How to use Tumblr: A Tumblr Primer

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Monday, January 02, 2012

PhotobucketHappy New Year dear readers! What comes with the New Year? Can anyone guess? Well it’s that time of the year where almost everyone wants to start anew. It’s almost always the time that Tumblr gets a lot of new users. Tumblr has many uses. If you’ve gotten yourself a nice DSLR for Christmas then you can’t wait to try your hand out in photography. A Project 365 blog could be for you. Or if there’s just a load of cute and funny pictures in the internet that you can’t wait to share with your friends, a micro-blog like Tumblr might be the answer to your compiling needs.

Here’s a screenshot of my Tumblr dashboard


Why is Tumblr for you? If you find yourselves in agreement to the points mentioned below..

  • If you’ve got a busy lifestyle and can’t be bothered with spending a number of hours sitting in front of your computer writing a post.
  • Or you’re fond of making quick posts with the cute and funny pictures you’ve seen while browsing through the internet.
  • You need to make a quick portfolio of your works on the web and don’t have any backgrounds in website creation and design.
  • Your friends are already annoyed at the frequent spamming in their newsfeeds on Facebook.

The many advantages of Tumblr

  • It’s very easy to get started once you have an idea on what your micro-blog will be about. It just requires one quick sign up.
  • It’s a good host for pictures for portfolio uses, an image hub for interesting stuff or for videos too.
  • You can have multiple accounts and access them all with one dashboard.
  • You don’t have to worry about bandwidth and domain names. If you’re just a casual user, Tumblr offers a very easy to navigate interface, you’ll only need to concern yourself with technicalities when you want to acquire a domain name for your Tumblr blog.
  • You can give your Tumblr blog a unique look, there are hundreds of free templates to choose from.

Here are some sites that I recommend:


startupquotedailytumblr garfieldminusgarfield  typography-tumblr scanwiches-tumblr

Choose the theme of your content

While no one can stop you from posting a hodge-podge of blog posts, it’s better if you have a unique theme in your blog. This will capture the interest of people who might stumble upon your Tumblr blog and might entice them to follow you. The term follow here means that they’ll subscribe to your Tumblr blog. You can blog about fashion, food or whatever topic under the sun that you deem worthy of blogging about, just make it consistent.

Here are examples of Tumblr blogs with excellent themes:

Theme Garden


All Themes Tumblr


What you shouldn’t put in your Tumblr blog

  • Never put offensive content or else you’ll open yourself up for cyber-bullying. This is no joking matter. I’ve seen how serious and devastating this can get.
  • Don’t put random status updates. You have other social networking sites dedicated for this purpose like Twitter and Plurk.
  • Don’t claim pictures as your own. Always link back to the original owner.

Once you’ve gotten your Tumblr blog up and running, there’s just one more thing to do....enjoy! Believe it or not, Tumblr had become a good relaxing therapy for some people that I know and you might discover it as yours too. Maybe once you’ve gotten in the habit of posting, it might influence you to start writing longer as well. Think of all the possibilities and opportunities this might create. Happy Tumbling!

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