Movie Preview: Snow White and the Huntsman Posters and Trailer

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Monday, November 14, 2011

I couldn’t resist to see what the buzz was about with this movie and after having seen the trailer just moments ago…okay I’m definitely curious now. The trailer is just fantastic. Charlize Theron gave me the goose bumps, she seems to have captured the very essence of being an evil queen/witch. This re-imagining of the Snow White fairy tale is darker and more fantastical than the previous adaptations I have seen before. You might notice that not a single dwarf could be seen in the trailer and wait, is that Snow White (Kirsten Stewart) in full metal armor? Okay I’m confused and intrigued. I wonder how the battle scene plays out. In the traditional fairytale of Snow White, the hunstman (Chris Hemsworth) plays a very minor role. In this movie however, he seems to be playing a very important part. I just hope I won’t be seeing Thor everytime he strikes down with an axe. Smile with tongue out

The movie posters and banners, as well as the trailer can be seen below. Just click on the image to view them in hi-res.




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