My sweet PC upgrade

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 24, 2009

I've upgraded my desktop PC just last month. My last big upgrade was early in the year 2007. Back then I used to have an AMD X2 Dual Core processor at 2.2Ghz speed with 1G RAM and Integrated Video Card. I do a lot of CADworks and 3d works in my desktop so as you might have guessed, my computer setup was relatively slow when the program is rendering. But I stuck to it for 2 years. Finally, when it was shutting down for no apparent reason, I thought it might be time to be considering an upgrade.

So I did, with the help of Ayet, Marvin and Druce. I worked with a Php 25,000 budget and had basically my whole CPU upgraded, except for my monitor which is a 22" AOC that I bought just last year, so I'm still pretty ok with it.

This is my desktop PC setup now (click on the pictures for a larger view):


I'm using a 512MB DDR3 video card and that's one thing I didn't skimp on. Oh plus just ignore the IE version, I'm a firefox user anyway.

Now I'm enjoying the super fast processing and the rendering time for my 3d's have been cut more than half. I can now also play the current games out for the PC right now which require a fast processor and a fast video card. I'm very very satisfied with current setup and I stayed well within my budget (which made Druce proud). Now I can experiment with high res 3d rendering to make my perspectives much much more realistic. :-)

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