Marley and Me

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 03, 2009

I have to admit, this movie reduced me to tears. I walked out of the cinemas with Seraph with a really red nose and puffy eyes. I highly recommend this to dog lovers, but I also urge them to bring a pack of tissues as well. The movie was heartwarming, touching and enlightening at the same time. I wouldn't have chosen to watch this movie other than with him, I know he wouldn't laugh at me when my tears were steadily flowing.
It was based on the true story of John Grogan and his adventures and learnings with his yellow labrador retriever named Marley. It just basically revolved around how their lives have changed and adapted with Marley's destructive ways.
Although, he was pretty too much to handle, you will notice that the whole family has accepted his personality and has grown to love him. His antics provided the laughter in movie, and the everyday problems that the Grogan family went through added the humanness in the story.
I cried because I know how it feels to lose a pet you've known and loved so many years. I experienced this just two years ago when my pet shih tzu died. I even cried myself driving all the way to work. The simple and brilliant storytelling in the movie really captured this emotion.
marley_and_me_movie_image_owen_wilson__6_ Although we left the cinemas with heavy hearts, we can't help but smile inside. I'm grateful to be with someone who can relate to how I felt right after, without me even having to say a word.
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