Angels and Demons

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I read the book years ago when the Da Vinci code came out and I loved it more than first book. When I first saw the trailer months ago that Tom Hanks was reprising his role as Robert Langdon and the upcoming movie adaptation of the book, it became one of the most anticipated movies this year on my list. I was meaning to re-read the book again before I saw the movie but I never got a chance to due to my very busy schedule.

Much like in the manner of the previous Dan Brown movie, Angels and Demons takes us on hunt for clues all around Rome. Robert Langdon's help was enlisted by the Vatican police to help in the deciphering of clues regarding the kidnapping of the four bishops favoured to become the late Pope's successor. The Vatican was undergoing a process of conclave and was under threat from the Illuminati. To make matters worse, the Illuminati's have acquired a formidable weapon in the form of stolen antimatter or the "god particle." For each of the four elements of nature, one bishop will be branded and killed. It was Langdon's job to be one step ahead and figure out the clues left on the trail across Rome.


I particularly enjoyed watching this movie because I used to study the sculptures and the churches during our ancient architectural and art history classes. The movie also gave us an insight of what goes on in the Vatican during the process of choosing a new successor for the papal throne.

A word about the Illuminati. They were a secret society of free thinkers. Other names for the group are Perfectibilis and Illuminati Order. There still exists modern illuminatis today.

Thank you to TV5 for making the special screening for the bloggers possible and many thanks to Azrael of Azrael's Merryland for the invites.

P5150102 with the rest of the movie bloggers


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not a Trekkie newbie anymore

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A Star Trek (2009) movie review.

star-trek-1024x819 I was never a fan of the Star Trek series. I was more acquainted with the characters of Star Wars. So I was quite hesitant to watch this movie at first because I was afraid that I might be left in the dark or that I might not understand. Thankfully though, as luck would have it, I think me being a newbie on the series might be a blessing in disguise after all. I'll tell you why at the end of the review.

The movie was all about beginnings. It tells us of how James Tiberius Kirk grew up to become the fearless and daring captain of the Enterprise. It also highlights the maiden voyage of the famous ship S.S. Enterprise. And most importantly, it tells us of the significance of the alliance between Spock and Kirk.


In brief, the movie was all about a reboot of the Star Trek franchise, this was provided conveniently by the black hole and alternate time continuity in the film. The movie centered around the vengeance of a Romulan miner named Nero against Spock who he accused of destroying his home planet. This was what happened in the future. When they went into the black hole, they were sent back in time before this has all transpired, back to the time when Captain Kirk was just about to be born. Nero then almost shattered the entire destinies written off the famous Star Trek storyline, if not for the daring interventions of an aged Spock over the actions of a young Kirk. Nero plotted to destroy all the planets in the Federation, starting with Spock's homeplanet - Vulcan. When Vulcan was destroyed, Earth was his next target. Kirk was able to obtain the leadership on the Enterprise as well as destroying the Romulan threat. Thus begins the continuity to the old Star Trek series.

star trek Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a very high rating.

Many Trekkies believe that this reboot of the film is actually designed for people who don't like Star Trek. I believe this is true. Now I'm curious about the whole series and I can't wait to get oriented with it.

IMG_0007 I loved the movie! Loved it the first time and the second time. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the premiere and watch it on IMAX (my first IMAX experience). I even had my picture taken with the hardcore fans.


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Stylish laptop bags

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I've invested on a pretty decent laptop early this year because I had the heavy need to be presenting on field meetings and I needed to be very mobile. If you knew me personally then you'd know that I hate boring things, even when it comes to notebooks, bags and organizer boxes. They'd have to be pretty stylish or I'd make it very personalized.
I don't want to be lugging around a plain black laptop black while I'm in a cozy coffeeshop, dressed very chic. So I started the hunt for stylish laptop bags.
The items presented on The She-tech website are more than what I've asked for. Upon entering the site, you are greeted by a very clean interface with a splash of hot pink typefaces. It's very simple, at just one glance you get to see what the site can offer you. At the left sidebar, there are a list of menu links that you can choose from as tools to help you narrow down the choices for the product that you are looking for.
If you want to shop by style, you can choose from these products: Tote, Messenger Bag, Clutch, Briefcase, Rolling Carrier, Laptop Sleeves, Backpack, Accessories or if you want to shop by color, the current selections include Camel, Black, Pink, Red, Plum.
My personal picks are:
Built NY French Bull Built NY French Bull Laptop Sleeve $23.06
Built E-WS15-FVE Built E-WS15-FVE $23.95
Arianna Double Zip Arinna Double-Zip Computer Tote $69.99
arinna flapoverArinna Flapover Messenger Bag $79.00
olive and figs Olive and Figs Quilted Messenger Bag $19.99
So if you're also on the hunt for the stylish bag for your prized laptop, come and check out the She-Tech website. They might have something that you're looking for.

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Top friend qualities

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A true friend has to be able to tell it straight to my face if I am doing something that will lead to my utter ruin or if I will just end up getting hurt.

Patient enough to understand my shortcomings and still accept me for who I am.

A true friend will always be there no matter what. If ever I am in need, a true friend will be there in an instant to help me out. It's more than just saying that you will be there but actually being there.

Of course, he/she should be trustworthy, after all...who will I entrust my deepest darkest secrets with?


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10,000+ site visits!!!

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Wow, that's really heartwarming. I can see through my website stat counter that I've had visits from all over the world and I know which posts I currently have a solid following on. I've had this blog for quite a while now but I've only been actively blogging during the first half of the year. I have a steady stream of hits each day and I can't believe that I've reached this many in just a few months. Blogging is very therapeutic and a very worthwhile hobby for me. Now it's rapidly becoming a passion. I've recently bought a domain and one day soon a webhost. But I'm taking baby steps one at a time. For now I'm really focusing on the content and my style of writing.

So thank you very much to my readers, I'm hoping that you're enjoying reading my blog as much as I do when I'm writing and thinking of blog topics (which I have a lot in mind of by the way so watch out for more interesting content). Here's to more fruitful and productive blogging years ahead. Cheers!


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My sweet PC upgrade

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I've upgraded my desktop PC just last month. My last big upgrade was early in the year 2007. Back then I used to have an AMD X2 Dual Core processor at 2.2Ghz speed with 1G RAM and Integrated Video Card. I do a lot of CADworks and 3d works in my desktop so as you might have guessed, my computer setup was relatively slow when the program is rendering. But I stuck to it for 2 years. Finally, when it was shutting down for no apparent reason, I thought it might be time to be considering an upgrade.

So I did, with the help of Ayet, Marvin and Druce. I worked with a Php 25,000 budget and had basically my whole CPU upgraded, except for my monitor which is a 22" AOC that I bought just last year, so I'm still pretty ok with it.

This is my desktop PC setup now (click on the pictures for a larger view):

I'm using a 512MB DDR3 video card and that's one thing I didn't skimp on. Oh plus just ignore the IE version, I'm a firefox user anyway.

Now I'm enjoying the super fast processing and the rendering time for my 3d's have been cut more than half. I can now also play the current games out for the PC right now which require a fast processor and a fast video card. I'm very very satisfied with current setup and I stayed well within my budget (which made Druce proud). Now I can experiment with high res 3d rendering to make my perspectives much much more realistic. :-)


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Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

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This Bigfish game is a very easy game to beat but it is highly entertaining. It is available for download through the Bigfish website. I have to warn you though, while playing this game I had intense cravings for whatever cuisine was being presented to me at that time. (especially for Thai food)

Each country cuisine is represented by a teacher. The teacher will then provide you background information on the dish and directions at the start of each of the cooking process. The mini-games are very simple because there are directional arrows that tell you what to do. It's just a matter of speed and mouse-pointing skill.

The graphics are quite good, the food items and ingredients are rendered very well to be actually convincing. The background music is not bad either plus the sound effects are also superb. When you fry something, you can really hear it sizzle. I think this for one, adds to the whole illusion that you're really cooking.
All in all, this is a great game but not very challenging enough for hardcore gamers, but if you're just looking for a great stress reliever at the end of the day then you might want to try this one out.


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Great info about webhosting for newbie and experienced bloggers

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As many of you know, bloggers often start out with free hosting websites. This is a great stepping platform for new blogs. But as you become a more serious blogger, you now have to think about getting your own domain and getting your site hosted. However, all these may be just a babble of words with no significant or relevant meaning if you don't do your research.

For me, the first step was getting my own domain. Next will be moving my site to it's own webhost. If you're a newbie blogger like me, you can get info and tips from experienced bloggers about the technicalities of moving your site for a webhosting service or you can check out the webhosting rating site.

They provide you with all the information you need for the best webhosting site for your blog. The website's interface is easy to navigate enough. You are immediately greeted at the front page by the top 10 Web Hosting Providers of the year. The Menu bar gives you additional tools that you need for some background information checking on certain awards or simply looking through the directories available in the site.

There's also an article page which is a huge source of information on any questions you might have related to being a webmaster and web hosting. Just by browsing through these for a few minutes at my first site visit, I've already learned a lot.

If you're a blogger like me, and you need information on web hosting or if you want to transfer your blog to a new host, visit this site, it will save you a lot of time.


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New Restaurant City updates v.03

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Dress up your staff.
This feature has been available for quite a while now. You can now dress your employees.
dressup Just click on the polo shirt with hanger icon on the employee window and you will be taken to the dress up screen. Now your restaurant can have it's very own theme with uniformed employees.
choose clothes Buy more ingredients.
This was probably added because of popular request. There is now a selling lady atop you game screen who sells a few fresh picked ingredients for the day.
seller The ingredients are priced very steeply though, so choose wisely when you need to buy.
fresh picks
 See my original post on this game here.

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Dine with PAWS

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To help PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) gain profits to help unfortunate pets, their fundraiser will be a fancy dinner on May 30, 2009 6:30pm at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. The buffet will be for pets and for humans. The event will also be graced by the presence of celebrities who advocate the cause. Ticket prices go for Php 2000.00 for pet owners with pets and Php 1500 for pet owners going without their pets.

Tickets may be picked up at PARC or delivered via 0917-8352405 or email You may also inquire via their hotline at 4751688.

Let’s help our furry friends.

DWP 09 Final Gold (Large)

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MTV Exit Event

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May 18, 2009 – The MTV EXIT Campaign and MTV Philippines today announced the launch of a nationwide initiative to fight human trafficking through a series of concerts and television programs kicking off May 22 with “MTV EXIT Live in Manila,” a free concert at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) is produced by the MTV Europe Foundation in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

MTV EXIT Live in Manila will feature performances from some of the Philippines’ top home-grown artists including Christian Baustista, Gary Valenciano, Bamboo, Pochoy Labog, Sponge Cola, Kjwan, Callalily, Pupil, Duster, Kitchie Nadal, Rico Blanco, Itchyworms, Kamikazee, Moymoy Palaboy and Parokya ni Edgar. All have committed their support to fight human trafficking by taking part in the concert. The event will be hosted by MTV VJ Kat Alano and actor, Epi Quizon. Baustista narrated the anti-trafficking documentary “TRAFFIC: An MTV EXIT Special” and is the MTV EXIT campaign’s ambassador in the Philippines.

To support the concert and the campaign, a group of anti-trafficking organizations headed by the Visayan Forum Foundation will march from Roxas Boulevard to the concert grounds. The march will begin at 2 p.m. and reach the Mall of Asia shortly before the 6 p.m. concert begins. Approximately 5,000 people are expected to take part. These groups will disseminate important information about human trafficking and its prevention to concert goers.

The UN estimates that at any one time there are 2.5 million trafficking victims in the world, with the majority of these in the Asia/Pacific. Human trafficking is the second-largest illegal trade after drugs, with criminal traffickers earning over US$10 billion every year through the buying and selling of human beings. Victims are often young men and women — MTV’s demographic — who are guilty only of wanting a better life.

“I am incredibly proud to perform at this important concert,” Christian Bautista said. “I hope that through my music and involvement in this event and the MTV EXIT campaign that millions of people learn about this tragic form of slavery.”

“The power and influence of music is a great force for change — by holding this concert tour across the Philippines we are harnessing this power; using it to inform and mobilize young people in the fight against trafficking,” said Simon Goff, MTV EXIT’s Director.

The concert will be broadcast on MTV Philippines and will include live footage as well as key information about human trafficking. All MTV EXIT television programming is produced rights-free and free of charge for all broadcasters and organizations.

For free tickets to this concert-for-a-cause event:

-- visit to win tickets; or

-- visit any MTV EXIT Redemption Booth at the SM Mall of Asia starting May 16 – May 22 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; or

-- VFF / MTV EXIT Redemption Booth – May 22, 2009 MOA Concert Grounds

[VFF Office - No.18 12th Avenue, Barangay Socorro, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City from May 16 to May 22, 2009]

-- call MTV on 706-1580 for additional ticket outlet details

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Perfumes I love

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Gucci Envy Me
Scent Notes: Peony, Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Litchi, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Pink Musk, Seringa, White Tea, Sandalwood, Teakwood, Sensual Musk.
Whenever I'm headed out for a fun-filled night with my friends or if I'm off to see the last full show of a movie, this is the scent I would be wearing. It's not overpowering. The floral scents are just enough to give out a feminine vibe and a flirtatious note without sending the wrong signals of being a temptress. The fresh and clean fragrance stays on for at least a couple of hours upon application. I highly recommend this to the ladies who want a perfume scent that they won't get tired of.

Paris Hilton's Heiress
Scent Notes: passion fruit, orange, peach granita, champagne mimosa, star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, grenadine, violet leaf, vetiver, tonka bean and blonde woods
For daytime wear, this is the one for me. The smell kinda reminds you of the smell of spring and it's perfect as a mood "pick-me upper." It also resembles the notion of scents after you've stepped out of the shower. Really really fresh. It's also long lasting. Wearing this scent makes me feel carefree and just downright confident, definitely something positive coming out of a perfume bottle.
What are your favorite perfume scents? Browse some at this site and maybe they could help you out for some evening perfume.


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Retro Game goodness

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I had an emulator installed on my psp and these games just took me back to when the family computer was still the only console dominating the markets. These are a must on my retro game list (posted in no particular order of course):

Adventure Island
Enter Mr. Higgins (yeah, very peculiar name) on an island and on a quest to save his girlfriend. On the screen you will see his health bar and a gauge which determines how much time you have left to finish the level. If the gauge completely becomes drained, he will lose a life, in order to avoid this fate, you must eat the fruits that are scattered in the level.You can equip Mr. Higgins with a skateboard complete with a helmet, a fairy, flying axes and fireballs.

Adventure Island (2)

Antarctic Adventure
A simple platformer where you must guide the penguin through a series of tracks all around the Antarctic. Avoid obstacles like gaps, seals popping out of the holes, you can also grab the fish that occasionally gets thrown out of the crevices.


Circus Charlie
Another platformer, guide charlie through circus-related acts. Well that's just about it I think. :-P

circus_charlie-139223-1Twin Bee
What I like most about this game is the bells changing colors as you shoot them repeatedly, of course different colors mean different abilities when you get them. I have to admit though, this game is really hard, I've never progressed more than 3 levels far.


Battle City
I still know the opening music of this game. Haha and of course I love it when you can destroy the metal walls and the big tanks don't stand a chance.

Jumping up and down on a rubber band is really enticing.


Super Mario Bros 1 to 3
Of course, I can never forget Mario and Luigi. They have been very iconic and they're probably the most popular video game characters of all time. I know each one of you have met the famous plumbers and shared their adventures.




Ah yes, the famous cheat comes into mind when this game is mentioned. Also the game music is unforgettable. For me, I can still remember my sister's face when I "accidentally" leave her behind on the waterfall stage. Hahaha.


Well that goes for my list, what triggers your nostalgia when it comes to retro games? What would be on your list?


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My version of the chicken soup

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The first time I tasted the noodles at Ling Nam, I succumbed to its homely, and very incredible taste. The texture of the noodles was just right. It was cooked just right as well. For some reason, eating the soup was very comforting. It's like my worries and stresses can instantly vanish in that one hefty steaming bowl. Now when I'm in dire need of comfort, my mind immediately brings me back to my very first taste of Ling Nam noodles and I immediately start craving.


i love their shrimp dumplings as well.

It's just sad to note that there are very few Ling Nam branches still open. I wonder why they are closing down. Especially when they've renovated some of their restaurants.


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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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I can't wait for the release of this game on the PSP. I've been playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for quite a while now and I can't wait to battle it out with new monsters. The Japanese version (Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG) has been released since last year and there has been an english patch made available by fans. But for me, I'll just wait it out a few months more for the english version to come out. Plus I can't also wait to write a review about it.

Here are some screenshots:

monster-hunter-freedom-unite-20090427050648337_640w monster-hunter-freedom-unite-20090427050538839_640w


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It's soo humid again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009 1 Comments

My weather widget is currently reading 32degrees. I can really feel the heat! I'm melting! My doggies are feeling it too. I've been trying to compile all the stuff I need to do for the coming work week and I'm failing because I can't concentrate enough to generate a workable schedule. I have a lot of pending tasks and blogposts to write!!! Aaaaargh. I'm still doing an initial charge for my laptop battery so I can't go into the cool sanctuary of the AC in our room  and use that. For the meantime, I'm stuck here on my workdesk using my desktop pc, sweating buckets. Oh what I wouldn't give to be eating a large pint of ice cream right now.


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Why I love getting morning greetings

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 , 1 Comments

I love waking up each morning to the bright rays of the sun peeking in through my window, or to the smell of breakfast and coffee but most of all, I love getting morning phone calls or messages from someone I hold dear and close to my heart. It's nice to start the day feeling all warm and fuzzy and smiling. Nothing beats this instant high. It's nice to know that someone was thinking of you that early in the day. When I do get my morning fix, I'm filled with positivity and enough motivation to get me through another work day, no matter how stressful or draining that day may be.

Now getting goodnights and sweet dreams at the end of the day...that's a different story.


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X-men Origins: Wolverine

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 , 0 Comments

Movie Review.

x-men-origins-wolverine wolverine-0403

When I first heard that there will be a movie on Wolverine's origins, I was excited and I've anticipated it's release. But then weeks before its release date, it was leaked illegally. I saw several booths selling the leaked version of the movie and some of my friends had copies. They said that it was 80% complete and you still can see the safety wires on the actors while they're doing stunts and all of them concluded that it was going to be a flop. Well these bad feedbacks slightly dampened my desire to watch it. Was this leak intended to generate enough interest in the movie? Well that I don't know but there have been rumors going around.

When the movie came out, people were raving about it. This peaked my exciteness again and when I had the chance to watch it, I did. I wasn't disappointed. I was planning to read the graphic novel about it first but my busy schedule didn't permit me to. Oddly enough, despite the back lashing and bad reviews, I liked the movie. It definitely lifted some shrouds on Wolverine's past.


The movie centered around the memory haze that Wolverine had about his past before joining the Xmen. This explained a lot about how he got his adamantium skeleton and the reason behind it. This also provided a glimpse on Weapon X and Deadpool. Deadpool is confirmed to be getting his own movie by the way. This also explained the animosity between Wolverine and his sibling Sabretooth. I didn't know about the love affair between Kayla Silverfox and Wolverine, so this back story is an insight to his emotional past as well.

X-Men-Origins-1774 I heard that there were different endings to the movie, I only saw one version which was after the credits. There are also rumors going around that there will be other xmen origins movies coming up. They will be about Storm and Magneto. Then again it's just the rumormill again. We'll see.

My verdict: thumbs_upthumbs_upthumbs_upthumbs_up

IMDB link here.


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