The Aka Burger from Burger King.

There’s a red burger in town, well in Japan that is. The Aka (means “red” in Japan) Burger is to be released today in branches of Burger King. The red hue on the buns is said to be made of tomato powder and get this, it will also be served with red cheese!

Dark Places Coming Soon in Cinemas

I’m more than thrilled that one more of Gillian Flynn’s brilliant novels will be adapted on-screen. If you’ve loved Gone Girl and was disturbed (but secretly pleased) with the movie, then you’ll love Dark Places. It’s darker and full of the suspense goodness that only Gillian Flynn’s writing can give. Starring in the role of Libby Day is Charlize Theron and she’s looking for a killer.

Opening Today: Boychoir

At age 77, Dustin Hoffman has several acting awards under his belt. He is one of the most distinguished actors of his time but few know that he started out in musical studies before shifting to acting. In the movie Boychoir, he goes back to his musical roots although the actor admits to the limitations of his vocal range. He stars as the strict choirmaster Carvelle.

My Favorite Shows on the Nat Geo Channel

I have stopped turning on the TV at home for a time because I’ve been glued to my computer screen for most of my 24 hours daily. On the rare times that I do though, I chance upon shows that easily becomes a part of my must-watch list. I’ve been watching these two shows on the National Geographic Channel and I must say, I can’t get enough.


Just for Fun

I’ve seen so many of my friends on Facebook try out the app from How You Are. So I got curious. Just for fun, I tried it out one afternoon.  Curious about my result? Smile with tongue out

Opening This Week: Terminator Genisys

Just when you thought that the Terminator movie franchise is over, here comes Terminator Genisys. To be clear, director Alan Taylor wants viewers to know that this is not a remake, nor a reboot, nor a sequel even. It’s actually a “reimagining” based from the original James Cameron source material. I’ve gotten confused with the time paradox timeline of the Terminator movies before but Taylor insists that viewers don’t need to have prior knowledge of the films to be able to enjoy this movie. The film does employ the original Terminator in its cast. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the Guardian.

The Story of Q in Paper Towns

One of the most loved novels from John Green is Paper Towns, I read it immediately after going through the tear-jerker novel, The Fault in our Stars. Predictably, I loved it. Now that it’s going to have its own movie adaptation, I’m hoping that audiences will come to know why fans of the book loved the character of Q.

The Water Diviner

Just before Father’s Day weekend last week, I got to watch a movie that was perfect for portraying just how strong a father’s love can be. The Water Diviner features Russel Crowe in the starring role and also in the directorial seat. The latter was a pleasant surprise and it immediately spurred my curiosity, more so when I saw Jai Courtney’s name on the screen too. 

9 More Uses for your Cellphone Camera

When you find yourself outside, say at a mall. Try and sit still for one moment and observe the people around you. There’s a high chance that most people that you will see will mostly likely be fiddling around with their phones, more specifically their phone cameras. I tried this once while I was waiting for the call time for a premiere and all around me were people taking selfies (yes, in public!) and group shots (they call them groufies I think), or photos of their food. In fact, the most used feature in smart phones today are not their productivity functions at all but the phone camera. How do you use it for productivity? Read on.
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First Glimpse: Attack on Titan

During the press luncheon for the Father’s Day treat at Discovery Suites several weeks ago, I got into conversation with my friend, Az of Azrael’s Merryland about the live action film Attack on Titan. I must’ve been deep into the calligraphy world (check out my Instagram) because I swore I haven’t heard of the manga it was based from. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, o-m-g! I swear, I’m not going to miss this film.