Why do people break up on Valentine's Day?

By Cher Cabula - Saturday, February 13, 2010

3502930095_8acb4e653f As much as we love Valentine's Day for being the only day in the year where you celebrate love, it is also the time when there's a high statistic of breakups. Yep, there's just way too much drama during Valentine's Day. So what's there on the other side of the coin? Why do people break up? I can only make these speculations.

They got carried away.

Let's face it, before Valentine's Day, you see all sorts of V-day paraphernalia. It's pretty much everywhere. I see it even in the Facebook games everyday. With this much hype and emotional build-up, of course you won't be able to resist for long. The next thing you'll know is wanting so much not to be alone on this day that you'll jump at the chance anyone asks you out for a date, or if it's the other thing around, you'll ask just anyone convenient out. After the hoola has passed, then the realizations kick in and you realize your mistake. Tsk tsk. Another one down the drain.

2250205453_13a960da05 Too much pressure from everyone.

If you're part of a couple, people around you may be asking a lot about how you'll be making this day special for your special someone. Well, not everyone can handle pressure, especially if it comes from peers and some just give up.

Expectations are skyhigh.

Of course you'd want to make Valentine's Day really special because it only comes once in a year and if by chance you happen to be with someone at that time, then all the more reason to celebrate it in a grand style. Well, people have different sorts of expectations for this day and when the efforts come up short, they often lead to disappointments. Disappointments lead to arguments and the next thing you know, you're listening to John Mayer's "Dreaming with a broken heart" by midnight. The most important thing here is not too expect too much and just be content that you'll be spending the day together and make sure to enjoy each other's company.

98174687_9a5daf5c11 Got caught red-handed.

Well this is the one that I despise the most. Getting caught being a player. It's bound to be hard to juggle V-day with more than one special someone unless you're a highly skilled and scheming player. And if you're one, this is going to be one hell of day. If by bad luck, you discover your special someone cheating on you on this day, then break-ups ville is the only way to go.


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Photo credits: Carlos Varela, Sister 72 and Carbon NYC

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