Angels and Demons

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 31, 2009


I read the book years ago when the Da Vinci code came out and I loved it more than first book. When I first saw the trailer months ago that Tom Hanks was reprising his role as Robert Langdon and the upcoming movie adaptation of the book, it became one of the most anticipated movies this year on my list. I was meaning to re-read the book again before I saw the movie but I never got a chance to due to my very busy schedule.

Much like in the manner of the previous Dan Brown movie, Angels and Demons takes us on hunt for clues all around Rome. Robert Langdon's help was enlisted by the Vatican police to help in the deciphering of clues regarding the kidnapping of the four bishops favoured to become the late Pope's successor. The Vatican was undergoing a process of conclave and was under threat from the Illuminati. To make matters worse, the Illuminati's have acquired a formidable weapon in the form of stolen antimatter or the "god particle." For each of the four elements of nature, one bishop will be branded and killed. It was Langdon's job to be one step ahead and figure out the clues left on the trail across Rome.


I particularly enjoyed watching this movie because I used to study the sculptures and the churches during our ancient architectural and art history classes. The movie also gave us an insight of what goes on in the Vatican during the process of choosing a new successor for the papal throne.

A word about the Illuminati. They were a secret society of free thinkers. Other names for the group are Perfectibilis and Illuminati Order. There still exists modern illuminatis today.

Thank you to TV5 for making the special screening for the bloggers possible and many thanks to Azrael of Azrael's Merryland for the invites.

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