Revamp your Old Shoes

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The holidays may be over and your wallet may also be feeling the repercussions of going crazy over all those holiday sales. If so, then try these new ways to add a new look to your shoes, sure beats buying a whole new pair.

Jordana Silver Shoe Clips


These are great for flats and for pumps. [see website]

Half Pretties Lace Stockings


I’ve actually tried this look to an Aldo lace flats that I own. It instantly jazzes up the shoe especially if it’s a solid colored one. [see website]

Rainbow Laces


If you’re feeling a little funky and would like the jazz up your plain old sneakers, these laces maybe just the right choice. [see website]

Dekkori Boot Sleeves


These are great wraps for pumps or stilettos that you have, great if you can’t shell out another dime for new boots. [see website]

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