New Yahoo Homepage

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Yahoo has revamped it's homepage again. It has now adapted a web2.0ish kind of look. You can change the color of the homepage according to the set of colors provided by yahoo. Like their MyYahoo page, you can also select several pages that you can label as favorites that will be located on the left side of the homepage. The central column will feature top stories while the right column shows ads and top searches. The rightmost column should have been more customizable though if you ask me.
yahoo 1
If you mouse-over some title items on the left menu side, you see a preview of the current feed activity of the chosen site. You can then choose to click on an article of interest in the same window or in a new tab.
yahoo 2
At first glance, I like the new look because it's not as boring as it was before. The only conflict I have with this now is if I'll like it more than my fully customizable MyYahoo homepage.
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince(10)After the loooong wait, well finally I got to see the movie on its opening day. I got to see it in an IMAX theatre even! (although the cinema had technical difficulties at that time) So, what do I think about it after all the hype? I was pretty disappointed…yet again. My favorite among all the Harry Potter movies still remains to be The Goblet of Fire.

The first 12 minutes of the movie was in 3d. In my opinion, there were better scenes in the movie that they should have chosen to be made into 3d like the cave sequence. That would have been awesome and scary! Towards the middle, the humor provided was good, it made me laugh anyway, although my date didn't. Haha. Oh well.

Harry6-02 I was disappointed because they left out key points from the book and failed to integrate or give enough emphasis into the movie. One is the half-blood prince himself. We only got one statement from Snape in the end. There wasn't even enough impact with it. Another one is the supposed battle at the tower at the time of Dumbledore's death. I wonder why they didn't choose to immobilize Harry like he was in the book. The movie made him appear more useless than ever because he was just standing there and he didn't do anything brazen. There wasn't even a grand funeral for Dumbledore. Sigh. Key points. Tsk tsk.

harry-potter-half-blood-prince The ending left me hanging because I couldn't believe there wasn't anything anymore. It was a whole 3 hours worth of movie and still there should've been more. I had free tickets to watch it one more time but I couldn't bear to get disappointed again. I really hope the last movie which will be split into two parts will do justice to the magnificence of the whole series. After all, it will be the LAST one, they should make it spectacular.



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Google Eclipse

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Well, during the course of the partial eclipse that recently happened last week, social networks flared up with blow by blow accounts of updates about the positioning of the sun and the moon. Several contacts from Plurk even posted shots of the eclipse. During this time I was stuck in the office and unfortunately enough even if I wanted to catch a glimpse of the eclipse I couldn't because it was cloudy. I had to make do of what it looked like from the pictures posted by my friends.

google homepage Until I saw Google's homepage. It made me smile. Well creative juices are still flowing, and the worldwide phenomenon had quickly spread even on search engine homepages. I admire the graphic team from google because they always offer something unique when a significant event or holiday comes up. Thumbs up to you Google team. Keep it up.

Oh and if you want to know more about eclipses, just click here.

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Free flash games

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Are you looking for some free games? Or just time wasters? I stumbled upon this site and I was hooked. The site is a collection of very simple but very heavy on the eyecandy, free flash games. You can choose the mini-icons on the front page to choose the game that you want or you can just click randomly.


I have to warn you though, all the games are overloading with cuteness. These are perfect for de-stressing or something very light to relax you at night before you go to sleep. Try out these games now and have a good time. Just click on the orisinal website.


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Showstopping Wedding

Sunday, July 26, 2009 0 Comments

I just thought I’d like to share this wonderful wedding entourage video that’s currently a web sensation., the JK Wedding. Very original and kinda sweet.

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SM Foodcourt Wifi Testing

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Went to spend one afternoon of my weekend at the SM Megamall foodcourt to help beta test their new wifi services along with the other bloggers. I was the first one who got there at around 1:30pm so I had first pick of the best seat in the testing area. They provided as sets of tables with extension cords to plug our laptops in.

DSC00179  This was the initial result from while I was there. According to the organizers of the event, at the time of the wifi testing, 300 users were already connected outside of the blogger group there. So I guess, the wifi was pretty fast enough.

sm foodcourt wifi

Websites loaded easily and it didn't take long to watch videos off of YouTube. The only comment we had was the lack of floor outlets around the food court area since it wasn't originally intended to be a wifi area anyway. I hope the engineering department of SM will address this problem soon so that people can stay quite comfortably within the vicinity of the food court and spend quite a good time surfing the hours away.

They raffled off some prizes as a treat for the bloggers and I won the Magic Sing! I'm not a singer but hey this gives me reason enough to practice! Hahaha and oh by the way, when I opened it at home, it was lavender!!! Perfect for me.


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Pet Society Fishing

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There’s a new feature in Pet locationSociety and it’s fishing!!! So far it’s a great time waster and stress reliever for me. I dunno for the most games I’ve played across different gaming platforms, I was really drawn to the fishing mini-games. It must be because of the associated “relaxation” label to it.

For Pet Society however, all you need to do is go to the center of the town at the Fishing Pond with a fishing rod and some bait. The Fishing Pond is located in front of the Cash Bank. Just click on the pond and you will be taken to the fishing spot.


Now you have to equip your rod with bait. Each food item from the food shop can reel in a different kind of fish or object from the pond. Yes, I’ve reeled in some odd objects before like an old boot, broken pot, a bottle with a message in it, seaweed and the likes. (it’s one dirty pond if you ask me ) A word on bait, I found out that the fruits and veggies can get you the most interesting kind of fishes while fancy food like desserts have a higher chance of getting you garbage.

bait Once  you’ve chosen your bait, just click on your pet to reel the bait in the water. Just click once and you’ll see your pet do a swishing motion.

bait 2-horzOnce the bait is in the water, wait just a few seconds and you’ll see some kind of splashing. This means that your bait has caught something! Once the splashing has stopped you can start reeling it in. Do this by putting your cursor over your pet and click+hold. You’ll see your pet perform the action.

reeling  However, when you see some sort of splashing in the water again, release the mouse. If you don’t, the fish will get away with your bait. You can start reeling in again once the splashing has stopped.

stopYou can display the fish that you’ve caught by buying an aquarium and placing the fish there. The nice part is, they really swim around the tank!   Unfortunately, you cannot sell the odd items that you’ve caught and you can’t sell the extra fish either. They are unsellable and they cannot be given away as gifts but you can exchange them for recycling but only for a meager amount of points..


I think this new feature of Pet Society has given me a reason to start playing it again. Definitely a good upgrade. Happy Fishing!


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On Reincarnation

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Ever wonder what you will be reincarnated to in your next life? Well I found this on one of the plurk posts of my contacts and thought that I would share it with you…just for fun!

homepage Well here are my results:

If I used my nick name..

In my next life I'll be... Red ant. And you?

Red$20ants Hmmm not bad I guess, small but terrible and powerful, a formidable force if we swarm. hahaha.

If I used my full birth name..

In my next life I'll be... Wolf. And you?


Wow now that’s more like it. A wolf!!! not a werewolf I hope.

If I used my full name complete with middle name..

In my next life I'll be... Dodo. And you?


A dodo!!! But they’re already extinct!! Waaah.

Find out what you’ll be by clicking on the Oracle website.

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The Sorting Hat

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With the Harry Potter hype just past us, I got into a very engaging conversation with my friend Tom about our inner Potter geekiness. Hahaha and we got into talking about if we were sorted into the Hogwarts houses. Well it got me thinking where would I fit in?

An overview of the houses are:

gryffindor Gryffindor

- founded by Godric Griffindor with the house emblem portrayed by a lion and sporting the colors red and gold. They value courage, bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry.

Hufflepuff Hufflepuff

- their emblem is that of a badger with the colors canary yellow and black. It was founded by Helga Hufflepuff and the housemembers value hard work, loyalty, tolerance and fair play.

ravenb Ravenclaw

- founded by Rowena Ravenclaw, their house colors are blue and bronze. Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, learning and wit.

slytherin Slytherin

- the proud house of the Slytherins are composed mainly of pure blood wizards sharing a common trait for valuing ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. The house emblem is that of a serpent with the colors green and silver.

I would like to think I have all traits common to the houses, hahaha so where would I be sorted? To this I answered my friend... I'd be the headmistress of the school of course.


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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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transformers_revenge_of_the_fallen_ver5When I first heard of the working title for the second Transformers movie, I thought it would be about the resurrection and revenge of the Decepticons. The movie generated quite a hype and was much awaited pretty much all over the world.

When I finally got to see it, well it definitely kept its promise of more robots and lots and lots of more action. The movie's plot continues onto Sam Witwitcky's (Shia LaBeouf) new life as a college kid while maintaining a long-distance with his girlfriend, Mikaela (Megan Fox). The story didn't really pick off until he found a piece of the all-spark shard inside one of his jackets. We were also given an overview that the other Autobots have teamed up with a secret section of the Military to aid them in hunting down the last Decepticons left on Earth.


Due to the clever infiltration of Starscream and the other Decepticons, they were able to acquire a part of the all-spark which they used to resurrect Megatron. Returning to their homeplanet, we are now introduced to the Fallen and how their race used to dominate the Earth since early times. From this point on, non-stop action began. The struggle to find another source of energy became a race on both sides. New robots and characters added humor and laughter alongside the spectacular action sequences.


There were quite some cheesy moments that I think failed to connect the readers emotionally with the characters on-screen. They also milked Megan Fox more this time. Hahaha (well we all know why). I liked the story generally, loved the action sequences and had a pretty good time during the 2 hours it was shown. I can't wait for the third one.


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criterias for a good day

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good morning phone call
Nothing beats this because it's an instant mood picker-upper. It means somebody was thinking of you the moment that they woke up and that's very heartwarming.

good breakfast
Come on, good food that gives the energy to start the day?? Especially when you are served your favorite breakfast meal, then that usually is a sign that your day is going to be exceptionally good.

Being productive at work
The satisfaction of getting work done at the end of the day, gives you the sense of fulfillment and relieves you of any stress that might have been building up during the day or during the work week.

good late night conversation
Ending the day when someone wishes you sweet dreams and good night can definitely put me to sleep with a smile on my face.


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Majestic White Bengal Tiger

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Interesting Animals


article-0-05A8DD62000005DC-686_634x343 fierce

I stumbled upon this article on my personalized Yahoo frontpage and of course it caught my attention since I love tigers. Meet Odin, a white Bengal tiger who lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco.

article-0-05A8DC22000005DC-149_634x701just awesome

Odin is now a main attraction in the said zoo where his handlers allow him to swim in a pool of water while feeding him meat for the spectators. You can watch the video below.



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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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scrat in 3dWatched this in 3d and it was awesome! I really wasn't prepared for a night of good laughs, good company and an amazing 3d experience, I almost didn't push through with going to this blogger event, I'm glad I did.

The movie continues the story of Manny, Diego, Sid, Ellie and the possums Crash and Eddie. It opens with Manny and Ellie expecting a baby and with Sid and Diego feeling a bit left out from the new family. Sense of family and togetherness seems to be the theme throughout the whole movie. As Sid was desperately trying to prove that he could also raise a family of his own, he accidentally stumbled on a previously unknown world just below the ice-covered world that they were living in.

ice_age_3_8-535x301 This was the world inhabited by the dinosaurs. Finding unknown eggs on the way, Sid decided to keep them. Unfortunately though these turned out to be Mama Rex's babies, who eventually ventured up into the their world in search of her eggs. This marked the beginning of laughs and adventure as they met new characters and creatures. A new character that I've grown to love is Buck. Although, he's a little weird at times, but his survival instincts and sense of bravado is unfailing in aiding our characters in their time of need. We are also introduced in the mini-love story of Scrat and Scratte.

iceage3_nov21 ice_age_3_13-535x299

All in all, this movie was good good fun. If you're in the mood for bit of wild Jurassic Parkish kind of ride, then go and see this movie, recommended in 3d of course.


pretty good teaser poster


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Trinoma unveils Digital 3d Cinema

Friday, July 17, 2009 , , 1 Comments

We were invited to celebrate the opening of the Trinoma mall's newest addition to its line of cinemas, Cinema 4 which is exclusively showing digitized 3d films. For this, Ice Age 3 was the feature.


The cinema is equipped with Dolby surround sound technology coupled with crisp and high definition visuals. The 3d glasses are just the right size too I would like to add. Some cinemas provide ones that are just too big. The cinema was designed in a way to bring comfort to the viewer wherever seated he might be.

TrinomaCinema-4705 The VIP area.


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