Lady Bloggers Blog Hop Batch 1

By Cher Cabula - Friday, April 22, 2011

It’s a privilege that I get to bloghop several blogs from fellow Lady Bloggers and while browsing through them, I thought to write about a particular post that happened to catch my interest.

Lion Girl Blog

Lion Girl Blog  Earth Day 2011 Today is April 22, 2011 and not only is it Good Friday but it’s also Earth Day. When I visited Lion Girl’s Blog, this post is what caught my eye. She wrote about her car’s airconditioner breaking down and seeing a convertible alongside the road in the sweltering heat. The Philippines share the same kind of tropical weather as Malaysia and I wonder myself everytime I see a driver in a convertible car braving the heat. It’s not only hot here, it’s also humid as well. True recent technological advances and our ever changing lifestyles may contribute to the earth’s demise. Even as simple an act as drinking coffee. Still, at least now we can see signs of a green revolution everywhere. People are more conscious with what they do with the environment. We may not be able to reverse the damage that’s already done, but at least now we’re more aware and we’re doing our parts.

NC Sue’s Blog

IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING Reading up on her post about Good Friday voiced out my observations on this day too. It’s declared a non-working holiday in my country and most establishments are closed. People are expected to observe this day as a solemn day to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save us from our sins and yet people are frolicking away on beach vacations. Most have booked themselves on out of town or out of the country trips. Obviously, this day is not as sacred anymore as it had been before. I hope that while they’re out there enjoying themselves, they still take time to take a moment and recognize this day.

Perfect Parties

Kid s Birthday Party Ideas  Plan the Perfect Party The Cat in the Hat Cake was described as a masterpiece and looking at the photos in the blogpost, I can’t help but agree. I can appreciate a great cake design especially when the designers take time to make it every bit as attractive and as unique as possible. All the while I’m also wishing that I can make a masterpiece just like that.

Teaching Tiny-tots

Teaching Tiny Tots Blog I have the same weakness for cupcakes as I do with cakes. Now I happen to notice the post about the Easter Bunny Cupcakes and just one look at them made my mouth water.

Writing with Debra

Day18 Blogging from A-Z Challenge  R is for Reading   Writing with Debra

I love blogging memes and challenges. This A-Z challenge caught my eye and the post just happened to be on the letter “R”. I’m assuming that this is an alphabet meme. I agree that when you read books a lot, you get inspired to write. The authors you read the most influence your writing style. I’m amused that she’s collected so many books for her grandson, he’s lucky to be exposed to the wonderful world of reading at such an early age.

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Stay tuned for the next line of blogs in the series. :)

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