Kuse: The Home of Delicious Filipino Food

By Cher Cabula - Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last weekend, I was eager to come back to Kuse and have my fill of traditional Filipino Food. The first branch of Kuse that was opened was at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill and that’s where we went to. The restaurant is part of the Chef’s Quarter Group of Restaurants and takes its name as a derivative of the Tagalog word for cook – kusinero. Kuse is proud to serve all-time Filipino food favorites and it’s very hard to choose just one.
The interiors of Kuse is a mix of tropical and modern design. The walls are mostly kept white with a lot of wood and green accents.
The seating layout are mostly grouped into four and the chairs made of wicker. This tropical element ties in the Filipino element to the food Kuse caters.
I love that the modern elements in the restaurant are from the circular pierced panels and the gilded round mirrors on the walls.  There are also bamboo inspired accents at the far wall to dress up a plain wall.
The Food
Mini Ukoy with Visayan Sauce Php 180
As our appetizer, this started off the meal set perfectly. Unlike most ukoy’s you won’t need to worry about the occasional sting of a shrimp’s head because the shrimp is mashed up into the batter to make the little cakes.
Paco Salad sa Laguna with kesong Puti Php 195
My parents will love these very much. I’m lucky that I’m no stranger to this salad. The leaves didn’t taste bitter and was balanced out with the taste of the salted egg and kesong puti.
Adobong Kuhol sa Gata Php250
This immediately goes to my favorites list. I swear this tasted so good. If I had my way, I could finish the entire plate by myself.
Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas Php 395
Sinigang has always been a favorite among Filipinos and I love this guava variation. You can taste the guava at the first sip of the fish stock.
Garlic Dulong Rice Php 120
This was an instant favorite. This can even be already a meal in itself. One just couldn’t get enough of the crispy dulong that’s generously spread on top of the rice.
Inihaw na Bangus (600 grams) Php 295
A Filipino gathering wouldn’t be complete without  a plate of inihaw na bangus. The flesh of the fish was very tasty signifying that it was very fresh before it was cooked. It was also perfectly grilled.
Kare-kare Tagalog Php 450
What I love about Kare-kare is the peanut infused sauce. Kuse knows how to make this taste very good. The meat and veggies are also cooked to perfection too.
Pork Crispy Pata (1KL) Php 550
Last but not the least from the entrée’s is the Pork Crispy Pata. The skin is fried to a crisp and instead of the regular sweet onion soy dip, this has a sort of sweet and sour dip with it. The unusual pairing is a nice delightful twist.
Sapin-sapin Crème Brulee Php195
Normally sapin-sapin is a sticky dessert but the technique in this dish merges it with a crème brulee. The dessert has a very soft consistency and the layers can be recognizable once you dig into the dish.  kuse-traditional-filipino-food
Banana Langka in Filo (with Caramel Sauce) Php 95
I’ve never tried banana with caramel sauce before and this one is an instant hit for me. I can’t get over how good the caramel sauce tasted.

My favorites among the set are the Dulong rice, the Kare-kare, Pork Crispy Pata and the Banana Langka in Filo with caramel sauce. I hope I made your mouths water just by looking at the photos in this post. I will surely come back to Kuse to try out the rest of the dishes in the menu. I highly recommend Kuse to satisfy your Filipino food cravings and I guarantee you that you will come out of the restaurant with a full and satisfied stomach.
Kuse at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill 836-4969

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