The Walking Dead is back

By Cher Cabula - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning: Might contain some spoilers

After the long wait during the season break, the Walking Dead is finally back and we get to see what happens next. When it left off months ago, there was a massacre of zombies at the barn in Hershel’s land. It is also when the mystery of Sophia was solved. After several episodes of unsuccessful searches, it was finally over. The ending was emotional and very fitting for the season break. It wasn’t a cliff-hanger and yet it left me with loads of questions about what happens next.

Would Hershel finally kick them out of his farm after this incident?
Shane is becoming more and more of the bad guy in the group, will the writers expound on this story angle more?
What will happen now that Rick knows about Shane and Lorie? Will the rest of the group find out?

Well, after having watched the Nebraska episode, I’m a bit underwhelmed with the series’ return. There wasn’t much of zombie action that I know most viewers have probably been clamoring about for several months now. Although, this episode set in motion several plot points that I think will carry on for the rest of the show.

While I feel sympathy over the ordeal and shock that Hershel and his family went through after the zombie shootout, it’s all well and good that he now realizes the truth.


They buried their dead. At least there was still some decency amongst them despite what had just happened. As for me though, I kept expecting the zombies to wake up and bite them while they were putting the bodies in their graves.


The bar scene was a tad too long for me. However, a good thing came out of this too. I don’t want to give out too much from what happened here but we now see a different facet of Rick’s personality. So maybe Hershel will let them stay in the farm now?


Shane’s character is really not well-liked at the moment. I don’t like that they’ve made him the bad guy. It feels like he’s the type of hot head that could explode any moment.


Let’s hope the zombies are back next episode. I now have several theories on what will happen next, let’s see in the coming episodes if they’re correct.

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