Photo Explorations of the word FIRE

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Photo Credit: davidyuweb

1496231835_ae84e1ba69 Photo Credit: Kirrus

311694061_d13b91691b Photo Credit: Michel Filion

3184973104_08447cd158 Photo Credit:

090706-A-7265M-003 Photo Credit: The U.S. Army

4541748410_30d3406e1f Photo Credit: Big Jobs

3724359284_2753bdb385 Photo Credit: comedy_nose

384010386_5f45ae0f25 Photo Credit: scui3asteveo

4350193475_f1c96d4a51 Photo Credit: redeye^


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Is it too late for Whitney?

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On my morning drive going to work, I always listen to The Morning Rush show by Chico & Delamar on RX 93.1 and on one segment they were talking about Whitney Houston's performance at London's O2 Arena recently. They said that she apologized to her audience for the bad quality of her voice. At that time, I was thinking that she may have missed a few notes or her voiced cracked and she gave a mediocre performance. Later during the day I saw an article about it on Yahoo with a link to the video of her performance.

Tsk tsk. What a pity. She sounded almost out of breath throughout the song plus, she really couldn't get to the high notes anymore. People are saying that it's from the drug abuse and although she's cleaning up her act now and trying to make a comeback, her voice is just not that good anymore. Yes she was one of the great icons looked up to in music. She was even dubbed a golden girl because during the peak of her fame, she was phenomenal.

I admire the fact that she's put on a brave face and rehabilitated herself. Her comeback included the release of a new album which did okay in sales and a series of tours and tv appearances which has almost always gotten bad reviews. So is it too late for Whitney now? I think in terms of her singing voice, she still has it although it might not reach high octaves unlike before. If she could work on the vocal range that she has now and just work on that, she might still be able to salvage her career. Otherwise, she should rethink a new career path.


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Manila get ready for Elle Woods

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For those who have watched the movie, Legally Blonde which starred Reese Witherspoon as the unstoppable Elle Woods, her character is one that we cannot simply forget. Now get to see the movie adapted in a musical. Yep the Legally Blonde Musical.

You may have heard that Elle Woods is hopping on a plane to dazzle us with her talent in the upcoming Atlantis Productions’ presentation of Legally Blonde The Musical.  Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the hit film that catapulted Reese Witherspoon to stardom, Legally Blonde The Musical features Nikki Gil as Elle Woods, the girl who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  When her boyfriend dumps her for someone “serious”, Elle packs up Bruiser and her designer clothes, hits the books and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law.  Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

As you and your fab femme friends get ready for the funniest musical of the year, remember that the best way to do so is by using your Metrobank Credit Card!

Simply accumulate P15,000 spend* on your Metrobank Femme Visa or any other Metrobank Credit Card and you’re on your way to getting up to 50% off on tickets to the exclusive June 25 gala at the Meralco Theater.   Just submit your charge clips at any Ticketworld outlet for validation. 

Don’t miss out the opportunity to unveil the Elle Woods in you! Get your tickets now! Call Ticketworld at 891-9999 for details.

Be updated with the latest Metrobank Card promos here:

legally blonde


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You shouldn't get a pet if...

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I'm a pet lover, more particularly a dog person. I don't hate cats, in fact I think they hold their own cuteness in the world but I am just really more into dogs. It's a good thing to decide to have a pet, because not only are you giving a pet a new home but also a chance for them to live a life loved. But getting the pet is just the first step, owning and caring for one involves a whole world of responsibilities. Think of getting a pet more like caring for a child, you just can't be happy with it for a short time and toss it aside when you get tired. You just CAN'T. A pet is a living being not an object. cher-and-krystal

Me and my krystal..I miss her so much.

So here, I've compiled several reasons you should think twice of before getting a pet. Some points to consider if you must.

You shouldn't get a pet if…

  • You just bought a pet because it's the latest trend.

You look around and see celebrities on websites, magazines and newspapers with little toy dogs graced with the craziest of "bling-blings". Your celebrity crush has one so therefore you should own one as well. A pet is not an accessory.

  • You bought a pet for status.

A pure-bred English bulldog costs around 50K, surely if your friends know that you own one, you gain one social status level. An English mastiff costs hundreds of thousands here, surely that will elevate your status more. Sure it's a fact that not all people can buy a VERY expensive pet, but if you can't take of it properly after buying one, then the Vet bills after will just offset the cost of the pet. Now that would be a waste of good money.

  • You can't pick up after your pet.

Let's face it, your pet is not cute and cuddly all the time, there will be times when he has an upset tummy and he'll be making a mess. Of course, you have to clean up after him because no one else will, your pet certainly can't. If you feel icky about doing these things, then get a virtual pet instead.

  • You're not sensitive to your pets needs.

When you love and care for your pet, you know what makes him comfortable and happy. You care enough to make sure that he's loved and content. When he whimpers or restless, you immediately attend to his need. If you can't do all that, and you can't care any less…then having a pet is not right for you.

  • You can't make sacrifices for your pet.

Any pet owner will tell you, that if the need arises and there is an emergency involving their pets…scheduled meetings get re-scheduled, hang outs get cancelled, plans for that day get delayed. All this to attend to the need of their pet first.

  • You do not accept the responsibility of owning a pet.

Like I said, owning a pet is like caring for a child. It involves lots of responsibilities, love and money. I cannot stress this more than enough. A pet cannot take care of himself and he relies a lot from you. Accepting ownership of him means that you have undertaken a moral contract to take care of him.

Owning a pet has its own rewards. You will gain their unconditional love and pet lovers will agree that there is a different kind of happiness that only a pet can give to you. That's why most cry buckets at heart-wrenching animal movies. I know I do.


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Videos for your Inner Geek

Saturday, April 24, 2010 1 Comments

These videos are amazing! I’m sharing these to my fellows geeks and readers, if you know of any more videos, please share the link in the comments page so that I can update this post.

This video really took me back, it  has an 80’s style feel and any gamer would easily recognize the characters.

This one is for your lego fantasies.


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The Girls are Back

Saturday, April 24, 2010 2 Comments

satc2poster2 On June 2, 2010 (local release date), get ready to be out with your girlfriends to see our favorite girls from New York gracing the big screen again. This time they answer a question, only few dare to ask…"What happens after you say I do?" The fun and girly adventures begin again. I can't wait to see what antics Samantha will get into or how Carrie will stay away from temptation and stay true to Mr. Big. I've marked the date on my calendar, how about yours?

Sex and the City 2

What happens after you say “I do”?  Life is everything the ladies ever wished it to be, but it wouldn’t be “Sex and the City” if life didn’t hold a few more surprises…this time in the form of a glamorous, sun-drenched adventure that whisks the women away from New York to one of the most luxurious, exotic and vivid places on earth, where the party never ends and there’s something mysterious around every corner.  It’s an escape that comes exactly at the right moment for the four friends, who are finding themselves in—and fighting against—the traditional roles of marriage, motherhood and more.

After all, sometimes you just have to get away with the girls.

MG-5569 SATC200914_377.dng SATC200915_226.dng Sex and the City 2



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Learn the art of getting even with The Losers

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zz04acd04e I was invited by Warner Bros Philippines along with the other movie bloggers for a press screening of The Losers last Wednesday and from the trailers and movie stills that I saw before, I was prepared to be entertained by an action-packed film. I would like to share that The Losers didn't disappoint and more. I also loved the wit and humor that were delivered with great timing all throughout the movie, true to the sense of its comic book counterpart. Graphically, I loved the way how they integrated the "comic-book like" transitions in between the scenes. In a way this made me curious about the comic book.

The Losers

The movie was all about how a Special Forces unit led by Col. Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who loosely call themselves The Losers, were double-crossed by a man named Max while they were out on a mission in the Bolivian jungle. With the determination for revenge and to get their lives back, they were helped by Aisha (Zoe Saldana) on a hunt for Max. One undercover mission after another lead to more and more truths and a cruel betrayal.

The Losers The Losers

The shifting loyalties and endless second-guessing fuels the plot of this film. The fight scenes were good and each of the characters share their own individual unique characteristics that added depth to the story. My favorite of course is Jensen (Chris Evans), the hacker. I think Chris Evans played this part well, most especially the elevator scene...THAT was unforgettable. Haha. He is also more buff now than the last time he played The Human Torch. The next one that I liked was Cougar (Oscar Jaeneda), the sniper in the group. You won't believe the shots that he pulled here, it was pure genius! Aisha, was cold, mysterious and intimidating. She held up her own up against a bunch of buffed and rowdy guys. Clay was reserved and brooding. He clearly commanded the loyalty of his men. He knows the strength of each of his men and he knows how to use them efficiently during missions.

The Losers The Losers

In my opinion, this movie gets 4 out of 5 stars. Even if you haven't read the comic or doesn't know that this movie was based from one, this movie is a must-see. Bring out a bag of popcorn and be prepared for a gripping ride full of action and delve into the world of money, deceit and good camaraderie fun. Thanks to Warner once again for a great movie.

The Losers opens today (April 23, 2010) in cinemas nationwide.

The Losers


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Get ready for a new nightmare

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nightmare_on_elm_street_movie_poster1 I grew up with the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and Freddy Krueger at that time was the scariest monster for me. On May 5, he's going to rule nightmares again. Warner Bros Philippines brings us the same old Freddy on  "A Nightmare on Elm Street".
Here’s a short preview on what the movie is about:
Nancy, Kris, Quentin, Jesse and Dean all live on Elm Street. At night, they’re all having the same dream—of the same man, wearing a tattered red and green striped sweater, a beaten fedora half-concealing a disfigured face and a gardener’s glove with knives for fingers. And they’re all hearing the same frightening voice…
One by one, he terrorizes them within the curved walls of their dreams, where the rules are his, and the only way out is to wake up.
But when one of their number dies a violent death, they soon realize that what happens in their dreams happens for real, and the only way to stay alive is to stay awake. Turning to each other, the four surviving friends try to uncover how they became part of this dark fairytale, hunted by this dark man. Functioning on little to no sleep, they struggle to understand why them, why now, and what their parents aren’t telling them.
Buried in their past is a debt that has just come due, and to save themselves, they will have to plunge themselves into the mind of the most twisted nightmare of all… Freddy Krueger.


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Photo explorations of the word “antique”

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Photo Credit: tibchris

3327457766_ca615284ae Photo Credit: tibchris

716479956_e720da3cda Photo Credit: Kıvanç Niş

3217701386_ae1e0be0d5 Photo Credit: geishaboy500

3224452874_1119e6feef Photo Credit: House Of Sims

2758631210_58ffc864ea Photo Credit: pmarkham

4164026195_705bb458fb Photo Credit: tibchris

IMG_0325 Photo Credit: chercabula

2881487010_cb3d6011e1 Photo Credit: Qole Pejorian


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Here Mom, let me style you up

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I was surfing through some fashion sites and I chanced upon Blair's online catalog. Noting the first thing I saw on their homepage was the large banner ad for a discount but clicking on the women's category of clothing brought me to a gallery of clothes most suited especially for moms and older women. Now don't take that as a bad thing, I actually saw some really good pieces there that might be worth looking at to change or mix up mom's wardrobe.

top For instance, my mom is always complaining that her arms are not toned enough for her to wear a blouse with no sleeves. Hence, her blouses are almost always long-sleeved or with just a quarter..always covering her arms. I found this blouse that I know she will like. It has the sleeves that she wants, the color is great plus it has great collar and sleeve details. It's simple yet elegant to look at. There's also a great selection on the catalog for sleeveless blouses and when I browsed through them, they weren't very revealing and they still exuded class and sophistication, just perfect for their age bracket.

bathing suit bathing suit 2

Now that summer is here, moms are also squeamish at wearing bathing suits at the beach because they say there are only few style selections available for them plus there's always a chance that it wasn't good to look at for their body type. I found these on the site as well. These bathing suits are not overly loud or too sexy. They are also designed to hide a not so flat tummy or waist bulges that moms are so self-conscious to hide. See? Mom can't go wrong here.

raincoats 2 Come rainy season and that's another thing. Browsing through the women's raincoats section and I found great pieces as well. That trench coat is to die for. I absolutely love it. Moms should remember that these were designed for their average body type and not in men's sizes so they wouldn't have to worry about it being too bulky or overly-sized. Who says that mom's cannot be fashionable even when it rains?

Blair is an overall good site with a good catalog line, the only thing I noticed was their selections were limited. The ones on the site now were great but I think they could do away with more, that way there will be more variety for their customers to choose from.


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Be a proud Aspin owner

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This year, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) wants you to look at "Bantay" in a different light. Philippine native dogs shouldn't be treated differently from purebred dogs, most especially when they live in the same house. On Saturday, April 24, 2010 make sure to drop by the Eastwood Central Plaza and register your aspin to the PAWS Aspin Club. The said club is open to all native and mixed-breed dogs who are friendly to both humans and other dogs. The annual membership fee for the club is Php 250.00, this will go to the PAWS Animal Shelter fund currently taking care of neglected and rescued aspins. Make sure that your dog is leashed at all times and properly vaccinated. Owners will be required to show the papers during registration. Registration starts at 3pm.

Special guest to the event will be celebrity volunteer and proud aspin owner, Heart Evangelista. PAWS also has a line up of activities which starts at 4 pm. These include, a pet portrait area, a doggie treat cooking lesson and an agility course demonstration and freebies for owners who will register their dogs on the said day.


For inquiries, please email

The PAWS Aspin Club launch is made possible through the generous support of Eastwood City, Alpo, Pet Express, McDonald’s, Frontline Plus, Pooch Park,, Magic 89.9 and The Philippine Star Pet Life Section.


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Why I loved Tim Burton's Alice

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AW_Title w-Disney_w The moment I walked out of the cinema doors after the premiere of Alice in Wonderland, I had one lasting impression about the movie. Tim Burton added his own personal dark signature on a well-known children's fairytale originally by Lewis Carroll and I loved it. The darkness of the film did get quite a few negative feedbacks with one of them indicating that some parents had to bring their kids out of the cinemas because they got too scared. But still, you've got to admit that what Tim Burton did here was make the Lewis Carroll's fairytale come alive. And when you think about it, Alice in Wonderland as described by Carroll, was every bit as weird and strange and as dark as Tim Burton interpreted it.

The World of Underland

tim-burton-alice-in-wonderland Burton's version of Wonderland, is now called "Underland" and is a designed landscape which reminded me so much of a Victorian whimsical world. It is eclectic, fun, brightly-colored and full of the promise of a fantasy world. I think this is the major factor which lured me into the movie. The moment Alice emerged from the room after falling down the rabbit hole, and I got a view of the landscape, I was hooked.

Unforgettable characters

tim-burton-alice-and-wonderland-johnny-deep-mad-hatter-queen-hearts-01 The Red Queen - I absolutely loved Helena Bonham Carter here! From the white face makeup with the puckered lips the big head. I loved everything about her. She was menacing and funny without intending to be funny.

The Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp did an awesome job too of course. He portrayed Mad Hatter as cynical and as disillusioned as can be. Although, we got a glimpse on the reason behind this and at some point we come to an understanding as to why he became what he is.

090622-05-tim_burton-alice_in_wonderland Them together with Alice, The Fat boys, the chesire cat, the White Queen and all the other characters in the movie painted a world that was entirely different and unique. Each of them brought something to the story to make Underland believable as a fantasy world and Burton did a great job to make the audience sympathetic to the plight of ridding Underland of the reign of the Red Queen.

I like the part when Alice mentioned 6 impossible things she like to think about before breakfast. This gave her motivation, hmmm maybe I could make a post about that too.

alice-in-wonderland-trailer When I left the theatre I wanted more, I was wishing for a sequel even. I couldn't get enough. Let's hope Tim Burton makes more movies like this, movies that clearly define him as a master of his craft.


Some memorable quotes from the movie:

The Mad Hatter: There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am.

The Mad Hatter: Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

The Red Queen: Off with their heads!

Alice Kingsley: Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Here are some related posts I made in anticipation of the movie:

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Halloween Fashion


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Getting inspired by iBlog6

Sunday, April 18, 2010 3 Comments

IMG_0137 I veered away from my usual Saturday activities to attend "iBlog6: The 6th Philippine Blogging Summit" at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law in Diliman, QC. This was my first iBlog. I was there early, 8am sharp and I was ready with my laptop to take notes and my camera to take photos. Because I had work I missed the first day of iBlog last Friday but I was determined not to miss anything on the second day.

IMG_0021 The second day was filled with a good lineup of speakers and blog-related topics and I learned a lot by listening to their personal experiences and watching their presentation slides. I especially loved the talk that Vince Golangco of When in Manila delivered about video blogging. He talked about how we should never lack the confidence to create our own videos and share it with other people. Never fear the negative feedback. His presentation was very lively and he had all our attention. He also showed us ways on how video blogging can become an alternative format to the conventional way of blogging and how it can be explored in a whole lot of ways to create new forms of advertising and self-expression. After he was done, I'm sure many people in that room would now give video blogging another look.IMG_0078

Jinoe Gavan also gave us an interesting insight on how to launch blog contests and how we can take it further than the contest period. Hannah Villasis related how online journaling gave way to her passion for blogging which is what fuelled my interest firsthand before too. Juned Sunido impressed us with the different kinds of cameras he brought while introducing to us the world of Photoblogging. Marhgil Macuha taught us some SEO techniques on how to monetize our blogs. Marck Ronald Rimorin and Noemi Dado opened our eyes with the gravity and sense of responsibility involving political blogging.

IMG_0102 Perhaps the highlight of the day was when Mr. Joseph Gonzales gave his talk about the Impact of Blogging to the Community. He is the author of the blog Batang Baler and he mostly writes about what's happening in his hometown in Aurora. He recounted how he used to go to Manila just to update his blog back in 2001 because Baler still had no internet at that time (this was met by a round of applause from the audience). He also mentioned how his blog became a helpful platform to send out a cry for help when Aurora was slammed by four consecutive typhoons. His posts also paved the way for some of the local artists in his area to be known nationwide. When he spoke, he sounded so humble and so earnest and you can really feel his devotedness to offer help and service to his community. He immediately gained my admiration and respect.


Thanks Iris for this photo! :)

At the end of the day, I made new friends, I got a renewed inspiration to blog and I bonded with my old blogger friends. This was one Saturday I won't soon forget and I can't wait for next year's iBlog. I'm looking forward to learning new things and to know more about the blogger community here in the Philippines. To the team who organized iBlog6, "well done!"

24753_1434424902186_1279838148_31209310_8093918_n Can you find me in the picture? ^___^ Photo Credit: Mr. Peter Baltazar


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