Meet the Characters in the Movie, Oz the Great and Powerful

By Cher Cabula - Monday, February 11, 2013

Come March 7, we'll be able to finally see Sam Raimi's re-imagination of Oz, in the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. This is easily one of the most anticipated movies this year and has been met with positive excitement since the release of its first few trailers last year. Come and meet the wonderful characters that we'll get to see in the upcoming film.

Oscar Diggs (James Franco)
A small town magician who has much to prove when he was looked up upon by the citizens of Oz as their savior. His dubious ethics and charisma enables him to smooth-talk his way out of most problems. However, he is forced to do what is right when Oz is faced with a menacing danger.

Frank (Zach Braff)
Digg's right-hand man, assistant and only friend. He serves as a costume mender for Oscar's magic acts and is also his treasurer.
Theodora (Mila Kunis)
One of the three witches in the land blessed by beauty but is a bit naïve. She wants peace for the land of Oz and has high hopes that the wizard is what the land needs for order.
Finley (Voiced by Zach Braff)
A constant companion of Diggs but doesn't have a high opinion of him. This winged monkey eventually helps Diggs discover his true self and becomes a loyal ally.
Evanora (Rachel Weisz)
A very powerful witch who is feared in all the land. She is over-protective of her sister Theodora. She also appointed herself as the royal advisor and protector of Emerald City.
Glinda (Michelle Williams)
Glinda is a good witch who is the protector of the simple and kind folk. She see's through Oscar Digg's façade but keeps the faith that he'll become the great man that he is prophesied to be. She helps Oscar achieve his destiny.
China Girl (Voiced by Joey King)
She came from China Town where everything and all its inhabitants are made from China. When her land becomes destroyed, she took on upon herself the responsibility to redeem her people and struck an alliance with the wizard of Oz.
Knuck (Tony Cox)
Knuck is the herald of Emerald City and announces all visitors. He is loyal to Glinda despite being a dour, unsmiling munchkin.
They are the uniformed guards of Emerald City under the command of Evanora. They are 8-foot tall and is almost always seen with a long spear.

They are made up of simple folk who are mostly farmers and are the inhabitants of Glinda's kingdom.
These are another group of dwellers in Glinda's kingdom made up on tall, thin old men with white beards and elfish ears. They are master builders.

These are the little happy people who loves to sing and make pretty clothes. They are fiercely loyal to Glinda and does their best to help her when she needs them.

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