Restaurant City: New Updates v.02

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, May 01, 2009

New items have been added again for Restaurant City. You can now buy lavatory sinks for your restrooms. You can access them in the functional tab of the inventory.

In addition you, can now enclose them in partitions by placing walls provided in the decor tab of the inventory.
Plus, some people may have noticed this before, but I've only noticed it now when I zoomed in on my resto...once you get mail and just in case you are delaying to open it, your mailbox animates in a kind of jelly-like motion to notify you that there's mail. I find this cute. :-)
I got busy levelling up my dishes. My main dish is on level 8 now. This helps me level up faster because it generates me 2.4 gourmet points for each sale, although the price is still for $2.
Notice also that the name and plate color changes as you level it up. (It starts as a plain white plate with cracked edges.)
I'm now on level 18, and my restaurant has undergone a facelift. See how it looks now.
See my original post on this game here.

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