Signs that it’s time to quit your job

By Cher Cabula - Saturday, March 31, 2012

About the same time last year, my life was going through some very drastic changes. One of the reasons was that I had quit my job of more than 2 years and was preparing for a new one. Quitting your job involves much thought and one that shouldn’t be acted on impulsively (unless you deem it necessary). If you’ve done so, then it’s time to put in a course of action. However if you’re undecided, I’ve compiled  some reasons here that might make you see things clearly.



You look forward going to work less and less.

We all experience a case of the Monday blues every once in a while but if at your present job, you go through this for all the days of the week then think it over. For some, the 8 hours of the day that they spend at work are considered to be enjoyable. These are the people that are happy with their job. If you’re extremely unhappy, your heart is really not into your work and work begins to feel more tedious by the day. Don’t confuse it with being burned out too. A burnout is cured by a weekend or a week vacation. If not, then maybe it’s time to look for other career options.



You end up clock-watching the entire day.

Instead of being productive, this is instead what you do. No matter how much work gets piled up, you just can’t wait to get out of there at the end of the day. Another case maybe is that you end up browsing the internet the whole day instead. As for me, at that time I felt that blogging the day away was more productive than actually doing work that I didn’t like anymore.



You don’t like who you’re working for.

Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Andy strove hard to become good with her job but when she saw what a horrible person her boss is, she walked out. Same thing, if you don’t like your boss, chances are that you wouldn’t have any loyalty to the company or to the job. When you don’t, it’s likely that you’re not doing work at your 100%. Some might argue that you don’t really have to like your boss but if it becomes a case of you not liking your job anymore (which was your passion before) because of your boss (as it was with me), then it’s high time to start looking for the job that you’ll love.


You end up doing things that are not on your job description.

This is a real no-no which I learned the hard way. I don’t have the heart in me to say “no” to a boss, I mean who wouldn’t right? I think it’s an abuse of their position if they put you in a position like that. Of course you’ll worry that if you say no then your job performance rating might be on the line. This shouldn’t be the case though, when the task isn’t in any way connected to your job description, you should have the right to refuse.


There’s no career growth.

For me, I look at the real world as a place where you can constantly learn. This also applies in the workplace. More especially so since it can be a place where you can improve your skills and learn new ones. However, if at your current job you find out that there’s really nowhere to go career wise in the future, then think twice about being there. If it’s stagnant, the company doesn’t really have a good plan for its employees.




Quitting your job does involve some form of courage and a sense of responsibility too. You don’t just simply get up and leave when you don’t have a plan. Look into  your finances and see if you can risk being out of work for several months. Check out the job market too for potential candidates. Take time to update your resume and portfolio too. Oh and one more thing, if you’ve nodded at all the things I’ve listed above and is about to make a hard decision, I’m sending out my good luck wishes to you. I’ll tell you one thing though, quitting worked out well for me. Now I’m very very happy with my new job.

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