Photo Explorations on the word “Dance”

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1163757966_f9059e3294 Photo Credit: PaulS

2207522799_00788bc623 Photo Credit: Andrew Baron

289028908_8d28e9996cPhoto Credit: Randy Son of Robert 2297956571_a618f0ea92 Photo Credit: LaMedrilena

3740625329_d0c64786f0 Photo Credit: Stevendepolo

4050180051_9cffc0f4d8 Photo Credit: Haags Uitburo

4399672160_f20facf669 Photo Credit: tibchris

4399672254_5396395257 Photo Credit: tibchris


Photo Credit: Nuno Duarte


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My Holy Week To-do List

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Reflect! Reflect!
Because it's the Holy Week after all, it's not just a time off of work and for vacations but also a time of penance and the observance of religious traditions. Some people tend to forget why we’re taking a break off our busy daily lives during the Holy Week and I don’t want to be one of them.

2597109669_d8b0b519e9Blog Makeover.
My Creating Spaces blog still needs some re-coding and re-vamping. Some images are not loading from the template and I haven't really figured out where the problem was stemming from. I must admit that I've not been actively blogging on it even though I've already bought a domain. So here’s another try at fixing it and maybe allotting more time to work on getting more quality posts done.

Pending Blogposts.
Too many writing tasks are keeping me blog clogged so I'm hoping to get them done too over the break. I’ve counted over 80 so far. @-@ Although it might seem like a daunting task because of the sheer number of posts I have to write, I'm a bit excited to tick this off my checklist. It IS a bit of a challenge. And I’m looking forward to writing one afternoon away with a good cup of coffee.

n66514 Read.
My boss lent me a book titled "This Present Darkness" by Frank E. Peretti. She promised it's a good read, so I'm looking forward to finishing the book also during the break. To top it off, I still have the remainder of the Percy Jackson series to finish. I’m a fairly fast reader especially when the story is deeply engrossing so this should be a breeze.


Closet cleanup.
I know I've already done some cleaning last December but believe it or not, I have to clear out some space in my closet again. It's getting to be really quite a mess in there. Plus this time I'll also go through my shoe cabinet.

Time to clear out some precious hard disk space in both my desktop pc and laptop. Bye bye to long-forgotten files (movies, pictures, document junk, e-books), time to transfer to a new home. :)

Finish Dragon Age.
Stopped playing for about two months now and it's just one more area before the big game finale. This was given to me as a gift last November and I've been meaning to finish it to do a proper review. Since I can sleep very late during the break, woohoo looks like I can finally be able to sit this one down.


Whew, a lot to do and in just four days!!! Wish me luck!


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Krispy Kreme's Baked Creations

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Krispy Kreme introduces a new surprise for Filipino fans at their Ayala Avenue and Greenhills branches.

bakedcreations Bite into the freshly baked goodness of the Kruffins-- an American style hand made muffin, filled with rich and delicious fruits, nuts or chocolate... It's a muffin with a hole! Varieties include Double Chocolate, Apple Streussel, Blueberry and Classic Kruffin; and the Pull-Aparts - A North Carolina original. Hand-rolled balls of dough, pulled apart and laid to form a doughnut like sweet bread, filled with sweet or savory varieties and baked fresh to a melt in-your-mouth experience. Sweet and savory varieties include Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese and Cinnamon.



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The new Harry Potter theme park

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The Universal Studios in Orlando has now released some conceptual sketches and progress pictures of the Harry Potter theme park attraction that will be set to open to the public on June 18. Photos are courtesy of the Universal Studios site.


Awesome entrance to Hogwarts Castle.

download (1

The griffin guarding the entrance to Dumbledore’s office. I wonder if they’ll also have to say the password for the staircase to work.

download (2)   Dumbledore’s office as seen in the movies. They worked closely with the set designers from the movie in order to achieve the exact same look.

download (3) The “Dragon Challenge”, a high-speed rollercoaster ride inspired by the scene from the Triwizard tournament.

download (4  A family coaster called the “Flight of the Hippogriff”

download (5)  The village of Hogsmeade 

download (6)

The main feature in Ollivander’s Wand Shop is the simulated process on how a wand chooses the wizard aided by a hired actor and some special effects.

download (7) The Three Broomsticks and Hogshead are set to serve Butterbeer and pumpkin juice. download (8) Kids can frolic inside the candy store, Honeydukes which will sell treats like Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans, both of which are very popular in the Harry Potter books.

download (9)  The actual photo of the Hogwarts Castle in construction


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Pet Society gets a revamp

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When Pet Society was released as a game on Facebook, I was the first ones who got so hooked with playing it. My pet's house was fully furnished and my pet well-dressed and accessorized. So after a while, since the developers weren't really offering anything new and exciting to the game anymore, I got a little bit bored with it and stopped playing.

I've only gotten around to playing it recently because I wanted to acquire petlings. I currently have 4, and I even bought a tiger with my money going to the WWF. It's a good thing that they've currently given the game a make-over because now it's gotten me opening it once in a while in Facebook again.

Here are the things I've noticed.

PS interface The flash screen is now noticeably wider. The tools and pet stats have been placed on the topmost part of the screen. Notice also the absence of the happiness and cleanliness bars. At the bottom, there are new icons for the map, clothes inventory, chest inventory and the camera function. Right towards the middle, a new bulletin board icon can be found there, this is where new releases and game announcements can be found. The room indicator has also been placed here the rightmost bottom corner. The friends tab has also been given a makeover. The pink and blue backgrounds signifies the gender of your friend’s pets. There’s also a bag of coins icon next to your friend’s pet avatar. This indicates if you’ve collected coins from that pet. One visit to each pet neighbor  now earns you 50 coins.

PS map The neighborhood map is now also more detailed and compressed into one view. At the middle is a new shop, the Market. They sell all sorts of toys, decorations and sometimes miscellaneous stuff.

PS visit Each time you visit a friend, the interaction menu has also been changed to this. The best option still to give a lot of XP is the hug option. After your pets interact with one another, a window screen will pop up, giving you the option to give your friend a gift. In my opinion, this is the only part of the revamp that gets really annoying, because it pops up for every pet I visit.

PS inventory The inventory chest is now more organized, which is particularly helpful when you’re looking for something among a lot of accumulated purchases. You might also notice the drop down menu of tools on the topmost right portion of the screen. There’s even an option to play fullscreen.

PS clothes The clothes chest is also organized into categories, which makes dressing up your pet a lot more easier.

PS books The books tab contains the tutorials, the cookbook (yes you can now cook meals in Pet Society, although I haven’t really explored that option of the game that much) and the sticker album. You can give your friends stickers as a gift and when they send you one back, this is where you’ll put them.


As with anything new, this revamp was greeted at first with a lot of negative feedbacks from the users. Most of them always complain when they deviate from the usual routine that they’ve had for so long. In my case though, I liked it. It was a worthy revamp and one that might keep me playing for a long time.


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Finally, a whole new look :)

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As you may have noticed, my blog now has a new look. I’ve finally found a suitable new template for it. I tweaked and customized the blog header a bit and restyled the blog title. I’m loving it so far. How about you? What do you think?


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Endless creativity in Recycled Art

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Art really is the most versatile form of creativity. Artists all over the world have found really creative ways and material mediums to create breath taking pieces of art even from the most mundane of objects. The art pieces are of course, a clear statement for the Green campaign in saving Mother Earth. Examples of these Eco-Art are as follows:

Caught in Motion

These sculptures are made by Sayaka Ganz from discarded spoons, forks and various metal objects which would have been otherwise thrown in the garbage for compacting. His art often deficts animals posed in suspended action, some are flying, running or poised for jumping.

sayak-ganz-garbage-sculptures-5 sayak-ganz-garbage-sculptures-3 sayak-ganz-garbage-sculptures-1 sayak-ganz-garbage-sculptures-7 The rest of Ganz’s work can be viewed HERE.

Cardboard cut-outs

Chris Gilmour’s main medium are cartons and boxes used for packaging and are usually adorned with colorful logos and graphics. His art pieces doesn’t use any other fancy components just plain cardboard and glue. Most of his art however depict vehicles, engines and an occasional building with an implied satire and humor.

gilmour_4 gilmour_1gilmour_2

Trash Robots Invasion

The virtual trash robots of Brandon Jan Blommaert are created from random trash objects which are then photographed and superimposed on a landscape background via a photo-editing software. The trash robots have a sci-fi like fantasy feel to it and according to the artist, has been inspired by Godzilla.

robot recycledrobot1recycledrobot4 

In flight

Paul Villinski’s butterflies are cut outs from discarded beer cans, painted for uniformity and arranged in butterfly form.


Small units to make a whole

Kris Kukski’s art pieces are bordering on the gaudy and gothic side. His works are composed mainly of old toy miniatures pieced together to form one big amazing piece of art. The beauty of his pieces are on the tiny details when you look at it closely and as a whole when you look at it from afar. It’s like seeing two different forms of art merged into one.

toy-sculptures-ed02  toysculptures-ed03 sculpture5sculpture3


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Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

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For a mythology nut like me, I couldn't wait to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer. I've been eyeing the books for a long time and I couldn't get it here locally not until several weeks from the movie's release. Well I wasn't able to read the book first before I saw the film, and for a book adaptation this is a good thing. I found out though after I watched the movie that they released a special print version of the movie on paperback. So suffice to say, this movie wasn't a true adaptation of the original series. They've changed the title as well for the movie, omitting "The Olympians" from the series title.

Some people also noted similarities to the Harry Potter series. Well there were only a few them. One, they're both fantasy films, with a little merging of the modern world with fantasy elements. Both films are directed by Christopher Columbus, well at least for HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone anyway. There are three main characters in Harry Potter namely Harry, Hermione and Ron. This goes the same for Percy Jackson, the three heroes here are Percy, Annabeth and Grover. Dumbledore's counterpart takes in the form of a centaur named Chiron (Pierce Brosnan). The comparisons end here however and in my opinion the Percy Jackson series can stand well on it's own against the famous Harry Potter.

What the movie is about
The entire modern world is about to get caught in a civil war among the Gods of Olympus because Zeus' master bolt was stolen. They dubbed Percy Jackson, a demi-god who didn't know that he was the son of Poseidon, as the lightning thief. In order to save the world and to save his mother, Percy embarked on a quest with his friends towards the realm of Hades, the Underworld.

Meet the Heroes
percy_jackson_03 Two of the main characters in the film are children of the Gods of Olympus. They are called demi-gods, carrying half the blood of humans and half that of a god. Percy (Logan Lerman) is the son of Poseidon while Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) is the daughter of Athena. Grover (Brandon Jackson) on the otherhand is a satyr. Percy was portrayed as a reluctant hero who was also a cast-out diagnosed with ADHD in his former school. Annabeth is the strong-willed warrior who possesses a battle prowess rivalling most boys in the camp that they trained in. Of the three, humor was provided by Grover's character. All the actors who played the main characters in the movie are newcomers and it was the actor who played Grover who probably stole the limelight at some points.

Treasure Hunts & Battle Scenes
What made the film interesting was the National-treasure like quest integrated into the plot. From the moment Percy took on the quest to save his mother and to find Zeus' missing lightning bolt, it was nonstop action from there on. It was interesting to see how they related famous myths with places in the modern world. They encountered several monsters on their quest including Medusa and a Hydra. The Medusa was played by the amazing Uma Thurman and she did a good job with this of course. While the monster scenes were exciting, I found the fight scenes too choreographed and badly executed. They could have done with more practice. It certainly could pass for something believable but for someone who has seen better in other fantasy films, they were just too mediocre.
percyjacksonpic2 Percy_Jackson_and_the_Olympians_The_Lightning_Thief-Main-Logan_Lerman-Pierce_Brosnan-Uma_Thurman-Sean_Bean-Kevin_McKidd-Rosario_Dawson-Steve_CooganIn conclusion, I recommend this movie for anyone who wants an entertaining ride and most especially for those interested in mythology. I'm looking forward to the sequels if they are on course to make one although there have been rumors that the actors have signed up for a trilogy of the series. Who knows?


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Blog clogs and random thoughts

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We're already approaching the end of March and I'm still swamped with pending blog posts, "blog clogged" I believe is the proper term. So much has happened to my personal life in the past months and I must admit it sent me on a whirlwind. It's still taking some time for me to get back my spunk and my writing flair back but I'm working on it. I'm hoping to bounce back really soon because as someone re-assured me once, "the darkest is over." I want to look forward to happier times from now on. Sorry if I'm being vague about it, I just don't want to elaborate more lest it sparks more unwanted rumors and controversy.


A friend posted a link to an article back when I was really active in plurk. On a whim, I clicked on it, well mostly for the reason that everyone was commenting on it. That blog article, now that I’m remembering it is now an eye opener for me but at that time, it didn't really mean that much. It was basically about why nice guys are becoming very rare nowadays. The reason why there are just so many few guys left is because, girls do terrible things to them, making them retaliate and act not in accordance to their nature to compensate on being rejected blatantly so. I thought well that article is just something to soothe the male ego. Well that is until I found myself on a similar situation. Now I know why good girls go bad. (sounds like Rihanna's album doesn't it) It's the same for us girls too.

I resisted the temptation by the way. I'm still nice. :-P


I'm thinking over a blog revamp very soon and I know it's long overdue. I hope to get it done really soon. It's just a chore to be re-working on the codes and such. I'd probably take advantage of the coming holidays to do just that and catch up finally on my blog clogs.

Until then, I apologize for the very few updates.


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In your support

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I got this message in my FB today from my friend Eric Bordeos, who has recently come out as someone diagnosed as HIV+. I met Eric during the Philips Go Gear event about a year ago at Bonifacio High Street. When I heard about his condition, I was filled with admiration about how he has made it his advocacy to help spread awareness not only of the disease itself but also as a boost of morale and hope to the other people also suffering the same condition who are probably too scared to admit their sickness to everyone.

Well, the content of the message was that someone was spreading nasty rumors about him even to the point of improperly labelling him to the stereotype of an "ADDICT". He named the people spreading the rumors against him as Barrio Siete and Reyna Elena. I can only assume that these are internet aliases.

Eric wrote a blogpost as a reaction to these. You can read it HERE.

It's just saddening that misunderstanding of the sickness can lead other people to discriminate. Sometimes the world we live in can really have a twisted face.

*I tried to access the sites where the cyber bullying posts were up but to my dismay, conveniently they’re under maintenance mode.*


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How to tell the age of your dog

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I’ve always thought that a dog’s years was how old it was in our calendar years multiplied by 7 but that was where I was wrong. I saw this chart today while browsing and to my surprise, dog years cannot simply be counted like how ours do, after the first two years, the ratio slows down as illustrated in the chart and it is different with each breed size.

dogages So for example, my husky of two years is actually 24 years old in dog years while my beagle of three years is 29 in dog years.

Photo credit:


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