Rugs: Dress up your Floors

By Cher Cabula - Sunday, October 31, 2010

At work, when designing for residential interiors particularly the living room/area, I have to give a moment's thought into what specific accessories fit a certain kind of design style. One thing that's often overlooked is the floor treatment. Somehow a living room or a bedroom doesn't seem complete without area rugs. The bare tile floor or even wood planks would look prettier and more finished with an area rug sprawled on it.

What is an area rug by the way? Most people have it confused with carpet floors. An area rug just covers a portion of your floor space, often right within a seating arrangement or in bedrooms, they are often placed at the foot of the bed. Personally, I don’t go for animal skin rugs, real of faux. Square, rectangular, circular, oval or custom-shaped will do.

Most designers make the safe bet and go for something plain, solid-colored and something that would blend well and most likely go unnoticed. But I think, rugs can make a very profound style statement. Think about this for a moment, imagine an all-white or neutrally-colored living room with no distinct color accents. It would have looked pristine and immaculately clean.

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My picks

But for me, I would love to have some color splashed into that space. An area rug could do just that. Some people think that area rugs are expensive. So the next option, if you're on a tight budget would be discount rugs. The Area Rugs Now website offers a whole range of rugs that you can totally dress up your floors with. The site has a simple interface enough where you can browse rugs upon rugs to your heart's content. Just on the initial search and I've already found a few that would be perfect for a contemporary home.

For your rug design needs, don't hesitate to browse the site now.

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