Revisiting 50 First Dates

By Cher Cabula - Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm re-watching this movie now for the nth time. It didn't quite have an effect on me until I got to watch it on the bus ride going to La Union. This time around, I was understanding and looking at the movie in a different light. The movie was the return of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's successful love team follow-up after The Wedding Singer. The chemistry was still there, although Adam Sandler is now more buff than he was before and Drew Barrymore is now sporting lovelier curls and a sweeter aura.

50_first_dates Well all of us are familiar with the story. Losing her short term memory from a car accident, Lucy (Drew Barrymore) has to settle for a life that repeats itself over and over each passing day until she met Henry Roth (Adam Sandler). Henry Roth tirelessly made her fall in love with him every single day. I guess that's what moved me this time around. It meant different now. Call it wishful thinking, but it would be wonderful to have a guy who wouldn't get tired of the romance. A relationship takes a lot of work, from both parties. Along the way, couples sometimes forget to keep the romance alive, I think that's a sad thing.

Oh well, I learned a lot this time around watching this again. And yeah... I still tear up during the heart-warming parts.

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