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Hahaha When I saw this on Explore, I couldn't resist. Too funny! I love the humor. Don't you?


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Sunday at the Park

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Sunday at the Park
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I love this photo! The pure expression of joy on the child's face is priceless. I can't help but smile, laugh and be amused at the same time. I'm sure this was a hard shot to capture but it was well worth the effort. Nice work.


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Unite for Hunger and Hope

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What is Hunger?

Hunger is more than just an empty stomach. This phrase had the most impact on me while I was browsing the World Food Programme website. This is my blogpost for the Blogger's Unite event for World Hunger: Unite for Hunger and Hope.

I learned from the site that hunger occurs in places hit most recently by natural disasters and war and yet these only account for 8% of the world's hunger. So what does the other 92% account for? Daily undernourishment is much more a leading factor especially in places overrun with poverty.

A person needs to have at least the recommended 2,100 calories to lead a healthy life, these unfortunate people have less. To compensate for the lack of nourishment, their bodies slow down in terms of physical and mental capacities. To quote: "A hungry mind cannot concentrate, a hungry body does not take initiative, a hungry child loses all desire to play and study."

Since they are deprived of nutrition, their immune systems are considerably weak and they are very vulnerable to infections and diseases like diarrhea and measles. Each year, almost 11M children die before reaching the age of five with malnutrition associated with 53% of these deaths. (very alarming numbers) Hunger and malnutrition is a health risk more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Most of the world’s hungry live in developing countries. According to the latest Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 2008 statistics, there are 963 million hungry people in the world and 907 million of them are in developing countries.  They are distributed like this:

565 million in Asia and the Pacific

230 million in Sub-Saharan Africa

58.4 million in Latin America and the Caribbean

41.6 million in the Near East and North Africa

What can we do to help?

Fill the cup

Monetary donations are most welcome. This campaign aims to gather enough change to fill one red cup..with the ratio of one full red cup feeding a child for a year. You can make donations here.

fill the cup Free Rice

I read about this, in one of the issues of Reader's Digest last year and I immediately tried it out. It's an online game where the sponsors promise to give 10 grains of rice for each correct answer that a player gains. The longer you play and the more correct answers you put in, the more you donate rice. Try this out, it's mostly a vocabulary you get to learn and help out. Play here.

free rice Food Force

This is a video game which aims to teach children and adults alike about world hunger. You are given several missions to complete, with objectives concerning efforts on ending world hunger. It is set in a format that is patterned to teach kids while they're having fun. Play here.

food force Spread the Word

There are several banners and badges available on the website that you can put on your blog. These can help spread awareness. If you care, please do put a badge on your site. You can get the badges here.

125_125_banner_b foodforce120x240 hunger-learning-resources

There are also several walkathons which aim to raise funds to feed the hungry. These programs are usually sponsored by participating companies and are practiced in over 200 countries.


I hope this blog post helped raise awareness concerning world hunger. Please do your part now and help. For more information, check out the World Food Programme website.


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Restaurant City: New Updates v.01

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Updates have been made recently on Restaurant City. I'm still very hooked with this game. I can't stop playing it. LOL!

  • Customers will now need toilets before they leave the restaurant. If they leave without going to the box yet, negative rating on your popularity. Trust me, they get very demanding sometimes.  Tip: You just have to allot at least 3 toilets for your restaurant. They don't have to be enclosed, trust me they won't mind. 
See? Right by the entrance. Hahaha
  • You can now buy toilets at the shop panel.
 They come in different colors.
  • Of course, the toilets will get dirty easily as long as they're used frequently. They've now provided another job postion for your employees...the cleaner. Shhh just don't let your friends know that they're cleaning your toilets for you. :-)
  •  Another option is you can now zoom in and out using the slidebar provided on the right.
 There are even cars whizzing by sometimes. 

I have now progressed to level 15 and concentrating on levelling up my dishes. Here's a view of my restaurant facade.
Everyday is busy at my restaurant.
Have you started playing already? If not, you're missing out. If you already have a Facebook account then you're all set. You won't regret it. Have fun!

See my original post on this game here.


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Oceanlab: Sirens of the Sea

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Folder Another background music I enjoy listening to while I'm working. These chillout beats from the artists forming the group Oceanlab was released in 2008. They were the first to experiment with the infusion of the sound of dolphins in their music.


My picks from the album are Just Listen, Sirens of the Sea, Breaking ties, Miracle and Secret.


1 Just Listen (3:50)

2 Sirens Of The Sea (5:56)

3 If I Could Fly (5:12)

4 Breaking Ties (5:14)

5 Miracle (6:43)

6 Come Home (4:33)

7 On A Good Day (5:57)

8 Ashes (6:30)

9 I Am What I Am (4:46)

10 Lonely Girl (5:32)

11 Secret (5:20)

12 On The Beach (4:45)

13 Breaking Ties (Flow Mix) (6:11)

To sample some of their music, visit this page.


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White (with a hint of purple)

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The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was purity and innocence. See it? Oh plus an image of dandelions blowing in the wind.

How about you? What comes to your mind when you see this picture?


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Going gaga over Mineral Makeup

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IMG_0201Last week my boss I saw my boss looking at an online shop selling mineral makeup. And of course, it caught my!!! The little girl in me got excited all of a sudden. I couldn't help but look over her shoulder and see the products available there.

I've never used mineral makeup before and I wanted to give it a try. So I made a buying binge and so far I'm a very happy customer. The online site we were browsing was Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. The products were not expensive and they even do home deliveries for just a small delivery fee of Php 50.00.

What is Mineral Makeup anyway?

It has been argued that it's better because it is "pure" using only minerals (the same with traditional make-up) but without the synthetic binders, fragrances and such. Plus experts also claim that the titanium dioxide contained in the products help it to become anti-inflammatory and it won't aggravate acne. It also provides a medium level of sunscreen protection. Not all mineral makeups are alike and different brands carry a unique composition for their products. Although it is considered "pure", it's still not advisable to go to bed with it. Mineral makeups, also make the skin look more natural and since it is lighter, it helps make the skin breathe, that's why it lasts longer.

My purchases

Pure Blend 2-1 Foundation & Concealer in Chai Tea Latte and French Vanilla Latte (4grams – Php 300.00)

foundation2 french vanilla chai tea

Mineral Concealer in Cheer (2.5grams – Php 190.00)

concealer2cheerMineral Powder blush in Flirtation and Fulfillment (2.5grams – Php 180.00)


flirtation fulfillment

Moisturizing Lip Color in Smitten and Passionate (both Php 150.00)

lipcolor_big2lipcolors  My Verdict

Well so far, I'm loving it. I've used liquid foundation until now and the loose foundation powder that I've substituted for it, indeed feels lighter and it looks more natural. I also don't have to worry about re-touching my makeup at the end of the day because it stays put. I'm also crazy about the lip moisturizers. I have very dry lips and sometimes, lip balms tend to dry them up more. Their product however, has lasting lip color and it keeps my lips moisturized all day long.

The screen colors vary of course due to different monitor resolutions so I’m advising that you check out their store for yourself instead of buying online.

So I've changed my mind about mineral makeup, maybe you can try it out too.

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Cheesecake, Etc.

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I had an intense craving for blueberry cheesecake right after I had a haircut last week. I invited Ayet and Derob to go with me there and just hangout. The branch that we went to was in greenhills. I like it there because the  place had a nice warm and quiet ambience.


DSC00105 They still have their trademark yellow and purple chairs plus the stencilled walls. I think this gives it the cozy cafe vibe coupled with warm dimmed lighting.

DSC00104 Counter design is good as well. With their cake display slightly angled toward the fronting street.

DSC00106 DSC00108

I ordered spiked Kahlua coffee along with my cake. Too bad their Kahlua and Bailey’s drink was out. The drink was served heavy with whipped cream topping and sprinkled brown sugar.

DSC00114 My friends ordered the cake sampler platter. Although I was the one who chose what cakes to put in. I chose the berry temptation, mango cheesecake and fruit medley.

DSC00115 DSC00116

And of course, I ordered my favorite…low fat berry blue. No matter what else they say, nothing beats cheesecake etc, when it comes to this cake. I have tasted other blueberry cheesecakes before and I still come back to their version. It’s just sweet and luscious enough for my palette.

DSC00112The cakes are not priced very high and the taste alone is value enough for the cost. As you can see in the above pictures, cake presentation is great and very artistically done. All contributing to a very comforting and satisfying dessert experience.

DSC00118  DSC00109

They are not exclusively serving desserts alone, they’ve also expanded their menu to include several meal entree’s. I have tried only a few but they also taste good. Still, when I get those cravings for dessert again, I’m sure to stop by their shop when able.


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Rainy summer

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True enough climate change is really happening. It’s the middle of summer and it’s raining! Summer rains are never fun. They usually leave the air super-sticky and humid after a downpour.

weather This is just something I’m pondering on especially now that it’s earth day. We’re really in for a big change huh. And oh it bums me that gas prices are going up again. How I wish hybrid cars are available here.


oh and I love the google logo today. Very fitting.


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Earth Day – April 22

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starbux mug

This is my customized starbucks tumbler. Being an interior designer, I decided to customize mine by putting a watercolor rendering of an interior scene in it. If you can look sideways, you’ll be able to make out the outline of a classic armchair.

Starbucks has a promo on Earth Day. 40 bucks off the coffee price if I choose to drink it from my own tumbler. Not bad huh? I’d definitely do this not only on earth day but keep it as a permament habit. I always bring my tumbler anyhow. Might as well help save the environment while I’m at it.

earth day Earth Day was originally founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson during the 1970s and it has become an important worldwide practice annually.

What can you do?

Project Switch: Change your light bulbs!

Make the switch from ordinary incandescent lamps to compact fluorescent lamps with the approved energy star rating. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances.

Drive your car differently.

Keep  your car tuned up, watch your idling and turn off your engine when you’re just waiting. This helps in minimizing the production of carbon dioxides in the air.

Your house temperature.

Since it’s summer here in the Philippines and it really is too hot! Best to keep your airconditioning unit well-maintained. At cooler times of the  year, it’s better to use an overhead ceiling fan than to turn on the AC. It uses less energy. Better yet, keep the windows wide open and let in the cool breeze.

Tame the Refrigerator monster.

This is probably the biggest energy consumer in the house. Make sure it is also well-maintained. Turning down the thermostat one degree lower can make a big difference. Make sure the door sealants still work.

Plant trees.

They help soak up the carbon dioxide in the air and they provide a  cool shade especially in your backyard.


Recycle all known non-biodegradable materials that you come across with everyday. Or try to store them in bins where you can drop them off at a recycling plant. Make sure you can re-use one thing at least a few times. I remember there was a coffee shop who once held a contest to hold the record for the most number of re-uses of their paper cups.

Be informed

Be well aware of the environmental issues that plague the earth today and know what actions are being taken against them and find out what you can do to help. You can take a look at some issues here.


A Billion Acts of Green. If you really want to make your mark in helping the environment, sign your commitment here.

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My Thai Kitchen

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Location: Eastwood Mall
DSC00121 The Interiors and First Impressions
The first thing that you would probably notice when you look inside this restaurant is the bright pink wall at the left side where the banquette seating is located. This is where we first opted to sit, but upon closer look, although it was a lovely tufted glossy leather seating, the inclination of the seat was just too uncomfortable. Maybe they can do a little re-upholstery on the seat itself to correct the angle.
Anyhow, there is also a very tall wall made up of drawer stacks. Yes drawer stacks. It's a full-length wall made to look like filing drawers on top of each other but upon closer inspection, it's really a design element made to disguise the aircon units inside. You can see the vents close to the top.
DSC00120 There is also this odd waiter's booth, fronting the main walkway of the mall. Beyond that is an off-limits area for the staff only. It contains the kitchen and the manager's lounge. I sneaked a peek inside.
The Food
I'm never really a fan of Thai food. Sometimes I find it way too spicy for me. I was there for a meeting with my boss. The food items on the menu weren't that expensive, they priced way cheap from the restaurants beside it.

First up was my Iced tea, Thai iced tea to be precise. When they served it, it was the shade of burnt orange! But it was yummy, it was some kind of a milk tea and I loved it. They served it in a tall glass so I think that was a generous serving.
We ordered a lot!
Satay Gai or Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce - Php 145.00
DSC00109 Khau Kluk Gapi or Bagoong Rice with Sweet Pork and Green Mangoes
DSC00112 Chicken Pad Thai
DSC00111 Pow Piet Tod Gai or Fried Spring Roll - Php 130.00
DSC00110 Sticky Rice with Mangoes
DSC00117 Buko Pandan Cake
My Verdict
I now like Thai food because of this place. We had a very yummy feast and the food was so tasty for it's price. If ever you're at Eastwood Mall, give this place a try. Who knows you might also become a convert like me.


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