Movie Review: This Means War

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Friday, February 17, 2012

My initial thoughts coming out of the theater last night after the premiere was that I haven’t laughed this hard (and so long) because of a movie in such a long time. The last I could remember was Hangover and Due Date. Man! This was an awesome movie.


This Means War stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Where Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR Foster (Chris Pine) were best friends who unknowingly started the same girl. They made a pact to let Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) decide for herself who the better man is for her. They also agreed not to let her know that they know each other. Lastly, the dating and courting must not get in the way of their friendship and of their job in the CIA. That’s how their gentleman’s agreement went. Now the big question left was “who will Lauren fall for?”

What girl wouldn’t want to be swept off her feet right? Lauren’s a pretty lucky girl to be wooed by two gorgeous mean. I like Reese when she plays an uptight character. She’s a little nutty but adorable at the same time. You can expect her to exude the same charm on-screen as she showed in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. Once dubbed as America’s Sweetheart, for me she still is, albeit a bit more mature.


I mean, I can understand Lauren why she had a hard time, if you were choosing between guys who looked like these.

The Guys
What made this movie fun and hilarious were those times that they tried to outdo and “outspy” each other. They both had resources in the agency that they made use to make their dates extraordinary. It all boils down to choosing between Team Tuck vs. Team FDR. Each guy had something different to offer in terms of personality, looks and style of courting. I think they both represent the guys that women have to deal with in real life. There are guys who are just sweet, earnest and loving - a.k.a Mr. Right (Tuck) and the bad boys who girls can’t just resist (FDR).

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Well, I rooted for Team Tuck. Against my will, I found myself having a new crush for Tom Hardy (as I think most women will too after seeing this film). It’s too bad we won’t get to see his handsome face when he plays Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

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Memorable Quotes
Mistakes makes us who we are.
Be with the one who makes you a better you.
Some good quotes to ponder on, eh? Well aside for howling with laughter inside the cinema, when this lines were uttered…I was nodding. It made sense and I find myself agreeing to them.

This Means War is one rollercoaster of hilarious antics and roars of laughter. There wasn’t any shortage of action scenes too since they’re both in the spy business. The romantic dates weren’t too shabby either. The good mix of comedy, action and romance just really won me over. You MUST see this movie. It’s thoroughly fun and entertaining to watch. Mark your calendars on the 22nd, head over to the cinemas and find out for yourself why I loved this movie.
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