2013 Book Review #6: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Sunday, February 03, 2013

Reading this book was one emotional rollercoaster for me. Writers who are a master of their craft should be able gone-girl-book-reviewto string along our emotions, chapter after chapter without the readers knowing about it. Gillian Flynn has proven so in this novel. Gone Girl will definitely go into my must-read book list this year and I highly recommend it.

On the day of their fifth year anniversary, Amy Dunne disappears. Being the clever and beautiful girl that she was, the townsfolk couldn't help but be involved and sympathize. As the police begin their investigation, all collected evidence point to Nick Dunne the husband. Nick is also on a treasure hunt, an anniversary present from Amy. In the hopes that he might find where she has disappeared to, he diligently tries to solve each clue while at the same time trying to prove his innocence.

The story is told in Nick Dunne's point of view with some entries from Amy's diary. As you read along, bits and pieces from their lives and personalities are revealed. The effect is that you begin to question now who to believe. Also, what I love most about this novel is that you think you know for sure where the story is headed, then one detail is revealed and you begin to question everything again. I was initially sold on the fact that I was reading a mystery novel then it morphed into something dark and psychologically twisted. This was brilliantly and skillfully done.

I have never read a book that stirred so much emotion in me like this one did. The plot is complex and yet you won't get completely lost in the details. I love a book that makes you think over and over uncovering layers of possibilities and makes you theorize. The book made me relate at certain points and identify with the characters. This is why at the twists, I couldn't help but get riled up.

For those of you who love a dark and twisted story, this will surely be a great read. The next Gillian Flynn novel is lined up in my to-read list. I hope it will be just as enjoyable.

Read the book synopsis for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in Goodreads.

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