Dunkirk, the next Nolan Epic

When a multi-awarded director releases a new film, one can’t help but set expectations high and when it’s a war film, expectations go even higher. I mean, there’s so many war films already right? If Christopher Nolan is at the helm, I have this feeling that this is going to be epic. Dunkirk will open in Philippine theaters on July 20th and was entirely filmed with IMAX film cameras. You know what else is special about this film? Christopher Nolan wrote the screenplay himself. Now that IS something.

Ansel Elgort Stars in Baby Driver

Remember the guy who was melting hearts in The Fault in Our Stars movie who starred opposite Shailene Woodley back in 2014? Well, he’s finally back in a starring role and this time he’ll be alongside some of the big names in Hollywood. The movie, Baby Driver will open in cinemas next month here in the Philippines but if you’re following Ansel Elgort on Twitter (like I have), some countries have already been lucky enough to see the film and the response had been overwhelmingly positive. It looks like the movie will have an awesome soundtrack too.

Quick Thai Food Lunch at Thai Dara

At lunch one time, the hungry bellies of me and fiance had us exploring one of the many restaurants inside Pioneer Supercenter. He had been craving for Thai food for a time now and we think we’ve just found a good place to come back to. The little Thai gem that we found was a restaurant named, Thai Dara.

The 22nd French Film Festival at Ayala Malls Cinemas

If you’re into watching French films, there’s an ongoing French Film Festival over at Ayala malls which started last June 9th. The French films will go on until June 17th. The cinemas include the cinemas in Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street. The film festival is in cooperation with the Embassy of France with the Embassy of France to the Philippines, Institut Français, the Alliance Français de Manille and Cebu and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.  

Villainy Runs in the Family in Despicable Me 3

Usually when we’ve come from a long weekend, coming to work the very next day is an effort all itself. However today, I have something to be excited about and that has something to do with the movie in this post. Gru (Steve Carell) is back and this time he’s joined by his twin brother, Dru. Oh yes, he has a twin brother and he’s the exact opposite in every way. The one thing that they have in common is that villainy runs in their blood which I’m soon excited to find out.

Noodle Fix at Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House Kapitolyo

My fiancé sometimes get intense food cravings and it takes us into random and totally spontaneous food adventures. Sometimes they’re good finds and sometimes we chuck it off to our experience bank. Ever since moving houses we now live in the vicinity of so many restaurants that we have yet to try. One of these restaurants that I pass everyday but only got to try a few weeks ago was Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House. Here’s where my fiancé satisfied his noodle cravings.

The Colour Collection Feature in May’s BDJ Box Elite

It’s been four years since I had the privilege and joy of opening my first BDJ Box Elite which had an entire make up line from The Colour Collection. You won’t believe the excitement I felt when I saw the amazing selection of products. Then just last month, I received my second BDJ Box Elite which had the latest products from The Colour Collection. I can’t wait to show you what was in the box!

It’s the World of Wonder Woman

The movie that’s currently crushing box office records and setting new ones is Wonder Woman. Gone were those days when the world had doubts about Gal Gadot portraying the iconic role and instead, she wowed and inspired everyone who had come to see the movie. There were some who had reservations, (mind you, these were only a few) saying they still had a different woman in mind but no one can deny just how our main girl, Gal really pulled off grace, beauty and fierceness in the film. Now she’s inspiring girls and woman all over. What an amazing feat!

A Fresher and Rowdier Baywatch

I donned my girl next door persona again last night as I attended the press screening for the new Baywatch movie which I had expected to be the perfect popcorn movie to turn off your brains for a while, pig out and just laugh until your bellies get a bit gassy (yes I dare say it). Nevermind that just before seeing the movie, my friends and I were talking how little positive reception it got from its opening weekend in the US, in my years as a movie blogger, I’ve learned to tune out such reviews and reserve my own opinion of the movie after I’ve seen the film. Just as I suspected, Baywatch was what it had claimed to be, nostalgic in a sense that it had some of the elements from the show but way funnier and more in your face. With Dwayne Johnson at the helm, I wouldn’t expect any less. Have I convinced you yet? Well, read on.

Win 5,000 AirAsia BIG Points

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you’ll know that I’ve recently been promoting the web series, Red Talks with Daphne just recently and after several weeks, we’re now on the fifth episode which talks about pearl farming. Check out the fifth episode below and then find out how you can win 5000 AirAsia BIG points just by watching.