New Restaurant City updates v.03

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, May 22, 2009

Dress up your staff.
This feature has been available for quite a while now. You can now dress your employees.
dressup Just click on the polo shirt with hanger icon on the employee window and you will be taken to the dress up screen. Now your restaurant can have it's very own theme with uniformed employees.
choose clothes Buy more ingredients.
This was probably added because of popular request. There is now a selling lady atop you game screen who sells a few fresh picked ingredients for the day.
seller The ingredients are priced very steeply though, so choose wisely when you need to buy.
fresh picks

 See my original post on this game here.

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  1. My wish about being able to buy ingredients came true! :-D

  2. yeah I guess it did! haha but at least they made the ingredients expensive, then we wouldn't have to rely on the merchant.

  3. Yup, it's for those moments when you're utterly and desperate and have money to burn. :-))


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