Movie Review: In Time

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, November 04, 2011

What would you do if you can live forever?

In-time-movie-poster-amandaseyfried-justintimberlakeFor the movie, In TIme, given it’s very original plot - this concept is entirely possible. The movie is set in the future where you don’t age by means of looks the moment you hit the age of 25. Reaching that age activates a body clock which is shown on the left arm in glowing green digits. This indicates how long you have to live in real-time. Time is also the currency with which you can acquire the necessities for living including food, lodging, transportation etc. Zones have been designated to keep people of similar classes huddled in one place where they belong. To get out of the zone you have to pay the appropriate time currency. The more posh and expensive the district you’re going to, the more expensive it will be to pass through the barriers. There’s no legitimate form of ruling body in the movie except that the rich get to monopolize everything since they literally have all the time in the world to live as long as they want. Poor people merely have days.

I really loved the film. I think it took the saying “Time is Gold” to different heights. As I’ve mentioned, this is the first time I’ve seen a movie with this plot concept and it’s very original for me although the underlying themes in the movie itself has several similarities in real life. People don’t have to waste time wondering how long they’ll live anymore, they can see it right on their arms. You can make better use of your time this way, make each minute be as meaningful as possible. Man’s quest for immortality is also one of the main themes here. Their bodies don’t expire naturally, as long as there’s time, they can go on and on. However, all that is good is of course balanced out by something that’s just as bad.


The conflict in the film is man’s greed and his nature to get ahead of everyone else. The characters of Will and Sophia have a strong sense of righteousness and of what’s fair. Their Bonny and Clyde stunts prompted them to be the poor people’s vigilante’s that became the core essence of the movie. These two sought to make a difference which I think became a very admirable cause until the very end.


Amanda sure can run wearing very high heels…what a feat!


Time currency can be transferred through these devices although you can also link arms and transfer time at will or forcefully.


Instead of a watch, you get to keep one on your body.


Johnny Galecki from Big Bang Theory was also there as Will Salas’ best friend.

I was surprised at how natural Justin Timberlake as an actor is. He has a raw passion and intensity that translates on-screen. He’s even better than some of the actors in Hollywood out there who are only good as eye candy but cannot deliver a memorable performance on the screen. Amanda Seyfried was stunning as always and from the way her career is going, she looks like she has a very bright future in Hollywood indeed. It’s remarkable at how she can shift from being an innocent victim, to wild child, to a vixen in moments. I still can’t get over the fact that she started off her career as a dumb girl opposite Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. I’m happy to note that she has surpassed La Lohan career-wise. Another noteworthy performance is of Cillian Murphy who plays the time cop in this film. He’s the bad guy you can’t hate freely because you keep hoping that he switches sides. He’s so mysterious and enigmatic. Oh and I hated Alex Pettyfer here. I was crushing on him when he came out in I am Number Four but then bad publicity came after that and I couldn’t help but see him as a first-class a**-hole (forgive the language). His role really suited that persona so it’s either he’s very good at acting or that’s an extension of his real personality coming out. (Sorry!).Short screen appearances include that of Olivia Wilde and Matt Bomer. It was really frustrating by just how few seconds Olivia missed in getting to her son in time. I mentioned Matt Bomer because fans of Chuck would easily recognize him in this film.


In Time is a very good film. In fact, it would have been a great kick-off for Justin’s career if Friends with Benefits wasn’t shown before it. I think people would start looking on him as a serious actor this time around. In Time is still showing in theaters nationwide, be sure not to miss it.


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