Movie Review: Skyline

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, November 27, 2011

I don’t really get to watch that much television anymore at home, pretty much I watch all the shows that I want in my laptop. One of the rare moments that I turned on the television was when I had some waiting time while I was installing a new game. When I checked the online schedule at the Star movies site, one of the featured movies was Skyline and at that time it was exactly 9pm, perfect timing if I wanted to catch the start of the movie.

Before you get your hopes up like I did, I want to tell you guys firsthand that this movie sucked. Yep it sucked big time. It was a complete waste of my hour. Well, I was multi-tasking at that time too so I guess it wasn’t a total waste. Don’t click on the back button just yet, let me tell you why this movie was bad. You’ll enjoy the read I promise.


The lead actor, Eric Balfour looked a bit like Alex Pettyfer and every bit as cocky. There was also that bald guy from Clueless and Scrubs, Donald Faison. Brittany Daniel was surprisingly there too, I first knew of her when she appeared as one of the Wakefield twins in the Sweet Valley High TV series. Alien invasion was the main highlight of the film but they made a meager attempt to establish some sort of conflict with the plot through the relationships of the characters but they weren’t followed up on during the entire movie.


As for the aliens, they just showed up one day without any reason why. Even through the end of the film, the reason why they invaded still wasn’t clear.


They lured people out by a bluish-white light which puts them into a trance. People slowly get burned when they look at the light, then in a split-second they’ll be snatched into the mouths of the alien carriers. There’s one thing that I observed though, they eat our brains for sustenance.

The movie was really bad. The story didn’t stick and the main characters were such horrible actors. There were several scenes that I got so pissed at what the lead was doing. Lead characters aren’t supposed to make you hate them, you’re supposed to be sympathetic to their troubles.

At the end of the movie there was this romantic angle that I thought didn’t really fit. It felt really forced to add substance to an otherwise bland plot. There wasn’t enough story background to put emphasis on the love story between the characters.


So well, Skyline was good for one thing though, it prompted me to make a list on what not to-do during an alien invasion:


  • When there’s a weird light coming through your window and there’s a humming, don’t open the window.
  • When you see that there are spaceships in the sky blasting tall towers, you shouldn’t go to the roof deck.
  • When there’s a hug alien monster attacking your building, don’t attempt to sneak out of the building right where the monster is standing.
  • Don’t interrupt Special Forces when they’re doing their jobs.
  • Just because aliens are not over any body of water, it doesn’t mean that they can’t shoot a boat from the sky. Duh!
  • If you’re in hiding, don’t turn on any lights or even the television.

That’s done, now I can put this annoyance that I have for this movie to rest. Save yourself the trouble, when it’s on cable television...change the channel.

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