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By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, January 15, 2012

I’ve been a power user of Google Chrome ever since I chose it over Firefox years before and it had undergone a lot of developments since then. Including in those developments are the browser games that you can install as a browser extension and play right on your browser. You won’t believe just how many there are now.


Here are some that I chose to try out:


Gravity Duck

The pixel graphics of this game was charming enough. You have one goal and that is to get the duck to the golden egg. You get to the egg by flipping the gravity switch which enables the duck to scale walls and ceilings. This game is good as a time-waster but very challenging too. It sounds simple enough to do right? However, I found myself getting frustrated as the levels progressed, it does offer a bit of a challenge. [DOWNLOAD LINK]

chrome-browser-games-gravity-duck-001 chrome-browser-games-gravity-duck-002 chrome-browser-games-gravity-duck-003


Isle of Tune

This one offers a very unique kind of gameplay. There’s no really clear objective to beat the game but that it just allows you to create your own symphonies and musical landscapes with it. Each object that you can place on the field has a corresponding musical note which can be activated by cars that drive along the roads. This game might appeal to musicians and music enthusiasts. [DOWNLOAD LINK]chrome-browser-games-isleoftune-001 chrome-browser-games-isleoftune-002


Cargo Bridge

Now this game will appeal to engineers at heart. There are two stages for each game level and that is to build and test. The main objective of the game is to construct a bridge that is strong enough to get your workers across and get boxes of cargo on the other side of the bridge. For a simple game, this one is really hard. It might prove to be a challenge for designers too. [DOWNLOAD LINK]

chrome-browser-game-cargobridge-001 chrome-browser-game-cargobridge-002



This is a word game where you’d have to guess the quote by shuffling letters in each column. Solving the puzzle is under time pressure though but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s easy enough. [DOWNLOAD LINK]

Photobucket Photobucket



While all the above-mentioned games are free, this one isn’t. It only has a number of free levels for you to try. The graphics is very easy on the eyes and the gameplay unique enough because of the real-time narration while you progress in the game. It’s not easy to move with the keyboard controls though because most of the paths are diagonal but other than that, this is a good game to try even on a browser. [DOWNLOAD LINK]

chrome-browser-bastion-001 chrome-browser-bastion-002

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