Nov 13 Horoscope

Thursday, November 13, 2008 0 Comments

This was clipped from my Yahoo Horoscope for today:

023c0104llIf you are feeling overwhelmed right now, you need to let some things go. These things could be hopes, work projects, relationships, or even goals. The fact is that you are only one person -- you can only do so much. So you cannot beat yourself up if things do not go according to your master plan or if you feel like it's your fault things aren't happening the way you think they should. Admitting you are powerless isn't always fun, but right now it may be necessary.

Well this is really perfect for where I am in right now. Hmmmm did you see that line above? "You are only one person and you can only do so much." Sometimes I do try to do everything at once and most of the time things don't really always click into place. I wish I'll get out of this rut soon. It really isn't fun anymore. Sleepless nights and wet pillows are no fun either. 


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Not now please

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 0 Comments

49hunchJust when I still feel wobbly from being so down, my clients from my freelance projects have all seem to conspire to bug me with requirements and to top it off, my bosses at my full time job have decided to make this week hell for me. I hope this doesn't get any worse. I won't be able to take any more. 

I'm almost burned out with too much work and the week of my birthday is coming soon, the weekend getaway that I was expecting is still unconfirmed.Chances are I won't be able to go, and that really gets me down.

Won't my luck change? I have been through enough. Good people need to be happy from time to time too. Sometimes I think I spend too much time making other people happy and I forget about me. I really don't want to wallow in misery but with the bad luck I'm having...I can't help it.


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sleep won't come

Monday, November 10, 2008 1 Comments

It's 6 am and still I'm up. In an hour, my mom will wake up and she'll be hounding me why I haven't gone to sleep yet. Well I can't, not when I feel that my world is crashing down yet again. I haven't stopped crying since we last talked. I'm really not looking forward going to work. If I do, I know I'll just drone off, like a robot, getting tasks done while waiting forever for the end of the day.

I tried to be brave. I mustered up every inch of strength that I had. I faked the calmness and firmness when I just wanted to scream and cry out loud. I'm starting to question why this is all happening. It hasn't been easy and now it's become unbearable. How can a heart that's been broken into a million pieces be broken into a lot more? I don't know if there's any for me left.

I wish that I'm in an alternate universe. Somewhere where we'll have a happy ending. I can wish and wish all night, but tears are still streaming down my face. My heart is still numb from the pain. The incomparable emptiness that I feel inside of me is eating my very passion for life. Things like this are supposed to make you stronger but it's just that. Stronger but not happier. Frankly I'd choose to be happier. Most of all I'd choose to have someone by my side. Someone who sees that I'm worth it all.


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disheartened and dispirited

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 0 Comments

I found myself driving to work crying again. Last night was an epiphany for me and whoever said that the truth hurts really knows what they're saying. It cuts deep into me. I'm just going through the motions today at work. I'm doing sketches just to pass the time. Even my officemate noticed that I was gloomy today. I can't help it. I just want to cry. I can pretend to everyone else that I was ok but I can never fool myself. I'm just so so sad today...and you know me, I'll just drown my sorrows with work again. Here's to days of allnighters again. Well at least my clients will be happy, I'll be able to get ahead of deadlines. *sigh*


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Pet Society review, tips & tricks

Sunday, November 02, 2008 , , 3 Comments

This game was developed by Playfish for Facebook. I've been playing it for at least a month now and my pet is currently at level 14. The interface is very clean and the graphics are vector-based and the colors are waaaay cute. That's what attracted me to the game in the first place. Although it's a little resource heavy, the game is interesting enough to keep you going back for more.

The Basics
You start out with creating and naming your pet. You can go wacky with customizing the facial features and the fur color. You can change this the next time when you get bored by going to the stylist.
styleshop 2
After confirming the look of your pet, the screen changes to show you your pet's house. You start out with a few gold coins, a few food items and a bar of soap and brush. You can start out by buying some pieces of furniture from the furniture shops or you can also stock on food. Since your pet will be naked at first, you can also pay a visit to the clothes shop to dress him up.
map of shops
The Gameplay
The main goal of the game is for you to level-up your pet by interacting socially with friends who have installed the app in your network. Leveling up also earns you gold coins which you can use to buy other stuff for your pet. You can also earn points and gold by entering competitions in the gymnasium.

You can interact with your friends' pets by visiting their house. This opens up a menu which will give you interactive options. You can also give gifts, write them a note or feed your friends' pets when they're hungry. I found out that in the options menu giving them hugs will give you the most gold. Feeding, bathing and playing with a friend’s pet also earns you gold and paw points.

pet society 2pet society 3
pet society

You can earn more gold coins when you visit the stadium and enter your pet into a hurdles race.

stadium hurdles hurdles win
Each time you level up, your pet is given a new title and a certain amount of gold coins, plus you also get pretty neat items like a new soccer ball, a new tv etc. Trophies are also given every time you reach the requirements for a trophy category. Like if you've bought 3 hats, you'll get a bronze hat trophy as an award. There are around 34 trophies to collect and I've only managed around half of them. I've got a long way to go.

The Verdict
This is a pretty fun game. A way to kill time for half an hour a day. It's worth installing to your facebook profile. I have to warn you that it gets very addicting though.
There are new release of items every week. Playfish has seen to that and there are also special items per season. View my seasons posts here. (version 1 and version 2) With innovative gameplay, and the new items each week, it never gets boring. I highly recommend this game to anyone who’s up for hours and hours of fun.


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