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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Star Trek (2009) movie review.

star-trek-1024x819 I was never a fan of the Star Trek series. I was more acquainted with the characters of Star Wars. So I was quite hesitant to watch this movie at first because I was afraid that I might be left in the dark or that I might not understand. Thankfully though, as luck would have it, I think me being a newbie on the series might be a blessing in disguise after all. I'll tell you why at the end of the review.

The movie was all about beginnings. It tells us of how James Tiberius Kirk grew up to become the fearless and daring captain of the Enterprise. It also highlights the maiden voyage of the famous ship S.S. Enterprise. And most importantly, it tells us of the significance of the alliance between Spock and Kirk.


In brief, the movie was all about a reboot of the Star Trek franchise, this was provided conveniently by the black hole and alternate time continuity in the film. The movie centered around the vengeance of a Romulan miner named Nero against Spock who he accused of destroying his home planet. This was what happened in the future. When they went into the black hole, they were sent back in time before this has all transpired, back to the time when Captain Kirk was just about to be born. Nero then almost shattered the entire destinies written off the famous Star Trek storyline, if not for the daring interventions of an aged Spock over the actions of a young Kirk. Nero plotted to destroy all the planets in the Federation, starting with Spock's homeplanet - Vulcan. When Vulcan was destroyed, Earth was his next target. Kirk was able to obtain the leadership on the Enterprise as well as destroying the Romulan threat. Thus begins the continuity to the old Star Trek series.

star trek Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a very high rating.

Many Trekkies believe that this reboot of the film is actually designed for people who don't like Star Trek. I believe this is true. Now I'm curious about the whole series and I can't wait to get oriented with it.

IMG_0007 I loved the movie! Loved it the first time and the second time. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the premiere and watch it on IMAX (my first IMAX experience). I even had my picture taken with the hardcore fans.


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  1. I'm a self-confessed Star Wars fanatic and I've never appreciated Star Trek. Ever. But the raves this movie has gotten from non-Trekkies/Trekkers has made me look forward to watching my bootlegged *blush* copy and enjoy the movie.

  2. You should candyQ, i had doubts but I really loved the movie!


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