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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here's my entry for Our Awesome Planet's contest:

  • Blog Hosting: Blogger

blogger I've started out 2 years ago with a personal blog only with the default .blogspot url but ever since I became serious with blogging, I got my blog hosted on its own domain via GoDaddy but maintaining it in the Blogger platform. Since I have very little background on PHP, XML, CSS and all those technical aspects that scares me whenever I think of transferring to Wordpress, I've become comfortable with using Blogger. I’ve been happily blogging on it for quite sometime now.

  • Digital Camera: Canon SX20IS

u_03533168 I have recently purchased this camera last Christmas and it was a very happy purchase. It has both the conveniences of a point-and-shoot camera and the manual capabilities in an entry-level DSLR camera plus the 20x zoom is really something to be happy about.

  • Video Blogging Camera: Canon SX20IS

Since my camera is more than capable of taking HD videos, it does the job very well. I can easily upload the video to YouTube and publish it on my blog.

  • Mobile Phone and Subscription: HTC Desire and Globe

htc-desire I've been with Globe since College and I've never thought of switching to other networks since. I've had my HTC Desire for over a month now and I'm still in the process of discovering the myriad of easter eggs and powerful capabilities of this android phone but so far I'm loving it. It's my best expensive purchase for a gadget so far. It's breezy connectivity to the net via wifi or 3G makes it easy for me to browse or even update my blog on the go.

  • Laptop and Blogging Client: Dell Studio 15 and Windows Live Writer

2611903973_b95e753c03 Having a laptop gives me the mobility I need not only for blogging but also for work. Since I do 3d modelling for my projects, I needed a laptop that was capable of doing so. I bought this powerful machine last year before the intel "I" series of processors came out but I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon. It can also handle all the picture and video editing I need for my blogposts while multiple processes are running doing my research.

WindowsLiveWriterWOWWindowsLiveWriter My blogging client of choice is Windows Live Writer. When I discovered it, I never looked back. I liked its word processing features, the photo effects and how you can have the client import your blog template as you compose a post so that you can see exactly how the post will look on the site when published. It can also add tags and it's also easy to edit the source codes.

  • Photo Editing, Watermarking and Hosting Tool: Photoshop CS4, Photoscape, Flickr and Picasa

logos I use Photoshop CS4 for extensive photo editing and when I need to add something extra to a photo like witty quotes or funny talk balloons but if I just need to downsample a photo or batch process with watermarks then Photoscape does the job for me. Sometimes if the picture I took is really good and Flickr worthy, I upload it in my Flickr photosets. You see I don't want my photoset gallery littered with irrelevant photos. If I just need to upload a simple photo needed for a post then Picasa hosts it for me.

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