Top 15 Hay Day Tips and Tricks

By Cher Cabula - Wednesday, December 25, 2013

As mentioned in my catch-up post, I’ve compiled my very own list of tips and tricks for Hay Day, the farming game that I’ve been addicted to for the past month. Since writing my initial play-through of the game late in November, my farm (which has had name changes as well) has evolved greatly. I am now a proud level 31 and excited to progress to level 32. I still have a long way to go to catch up to my level 50+ friends whose farms are like kingdoms. I kid you not! To date, I still can’t believe just how many of my Facebook friends play the game, and to think that I only discovered it by accident on the Google Play Store.

Tips and Tricks for Hay Day

  • Dead Bushes and Trees
I had this problem when I started to farm fruit trees and berries. After 3 harvests and 1 extra regeneration, you end up with dead bushes and trees cluttering your field. The only way to get rid of them will be to hack them off with axes and saws. However, you are not given an unlimited supply of tools. So what do you do? I used to buy them from friends, in an effort to keep my farm clean but they’re still not enough. So while you’re still stocking up on tools, use the dead bushes as hedges in your farm. As for the dead trees, I cluster them with the existing pines in my farm. As soon as you have the tools that you need, you can hack these away. However, if you’re saving for gold, best not to make this a priority.
  • Truck delivery board
The board is always a great way to level up and earn gold. However, when you see that you won’t be able to complete the requirements, scrap the order and wait for a new one instead. This saves you time and gains you an order that can give you rewards. When choosing what order to complete first, always choose the one which gives more gold. To progress quickly in the game, you need to earn gold fast to buy the production units.
hay-day-tips-tricks hay-day-tips-tricks
  • Feed Mill
As soon as it is available to you, invest on a second feed mill. This saves you a lot of waiting time in between making feeds for your livestock. When your animals are all fed, don’t let the mills rest. Stock up on feeds when you can. Any extra that you produce, also sells quickly in the market.
hay-day-tips-tricks hay-day-tips-tricks
  • Farm Building Mastery
Now this is a passive ability. Each of your farm buildings (including the ones used for production) if used in a certain number of hours, get the chance to be upgraded. Each upgrade provides perks like additional gold or faster production times. The key here is to keep the production units busy even if you don’t need anything from it. You can always sell the items produced.
  • Be Careful with your Diamonds
This has happened to me several times especially when I’m rushing off to do a task for work and is just making sure that some of the products get produced while I’m not playing the game. In my rush to plant, I sometimes accidentally press the “lightning button” which pays the required number of diamonds to quickly finish the crop. This has happened to me while scrolling the store too. Believe the frustration. So next time, just be careful, you don’t want to be wasting those hard-earned diamonds like me.

There is now an option in the settings to confirm before any of the diamonds are spent (whew!). You can now rest easy when accidentally clicking diamond spending.
  • Neighbors
Have you noticed that Greg and his friends always take time to visit your farm to buy stuff? This can sometimes be a blessing and an annoyance. You can always sell the items you don’t need to them especially when they are the stuff that’s commonly sold by everyone else. Remember though that you can always refuse them especially when you’re stocking up on produce for your boat cargo.
  • Browse the newspaper
In order to keep up with goods that you need and to see if it’s being sold by someone else, take a look at the newspaper constantly. When you see the item that you like, click on it immediately or someone else might buy it. Make sure to visit the seller with an exclamation point next their avatar. This can be your chance to earn thank-you notes or fill-up their boat orders.
  • Keep on the sharp lookout
When visiting other farms, be on the lookout for hidden chests and tickets. After making a quick scan of the farm, the location of the hidden items are usually indicated by a sparkly animation. Sometimes they can be in an obvious place like this or sometimes hidden amongst trees and buildings.
  • Complete Event Goals
Always be on the lookout at what’s happening weekly for the event goals. Depending on the items that you need to produce, the rewards are awesome. You even get a little extra something when the event finishes.
  • Check on Achievements
When you click your house, you’ll see all the achievements you can complete. Now these are not a priority but are a great way to level up. You can keep an eye on these when you’ve already have everything set up and running.
  • A note on selling
Always advertise the produce that you think will sell fast and make other people visit your store. To my observation, the most in-demand items are: roasted tomatoes, fish, butter, cheese, cakes, juices, components and syrup. The sell fast trust me, so if you can stock up these..sell by bulk. Increase the prices as well, it takes a lot of button pushing but at least you’ll earn good profit. Oh and when you need help, especially with boat orders, entice other people to visit your farm by selling good stuff in your store too.
  • Boat Orders
Speaking of boat orders, never hesitate to ask for help for the items that are hard to come by and produce. If you know that it will be impossible to fulfill a whole shipment just send the boat on its way and wait for the next one to come. In this way, you’ll not waste time trying to see if you can complete the shipment when you can already be preparing for the next one that you can fill.
  • Which upgrade to save on first
For my farm, I decided to save up on the cake oven first because I figured that I’d be able to sell cakes for a higher price and earn gold faster. Then I saved up for the boat so that I can participate in boat orders. I made a mistake by investing on the mine, what I should have done was to save up for the juicer and then repair the fishing boat next. I’ve noticed that most boat orders require a certain kind of juice and a certain kind of fish. These are the orders that I usually ask help for or pass on. I end up buying them if I chance upon them at the market. You can upgrade the mine lastly because for it, you would still need to purchase smelters to convert the ores. There’s not much requirement for them yet, so best to use your gold to purchase any of the other units I’ve just mentioned.
  • Always visit Greg’s farm
Greg always sells items cheap. So be on the lookout for his store. His store is like a showcase for all the upgrades and decor items in the farm too. He changes stocks everyday.
  • Thank you notes
You get thank you notes when you visit other farms and help. When you’ve accumulated enough notes, you can exchange them for a special prize.
What I like most about Hay Day is that progressing in the game is not dependent solely on how many friends you have. You get help not only from your friends but from a very active online community. Some of the people who visit my farm are from all over the world. When you help, you get an automatic thank you and get reward. Perhaps my only complaint is that I don’t get to freely send gifts to my friends when I visit their farms and I don’t get to freely shout out which item I specifically need.
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