How to take care of digi-permed hair

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Last July I had an extreme make-over for myself. I ditched my long straight hair for digi-permed curls. When I was having it done at Beauty Brick Salon, I asked the stylists how long my curls will last. They said it depended on how I can take care of it. Most last as long as 3 months, but if you have excellent hair care habits, the curls will last longer. Well, I’m proud that I guess I do. It’s January now and I still have my curls, sure they’re not as “tight” as it was when I walked out of the salon but they still look great.

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How did I do it? Here are some of my learnings and tips:
  • Never comb the curled parts of your hair.
This is one of the things that I had to get used to during the first month. I could only comb about half of my hair, just the part where it’s not curled. It’s best to detangle the curls using only your fingers.
  • Before you go into the shower, try your best to detangle the curls first.
This way when it gets wets, detangling it won’t be as hard as it was when it was dry.
  • Use hair products that will boost your curls and minimizes frizz.
This is one of the things the stylists told me, no matter how much you twist your hair with your fingers in an attempt to “freshen” up the curls, it won’t work unless you have a good hair product on it.
  • If within the day your curls need freshening, no need to apply hair products for a second time anymore (this will only weigh the curls down), just twist sections of your hair with your fingers.
  • Remember the direction of your curls.
When you twist it in your fingers, the direction must always be the same as it was when you came out of the salon. Otherwise, the curls won’t come out as good.
  • Twist your hair into a towel instead of rubbing it to dry it off.
Here are the products that I’ve used and grown to love so far:
L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Shampoo
This shampoo retails for Php99 or sometimes Php128 at supermarkets and it’s great because of its anti-frizz properties. It also effectively removes hair product residues from the day before.
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Sunsilk Co-Creations Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
When I find my scalp flaking, this is the best dandruff shampoo I’ve used. Even after just 3 days the itching is gone and I can switch back to my other shampoo.
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner
The first time I saw the bottle, I instantly loved it. You know how I love purple things. It smells really good and it’s not lying about boosting your curls. Even after just towel-drying my hair, the curls are already defined. This sells for about Php200+ per bottle.
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Pantene Curly Dry to Moisturizing Conditioner
I got to try this product one time because the grocery where I shopped wasn’t selling the HE Totally Twisted conditioner. It turned out to be a good buy still. It’s slightly expensive than HE Totally Twisted (by about Php50).
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse
I bought this while shopping at Pure Gold and like the conditioner, this smelled great. The smell even lasts throughout the day. It’s not sticky when you apply it and after your hair has gone dry and you’ve loosened the curls up, the effects of this mousse can last through the night (even the very next day).
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Finesse Self-Adjusting Curl Defining Mousse
This is also a good alternative to Totally Twisted if you can’t find it. It’s also non-sticky and the foam is so much more thicker. Be the judge of how much hair product you’d like to use. One thing I’ve noticed though is that this mousse doesn’t give you the “wet” look unlike the Totally Twisted Mousse.
So there, if you’re planning to get a digi-perm sometime soon, keep in mind these tips. Oh and I also recommend getting your hair done at the Beauty Brick Salon along Jupiter St., they’re the best at their craft. It won’t break your budget too, the treatment will only cost Php3,300 (as of writing this post).

Beauty Brick Hair Art Salon
Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City. For appointments, call or text 473-5108/0917-5200044.

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