Awesome Dragon Cake

By Cher Cabula - Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We’re almost halfway through November and what I’m looking forward to next month is seeing the first part of the movie The Hobbit. I’d love to be transported back into Middle Earth again. I’ve also done a marathon of all the three Lord of the Rings movies last month. The Hobbit gets me thinking about Smaug which I think we’ll only get to see during the last installment of the movie. On the subject of dragons though, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a dragon cake?

This White Dragon Cake for instance was just too elegant and too pretty to eat. Kudos to the baker and cake artist who did this. What a fine job! Sadly though, I couldn’t trace anymore who to give it credit to. So if you have information where and who baked this awesome cake, do let me know.

via Neatorama

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