Vietura: A New Reason to Visit Sofitel Manila

By Cher Cabula - Monday, March 04, 2013

Sofitel, a five-star luxury hotel in Manila, recently launched a one-of-a-kind aesthetics and wellness center to add among its world class wellness facilities. The said aesthetic institute is called Vietura. The name comes from the union of the French word "Vie" for life and the Latin word "tura" which means natural. The main objective of the facility is to provide services that offer 100% non-invasive and non-surgical procedures.
Each treatment is tailor-fit for one's lifestyle and coupled with the hotel's resort-like ambiance, the holistic experience is one said to be of utmost care and comfort.


As soon as you step inside Vietura, you'll be welcomed by a sense of calm and freshness, owing probably to the lush greenery providing the backdrop of the reception counter where you'll be greeted by the friendly staff.

You'll love the bubble lighting giving a modern flair into the space. It is somewhat reminiscent of dewdrops found among leaves during the wee hours of the morning.
The reception area is accentuated further by a large mirror and console fronting the reception counter. The nice touches of decor gave the whole space a homey and welcoming feel.
Inside the wellness center are narrow hallways with treatment rooms on the side framed by wood arched doorways.
The combination of wood and glass give the hallway a modern look but is softened by the warm ambient light.
Each treatment room has a very minimalistic design but has a relaxing ambiance. Each one has its own lush green plantscaping to lend a zen-like feel to the room.
If I can sum up with one word describing the waiting area inside Vietura, I can only think of one - "comfort". Due to the lack of visible windows inside the facility, the same wall plantscaping is repeated here. Somehow it is effective in giving the illusion of being one with nature.
The room is complete with plush seating and a TV to keep visitors comfortable and entertained. I think one wouldn't mind waiting here.
The plantscaping in the treatment rooms, reception and waiting area are all made up of living plants. Each has its own timer and schedule for watering. To cater to customers who value their privacy, Vietura also gives importance to anonymity.

A variety of treatments available in Vietura makes this the perfect place to rejuvenate.
  • Weight Management Coaching
  • Diet Plan
  • Resonax
  • Ultralipo
  • HCG Fat Moblizer
  • Lipocryo
  • Mesotherapy
  • Ultra Slim Tight
  • Slimming Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Kinesis Personal Training Programme
Avail of the special detox programme available at Vietura through intensive cleansing via the Hydro Colonics program along with a range of treatments at a rate set at Php 25,000 (valued at Php 40,000). Students get a special treat with an additional 10% off the Glutathione and Vitamin C IV treatment when availed through the Skin Program.

For inquiries, call Vietura at 551-5555 ext 1656, 1657 and 1658 or email

Visit the official page of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila and Vietura for more information.
Follow Sofitel Manila on Twitter for the latest news and event updates.

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