Movie Review: Safehouse

By Cher Cabula - Monday, February 13, 2012


There are only perhaps a handful of movies that I’ve seen where Ryan Reynold’s character isn’t the one providing humorous quips and crazy antics, Safehouse is one of them. I think part of Ryan Reynold’s charm on-screen is the sense of humor and comedic timing that comes effortlessly from him so it commands attention when he’s doing more serious roles. In Safehouse, he played a CIA rookie who’s yet to experience life in the field and in my opinion he acted the part out just like that. While acting opposite Denzel Washington’s character who’s every bit as notorious, calm and collected as a rogue CIA agent, Reynolds was awkward, nervous and impulsive. Opposite traits that played off well on the big screen.

is a movie about how Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), a long-time rogue CIA agent suddenly turns himself in after being chased to a corner by yet unknown assassins. When the CIA placed him in a safehouse in which Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) was taking care of, the same assassins attempted to kidnap him. Forced to perform his duty and an unknowing grant to his wish to be in the field, Weston must secure Frost to another CIA safehouse. The rookie must now be tested amongst car chases and gun fights in order to protect Frost. However, the CIA has darker secrets and Weston finds out why Frost has chosen the life of a rogue agent.

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The story is not very original. It plays off the same mentor-trains-rookie-to-be-better-than-the-mentor bit. What I like about it though is that we as the viewers gradually find out the story behind Frost’s betrayal just as Weston begins to prove himself on the field. Now is the movie worth watching? Well, there are a lot of action and fight scenes to keep one awake and entertained. In my opinion though, they were a bit tiring to watch. While some movies have flawlessly choreographed fight scenes, in this movie though, it had a raw feel to it. At some point it made the fights realistic. I also noticed that while Ryan Reynolds was the star of the film, Denzel (being more veteran in the field of acting) still stole the show. He was menacing and maniacal which was perfect for his character.


Safehouse is currently showing in cinemas nationwide. If you’re not in the mood to be lovey-dovey this week, you can keep yourself entertained by seeing this film. Bring in your favorite flavor of popcorn and drink when you see it.


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