And an asteroid whooshes by

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, November 11, 2011

One of the headlines that I saw on my feed reader the other day was of CNN informing us that an asteroid will safely pass us by. This happened around Tuesday. Well, I was relieved that it wasn’t on a collision course with Earth and in a split second I was also reminded of just how many Hollywood movies were made with this plot. One that stood out of course was Armageddon. *cue Aerosmith music* Admit it, you can hear Steven Tyler’s voice belting “I don’t wanna close my eyes...” right about now.

I saw Armageddon back in college with my friend Aimee. I can’t remember if we were playing hooky at that time. Yes for some people who don’t know me that well, this good girl had her share of skipping classes back in the day. Shamelessly we were both crying at that part when Aj was saying goodbye to Harry. It was also the first time that I saw Ben Affleck on the big screen. That was how that crush started. Anyway, I’ve seen Armageddon for so many times that I’ve lost count. Seriously. I can recite almost all of the dialogues by heart and I can even pinpoint the exact scene just by hearing bits of it.

That asteroid news made me think back at the scenes in Armageddon that I remember the most.

  • No Nukes! No Nukes!

This is probably my most memorable Steve Buscemi moment on film aside from his role as Garland Green on Con Air.

  • The Animal Cracker Scene


Cheesy yes. Effective as a romance ploy, Hell yeah! This is just one of the cheesy romantic scenes in the movie, the other one was when Aj was singing to Grace.

  • That trademark astronaut strut going to the the space shuttles. Why do space movies always have this scene?


  • We’re all astronauts.


The scene: The guys get a night out from rigorous space training. They get into trouble at a strip club.

  • The Recuitment Phase

This is where we get to meet the other guys in Harry’s team. We get to hear about their backgrounds and what sets their personalities apart.

  • Secondary protocol


This is that time when there’s real conflict while they were on the asteroid and where things begin to take a turn for the worse. That power struggle scene was crucial at showing everyone just who was really in charge and undoubtedly the star of the film. Oh and that big pipe cutter around Coronel Sharp’s neck had something to do with it too.

  • Your boyfriend’s back

Ultimately Aj’s return with the second armadillo actually saves the day. Sorry I couldn’t find the exact movie still for this scene. I would also like to note just how bad-ass the armadillos looked like.


Just writing this post makes me want to watch Armageddon all over again. Yes I know it’s one of the most elaborate Hollywood action films ever made and some don’t even deem it worthy to be called epic, but hey this authors thinks otherwise.

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