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all about me

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  1. Most people don't know my real name. I go by my nickname mostly online and in the real world. In French it means, little rock.
  2. This is my favorite color. You'll mostly find my stuff with this color in it. Even on just the little things like pens and paper clips.
  3. This is where I went to college. One of the top Universities in my country. I'm proud to say that I have the best memories of my school life there.
  4. I am an interior designer by profession. It is where one of my passions lie. I've been practicing for 7 years now but I'm still learning and still finding ways to constantly improve my talent and my skills.
  5. Aaah the lotus....my favorite flower. Sad to say I haven't really received a lotus flower for anything. Haha If ever I'll get myself inked, I would choose to have one in a lotus form.
  6. This is my birthday month, I love it because it's right after the rainy season and just before Christmas, the weather is just right.
  7. I'm fascinated with tigers. There's something about them that just constantly leaves me in awe of their majestic beauty, power and gracefulness.
  8. The house of philosophy. This is my zodiac sign. One of the key characteristics of my zodiac is deriving learnings from experiences. We are also freedom and being constantly on the move.
  9. My first real investment, a 2007 red Honda Civic. I'm proud to have bought my car using my own savings.


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