Movie Preview: Underworld Awakening

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

When I first saw Kate Beckinsale’s character is the leather-clad sexy vampire Selene, I said to myself that she’s gotta be the coolest female vampire I ever saw and then she brandished her pistol. *clap clap* Selene is the perfect embodiment of a vampire living in the modern world, gone are the lady vampire characters in laced up bodice and gowns.


The lore of Underworld acquainted me to the eternal feud between vampires and lycans. It was dark and gory and I very much liked it. After three films however, I thought the franchise was done.

Here comes a fourth film. Kate once again reprices her role as Selene and she awakes in a chamber 15 years after the events that had happened in Underworld: Evolution. Humans now know of the existence of vampires and lycans. In her hibernation, Selene has given birth to her child. Michael is long dead. She must protect her child as she learns that her race is almost gone, almost wiped out by Antigen - the company responsible for developing the vaccine against the viruses that created vampires and lycans. This was the turning point for her vengeance.


It would be great to see Selene kicking ass on the big screen again. There will be new characters as well. Underworld Awakening will be shown in the Philippines this month, exclusively distributed by Columbia Pictures.


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