An Intimate and Relaxing Dinner at Café 1771

By Cher Cabula - Thursday, January 03, 2013

For my birthday a few months ago, I chose to celebrate it with a special dinner at a nice and charming restaurant at El Pueblo in Ortigas. The place is called Café 1771. I believe that it is one of El Pueblo’s most treasured haven for foodies.

Entering Café 1771 alone is such a delight to the eyes. The interiors are visually appealing, blending elements of modern country chic with neo-Victorian styled furniture pieces. Part of the charm of the interior are the informal chairs that were upholstered in fabrics bearing the color accents of turquoise, fuschia and sea green. The effect isn’t cluttered, instead each seating stands on its own. Each providing its own cozy cove in the already relaxing space.

I used a mild Lomo filter here for my camera and the interior appears more yellow than usual but take note of the bright splashes of color.

See what I mean by unique sets of seating? Here’s one that’s great for catching up with a friend over delish-tasting cake and coffee.
Here’s a view of the bar which houses the desserts for the café. Take note that the only splashes of color can only be seen in the furniture pieces and the walls. 
I also love that the walls are adorned with books, albeit only decorative ones but it makes a bookworm like me feel most especially at home. The added touches of birds and foliage also complete the look.
Dining here feels very much being in the comfort of your own home.
The birds and the “LOVE” word cutouts add a whimsical feel to the interior design of Café 1771.
Here’s another seating that features mis-matched furniture pieces. Normally these go against design principles but because of the other design elements at work in this interior space, they go well.
For larger groups, this kind of seating is available too. The round table makes for a large tabletop to share food from which makes the dining experience more fun and pleasurable.
We were served by very polite and friendly waiters. We didn’t have to wait long for our food to be served. 
Pig Ear’s Pepperoncino Php250
The first thing that you’ll notice with this dish is the strong smell. That’s because the pig’s ear were sautéed with lots of garlic and then drizzled with chili flakes.

Raclette Php 330
I actually loved this appetizer. Be careful of the hot plate. The best way to enjoy this is to eat the melted Raclette cheese with crunchy bread.
Organic Chicken with Potato Crust
Left with only just the most tender and succulent parts of the chicken, this dish tasted very good. It’s much too big to be shared by two people though. The meat was surprisingly very soft and the crisp from the potato chips very much complimented it.
Lacquered Salmon Php 680
I’m a huge fan of salmon and this is seriously one of the best dishes that I’ve tasted. The serving again is more than just for one person. The salmon was evenly seasoned and was still very much moist.
We ate the main dishes with much gusto with a side of rice.

Rose Noire Php 250
The most enjoyable part of the meal was getting to eat the dessert. As soon as I put a spoonful in my mouth, I made a very audible “mmmm” sound. This slice of cake was just like heaven. Think Ferrero Rocher Chocolate but in cake form. It’s THAT good!

My tummy was officially happy when we left the restaurant. Cafe 1771 capped off my birthday in a great way. The food, the interiors and the entire dining experience was something worth definitely coming back to.

Café 1771
El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas Ave.
Ugong Pasig

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