The Coffee Place

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, May 01, 2009

Location: Circumferential Road, Antipolo City

I usually pass this coffee shop on my way home. It's situated alongside a row of commercial establishments on a curved road with very minimal streetlighting. So at night, it's warm yellow lights are often a welcome sight.

I've been there only twice but I'm sure I'm soon gonna be a frequent customer. The first time I was there, I met up with my highschool batchmates to talk about our batch's participation in the alumni activities. We were there after dinner and the place was very beautiful at night.

The amount of light inside was just right, it offered a relaxed, cozy atmosphere perfect both for casual and intimate talks. The restroom was also nice. They offered free wifi and connection was quite fast.

The second time I was there, was mid-afternoon. I went there after a power outtage in my part of the city. I had a pretty tight deadline, so I had to go there with my laptop and work. The ambience was different during the day but nevertheless it was still cozy enough.


I'll post a review of their food soon. I'll take more pics on my next visit. I was too pressured with my deadline when I was there so I took only a few.

IMG_0216 See? I was pretty engrossed with work.



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  1. nice coffee place,i loved it!..try niu din po mag coffee sa SEISHA COFFEE near max at may BRANCH din po DOON banda sa PETRON P.oliveros street...

  2. @Anonymous, yes this place is quite nice and a perfect escape if you want to get work done. I will drop by Seisha coffee to make a comparison. We'll see.


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