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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ClickTheCity has always been one of my go-to sites for movie schedules and restaurant locations. Now I’m happy that the site has its own mobile app sporting the same website colors. Here are some of the features that I tried out.


Finding out the movie schedules is a breeze through the shortcut icons upon launching of the app. You just have to select the location of the cinema that you would like to go to. As soon as the movie schedules are listed, you can click on the movie title to get a brief description and star ratings from critics and consumers.


The app also gives branch coupons from participating stores that’s near the cinema locations you’ve just searched. Each coupon has a time duration though and must be redeemed before it expires.


Here’s one thing I haven’t tried before, it was checking on the TV schedule using the site or even the app. I was impressed at the list of popular channels there. Each channel has an updated listing of schedules. You can also try browsing the schedules for the movies on cable. If you click on the movie title, you’ll see additional listings on when the movie will be shown again for that month.

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The Near Me feature lists down the nearest restaurants to your location. Again, the accuracy was good. Only restaurants listed on the site will be shown here. If you click on the store name, you’ll get the complete address and contact numbers.


If you’re just browsing though, you can go through the upcoming concerts or read through the blog for some reviews.


Another feature of the app is mobile ordering. It does require you to register first for mobile delivery and then you can choose from the list of participating restaurants. The app even has a feature for you to track your order.



Price: Free

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