Little Miss Fighting Maroon

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well, this was what it said on my shirt when I attended my Muay Thai class the other week (I missed this week's class). I got there very late, no thanks to the traffic in Ortigas and my hectic work schedule.

I'm finally getting the hang of doing my own handwraps, thanks to Maynard for helping me out this time.

IMG_0196 Come and get me.

IMG_0200 I still have to get my own purple!


IMG_0205 I was improving on my kicks this time. Well they tried to get a decent shot but well these are the best ones.



I'm so into this sport right now and I can't wait for this week's session. I hope to build my endurance and stamina as well as strength so that I can learn to defend myself. I wonder when we'll learn to tackle and grapple.

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  1. more pics at my multiply site :-)

  2. omg. i can't wait to start!!!!!


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