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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, November 01, 2009


See my new blog badge? Do you want to create one of your own? Here are the steps of how I made mine.

First, create your image badge. The ideal size is usually 125px x 125px. You can create your own using an image editor of your choice. You can either make it static or animated. I chose to animate mine. (I'll post a tutorial on how I did this next.)

Upload your blog badge image in an online image host like Photobucket or Imageshack. Copy your image's HTML code.

photobucket upload

Open your blog's dashboard and add a javascript/html element. On the space provided, paste your badge's HTML code and click the RICH TEXT menu option. Click on the image and select the CREATE LINK icon and type in your blog's URL. Then click the EDIT HTML menu option.


You can now see the code of your badge. For others to be able to grab your badge, they need to be able to grab your badge's code. Do this by adding the second set of codes below (indicated by the rectangle selection). Remember to input your badge's HTML code on the part where I’ve indicated.

text grab code

Click Save and you're done.

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  1. Hey this is a real nice tool I want that blinking badge kinda thingy... tamang tama sa 2nd year anniversary ng blog ko will wait for that how to animate your badge thingy post... I have contest line-up and I would need a banner!

  2. thanks for the info cher! =)


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