Free Android Apps: Stress Relievers

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Monday, November 07, 2011

Been working all day and you need a 15 minute break? Well, these apps can be just what you need.

Office Jerk Free

free-android-app-office-jerk-free-001 free-android-app-office-jerk-free-002

Try your hand at tossing random stuff at the office snitch. Be successful in annoying him to get a high score.

office-jerk-free-android-market ANDROID MARKET LINK

Paper Toss

free-android-app-paper-toss-001 free-android-app-paper-toss-002

This is another tossing game and this time  you get to toss wads of paper into a waste basket. For variety, the distances of the trash can varies, as well as the strength of the electric fan.

free-android-app-paper-toss-003 ANDROID MARKET

Pick a Stick

free-android-apps-pick-stick-001 free-android-apps-pick-stick-002

I used to love playing pick up sticks when I was a kid and I was particularly good at it. This app lets you reminisce the nostalgia of playing that game as well as giving an added challenge of picking up not just sticks but various elongated objects.

pick-a-stick-android-market ANDROID MARKET LINK

Find the Ball

free-android-apps-find-ball-001 free-android-apps-find-ball-002

For some reason this reminded me of that scene in Kung Fu Panda, when Po was shuffling the dragon scroll in between pots. This works the same way. Best to play with friends who need a break too.

find-the-ball-android-market ANDROID MARKET LINK

Toast Time HD Free

free-android-apps-toast-time-002 free-android-apps-toast-time-001

Do you want to test your reflexes during your break? With continued use, this might also improve it. The faster your response tap will be, the higher the registered score is.

toast-time-android-market ANDROID MARKET LINK

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