The Girl with the Green Scarf

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Review of the movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic
confessions-of-a-shopaholic-movie-tie-in-edition The plot of the movie is relatively simple. It tells us of the story of a fashionista getting in trouble for her high credit card debt at the same time that she lost her job. In her quest to earn a job at a fashion magazine, she finds herself working for a finance magazine instead where she becomes an instant success. Throughout the movie, we see her struggling to fight her shopaholic urges, making schemes and finding love at the strangest times. In the end, Rebecca Bloomwood sought out the perfect way to redeem herself in a way that only shopaholics can get redemption. More info on IMDB.
What I love about it
One major factor would be Isla Fisher. I wouldn't think of any other actress more fitting to the character than her. And she played it out perfectly. Her comedic timing is perfect and she is charming enough to pull it off.
photo_09_hires Lead characters were screaming high fashion of course! I loved the outfits on this show. The bright colors that Rebecca Bloomwood wore was just right to depict a bubbly character personality as opposed to the other characters in the show who were rather dressed in neutral tones. They really made the lead character stand out.
The credit cards. Yes the credit cards. It can never be repeated enough that there's too much temptation when these are just too accessible in your wallet. I've learned that the hard way, when my credit card bill came last month. *facepalm* Aaaargh. Regret always come later. I hope that viewers now become more wary with using these little plastic monsters.
The green scarf. It became quite iconic. The shade of emerald green was absolutely beautiful. I loved that it signified love and luck in the movie.
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I watched this with Mickey the day after I slept at her place. It was just perfect to watch on a Sunday. Just enough wit and humour and "girliness" to make you forget and be happy for a while. I'm going to add this movie to my collection, you should too. It's just good fun!
CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLICconfessions-of-a-shopaholic-20090129094031022_640w

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