My Golden Globe Gown Picks

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Monday, January 16, 2012

While I didn’t get to see what happened at the Golden Globes because I was at work during the time it was aired, I saw the fabulous fashion going on at the red carpet through Yahoo OMG. There were a lot of great dresses and a lot of misses as well but overall, I think everyone had done their best to look extra glam for this event.

These are the evening gowns that I really liked best.


I think Charlize would get the most nods for being the best dressed. She was the ultimate picture of sweetness and femininity in that soft blush gown. Emma Stone was radiant too, I really like the burgundy and wine colors in this sort of like a Grecian-style dress.


I love the color of Jessica Alba’s dress and I wish they had photographed the power couple much more beautifully, I like the red trim and the way Angelina’s dress just drapes wonderfully.


I love Paula’s energy here and the bright yellow color of her gown was surely eye-catching, it was simple but the stylistic folds and crimps accentuate it nicely. Sofia Vergara was just stunning. Has she gotten thinner? I didn’t think it was even possible but yeah, this gown accentuated her curves very well.

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