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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 03, 2009

IMG_0218 Going back to the Libis branch of Red Ribbon was pretty nostalgic for me. It took me back to the times when we were staying long hours and overnights at the office trying to beat the deadline for the store design presentations. I kept remembering when I was choosing the patterns to be placed on the counter, the endless discussions during design com meetings at the main office and the back-breaking 3d modellings and renderings that my design team did.

IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_0222

Many thanks to Joney Uy of for introducing bloggers for this event. Not only did I get to meet other bloggers but I had the opportunity to have a first taste of Red Ribbon's new cake as well.

IMG_0229 After registering, we were treated to a delicious dinner before the cake was introduced. Gathering inside the function room, we were briefed by Ms. Maru that Red Ribbon was celebrating it's 30th year this year and as a part of this, they were making delightful alterations to staple meals and introducing new cakes as well. In addition to the upcoming "new look" renovations that has been going on in a while for all Red Ribbon branches.


The new cake was Cookies and Cream with Oreo. It was made by layers of chocolate and vanilla chiffon cake, cookies and cream filling, chocolate cookie layer, creamy icing and mini-oreo cookies. At the mention of cookies and cream, I was already thinking of the brown and white colors of the cake. Hahaha I don't know why. We were given slices to taste and surprisingly it wasn't very sweet (I was expecting it to be), it was just the right blend of sweetness and lightness. I'm sure that it's going to belong in the roster of classic cakes that will be in their cake line-up for a very long time.


We each didn't go empty handed though, we went home with the new Cookies and Cream cake in junior size and a pack of no sugar mamons. The mamons didn't even last till the next day with my family, and I didn't get to taste it. It was that good. Of course, the cake was served the very next day for dessert and my whole family loved it too.


Yummy cakes for everyone! IMG_0240IMG_0242

Goofing around with Az, nice to have finally met you there. :-)

Visit a Red Ribbon store now and taste the new cake for yourself. See what we're all raving about.

DSC-4390 Thanks Iris for the pic!

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  1. yummy.... yan nagcrave ulit ako sa cookies and cream

  2. hehehe yeah me too, actually after i've finished this post, I grabbed the last slice from the fridge. ^_^

  3. nice to meet you at the event
    hope to see you again in some ground events for bloggers :)

  4. yep Az, as long as my schedule permits...I'll surely be there. :-) I had fun.


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