box of junk, what immediately comes to your mind? Does the creative side of your brain immediately fire up with the possibilities of art pieces? Well, while most people will just discard the box of junk, Julie Alice Chappell looked at a box of discarded circuit boards and saw possibility. She didn’t entertain the thought at first but when she got around to it, the result were these. Intricately beautiful winged insects.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in His First Ever Zombie Film

Most Arnold Schwarzenegger movies I’ve seen had him featured as the hero who saves the world or the damsel in distress. Most have been action and sci-fi movies, oh and there’s a handful of comedies. What I’ve never seen him in is in a zombie flick. Well, we might finally have a chance in the movie, Maggie where he plays a stoic farmer who has to make the ultimate decision when his daughter becomes infected with the walking dead virus.

Step into the World of Miss Meadows

The opening scene for the movie Miss Meadows was this, Katie Holmes was walking around in a sundress holding a book and wearing tap dancing shoes (with short lace socks), I immediately noticed how old she had gotten and how completely inappropriate her outfit was for her age. Setting my comments aside, I was surprised when she brandished a gun and killed a perv right on the spot and without even losing her cool. She even tap danced away from her victim. Such is the peculiar ways of Miss Meadows, a temporary teacher by day and a part-time vigilante.

Furious 7: The Great Send-off

When the 2001 movie, The Fast & the Furious became a sleeper hit, the names Dom, Brian and Letty became synonymous with one of the biggest and successful movie franchises of all time. Across the span of six films, we’ve followed what had become of Dom’s crew and how the movies eventually became intertwined stories of their lives, fast cars and heists. With the release of the seventh and final film, it is with bittersweet sentiments that fans all over the world say goodbye not only to the franchise itself but also to Paul Walker, one of the main characters of the films.

See Jennifer Lopez in Docu-Concert, Dance Again

Mention Jennifer Lopez and what immediately comes to mind are the shimmery, glittered body hugging dresses, killer dance moves and her trademark J-Lo hair. In the docu-concert Dance Again, we get to see what went on behind the scenes as she went on her first world tour travelling 65 cities and five continents. The movie will also let viewers into an intimate look at Jen’s personal life as she take her two young kids in tow on her world tour. We get to see her as a doting mom aside from being a world-class performer.