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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, January 13, 2012

About four months ago, I read a very good self-help article at and after reading it, I decided to sign myself up at the Daily Challenge website. It’s kind of like a social network with the objective of helping yourself and others with the goal of a better outlook in life.

Signing up is very easy and the challenges come out at 7am with a reminder to do it at 4pm. The best way to get notified is via email and it has become a habit of mine to do this everytime I open my email in the morning.


You can choose which track to follow and the challenges per track varies according to its’ goals and objectives. These tracks can take for as long as a month. After finishing a track, you can get a new one by spending keys that you earn from answering the challenges daily.


You can choose to make your responses public or private but it is best to leave it public because other people can then smile and reply to your posts. You can also get connection requests this way. The more connection of people you have, the better chance you’ll get positive feedback to your challenge posts.

Why is it fun?

You gain levels by acquiring enough points. You get points by smiling and replying to other people’s posts, by doing a challenge or for doing challenges daily without miss. You also get bonus points by entering into a 5-day pact with someone from your connections.

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You also get badges by reaching a certain level or by fulfilling certain requirements for it.


You unlock banners as soon as you reach a certain which you can share via Facebook or Twitter.


The activities are fun to do everyday and are easy enough to do. You might be surprised at what positive effects you can get from it.


If you’re looking to add a little something to your everyday routine, sign yourself up as well for a Daily Challenge. Add me up as a connection to get yourself started.

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