In Control of the Weather in Geostorm

By Cher Cabula-Mendoza - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The idea of having control of the weather had long been a fantasy in some sci-fi author’s minds and of scientists today but is it really possible? The movie Geostorm gave us a glimpse of what would our probable future be like if the world united to a common cause and build a massive project that controls the world’s climate. We are introduced to Dutch Boy, built by Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) and coincidentally, a brand of paint here in the Philippines. Okay I admit that took the edge off the awesomeness of Dutch Boy a bit. With it, mankind is now safe from natural disasters and we can now play god.
However, unlike the unpredictability of weather, human nature is quite predictable. Dutch Boy was too good not to exploit as a weapon so that’s exactly what happens in Geostorm. The evil forces that be, connive to undo the good that Dutch Boy brought to the world.

In the movie, we do not see how Dutch Boy was built but there’s some scientific scenes for it. So let the nerd in you rest easy, you are after all there to watch the film not understand the machinations behind the technology of controlling the weather. So Dutch Boy was well underway and it was very successful. However, control of it was given to the country with the most power – America and in a few day’s time, control will be given to the international community. Good right?

Well, some people get addicted to power and they won’t stop getting what they want. A global conspiracy is hatched and Dutch Boy begins to act erratically and lives are being lost around the globe due to freak weather incidents. Hey, this is kinda like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, well sort of. Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) and Sarah Wilson (Abbie Cornish) work hard to be Jake’s allies on the ground as he tries to fix watch wrong with Dutch Boy in space.

The satellite grid around Earth was really quite impressive, imagine if they really built something like that in the far future. Just wow. Okay back to the film. The way I see it, Geostorm didn’t really concentrate on the exaggerated weather incidents that could potentially wipe out entire cities. They have a few scenes of that, yes but the main focus of the film were two themes.

One was the brotherly love between Jake and Max. They’ve established right at the very start that they have a bit of falling out. Careers got in the way and emotions got hurt. They went separate ways. However, it was in their reconciliation that we see the redemption of Earth. Sounds dramatic? Well, I guess it is except that there wasn’t much brotherly chemistry between the actors. Gerard was great but Jim was a bit bland. I wish they had hired a different actor for this, then maybe I would have been in tears when they were exchanging heart felt apologies.

Second, the romance between Max and Sarah. Oh yes, this sounds pretty minor in the plot but they were the most interesting sequences in the movie. I like the fact that they gave the lead woman a role that kicks butt!

The doomsday scenario was not as gripping as other movies like it before. I didn’t feel the hopelessness and despair of the characters. My mind was already racing trying to guess who was behind the conspiracies. Oh man, I hate exploiters.

You’d be surprised that what I loved the most about this movie was Abbie Cornish and the IT girl who helped Max. These women saved the movie from being entirely male-dominated and boring. The magnanimity of a Geostorm was downplayed, I guess it’s what they should have focused more on and maybe we would be sympathizing with the plight of the main characters more. However, for a quick movie fix, Geostorm was a good entertainment escape nonetheless.

Geostorm Movie Review

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Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess
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