X-men Origins: Wolverine

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Movie Review.

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When I first heard that there will be a movie on Wolverine's origins, I was excited and I've anticipated it's release. But then weeks before its release date, it was leaked illegally. I saw several booths selling the leaked version of the movie and some of my friends had copies. They said that it was 80% complete and you still can see the safety wires on the actors while they're doing stunts and all of them concluded that it was going to be a flop. Well these bad feedbacks slightly dampened my desire to watch it. Was this leak intended to generate enough interest in the movie? Well that I don't know but there have been rumors going around.

When the movie came out, people were raving about it. This peaked my exciteness again and when I had the chance to watch it, I did. I wasn't disappointed. I was planning to read the graphic novel about it first but my busy schedule didn't permit me to. Oddly enough, despite the back lashing and bad reviews, I liked the movie. It definitely lifted some shrouds on Wolverine's past.


The movie centered around the memory haze that Wolverine had about his past before joining the Xmen. This explained a lot about how he got his adamantium skeleton and the reason behind it. This also provided a glimpse on Weapon X and Deadpool. Deadpool is confirmed to be getting his own movie by the way. This also explained the animosity between Wolverine and his sibling Sabretooth. I didn't know about the love affair between Kayla Silverfox and Wolverine, so this back story is an insight to his emotional past as well.

X-Men-Origins-1774 I heard that there were different endings to the movie, I only saw one version which was after the credits. There are also rumors going around that there will be other xmen origins movies coming up. They will be about Storm and Magneto. Then again it's just the rumormill again. We'll see.

My verdict: thumbs_upthumbs_upthumbs_upthumbs_up

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